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  1. Felt bad for Hannah.
    All her preparations were for nothing.
    Di naman pwedeng walang manalo next year ng Bb. Pilipinas International since yun ang main crown sa Bb. Pilipinas.
    Ayaw ng BPCI na magulo lineup nila ng queens competing.

  2. Does this mean that by next year when Bb Pilipinas holds its pageant, the new Bb. Pilipinas International 2022 will be the one to compete instead of Hannah?

    • @ Raf You echoed @ Alyssa’s comment (below), po. ๐Ÿ™‚

      If we read again the Statement, no indication is made as to whether or not the 2021 reps would be prioritized, leaving the ND’s with the prerogative to decide, as @ Closer2Fame said (below, too).

      Kung ako si Hannah, once matapos kontrata niya next year (hypothetically 11 July 2022), tiwalag na AT HUWAG TATANGGAP/PIPIRMA NG EXTENSION.

      WE REQUIRE AN OFFICIAL STATEMENT, as well, FROM BPCI THAT THEY COMMIT MS. ARNOLD TO THE FALL 2022 DERBY. THAT SHOULD COME AT ONCE. Whether or not they conduct a 2022 edition is immaterial; it is Hannah’s welfare that we, as fans, hold dear atm. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  3. Poland was able to successfully host an in-person international pageant.
    Whatโ€™s up, Japan? ๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿคญ

  4. The people surrounding Hannah Arnold should look at the bright side of the unfortunate cancellation of the Miss International 2021 beauty pageant. It only means that they can have more time to perfectly execute the mundane details in Hannah’s preparation for the pageant.

    I can see the need for Hannah to further enhance, not aesthetically, her beauty. For example, her smile needs to be fixed. She needs to have braces (not veneers, dear) for a while because her teeth are not accurately placed. She also has to tone down, especially in the lower portion of her body, and work on her shoulders. Hitting the gym in six months would be enough to give her an oh la la body.

    That’s all.

  5. I don’t think Hannah would be sent to MI next year.
    This may explain how the girl from A&Q got the top prize at BBP. SMA may have already had the heads up. Anyway this means another pageant attempt for Hannah to win a nationals and compete abroad. Miss World ph would be waiting for her. Goodluck!

  6. This goes to show how an organization’s inability to adapt can harm them in the future. It’s so easy to use “safety and health” but at some point, everyone’s trying to do something different to make things happen in our new normal.

    I am very disappointed that they had time to plan worse case scenario and be able to still stage something. I understand that one of the reasons for MI is to showcase Japan’s tourism but they still need to be able to find ways, which may not be ideal, to still do it.

  7. Hannah is only 25, so eligible pa sya kahit sa 2025 pa yung Miss International

    Ang tanong, ano pinag gagawa ng reigning Miss International from Thailand? 4 years na sya reigning KALOKA!

    Miss Grand International will be on December 4 in PHUKET, Miss Universe is on December 12 then Miss World on December 16.


    • @ Sunny Three. 2019~2022.

      She joined other Thai queens (such as Porxild) early on in the pandemic last year to hand out food and supplies to poor families in the capital. It’s probably safe to assume such efforts will continue.

      Sino ba ‘yun’g 6 Nov? Cinderella (Intercon) or Maureen (The Globe)? The month will now be quiet for the most part… In earlier time, Grand would have been October, ushering year-end beast mode.

  8. Off topic mga baklesh! Break sa balitaktakan sa katatapos na MUP Challenges,

    Pinanood ko yung movie na “Allied” starring Marion Cotillard, and guess what kamukha pala niya si Demi Leigh Peters!

    Tapos nasumpungan ko naman panoorin yung “Queen Margot” starring Isabelle Adjani, josketch except for the blue eyes, kamukha niya si Catriona Gray!

  9. I feel sorry for Hannah, but I am sure she will still compete for MI next year. She will have a looong preparation. Same with other candidates all over the world.

    The question is, will there be a BbP pageant next year?

  10. I hope Hannah gets to compete in next year’s pageant, as she’ll still be eligible age-wise. I don’t know how BBP will navigate this though–if they’re bent on holding the pageant again or partial to allowing Hannah to compete in the international pageant and possibly allowing the runners up to take over the other titles next year, if needed. This would be such a disappointment for Hannah if she gives up her title without having competed internationally.

  11. Ang chica nga eh baka daw i-relegate si Andrea Toscano (1st runner up) to continue the reign!

    Good luck na lang kay Hannah Arnold! Mahaba-haba ang prep niya to polish her Tagalog language after all, Miss International is an Ambassador of Culture! So, kung sa language pa lang may barrier na sa culture, bakit igagawad ang corona sa’yo?

  12. Fall of 2022??!! ANOTHER FULL YEAR OF WAITING??!!


    ‘Eh, kung gayo’n, huwag na muna mag-pageant next year. MAISASABAK sina Meiji at Gabrielle.

    Mag-tre-treinta na si Meiji next year. (The) Miss Globe na lang talaga siya.

    Basiano will have more options. Bata pa naman.

    • (Cont.)

      Is Japan closing itself to the world again, like it did in its ancient past?

      So, iraraos lang ‘to’ng Paralympics, ta’s cocoon na sila…


      Well, that should go both ways for consistency. I will assume they will skip the 2022 Winter Games. Beijing will host. After all, baka sila pa magdala ng variant du’n, lolz (sarcasm attack).

  13. they should waive age eligibility . or at least make adjustments and accommodations … Hannah don’t get discouraged …

  14. Wow sorry to hear this. Everything happens for a reason.

    Hannah Arnold must be flooded with bad feelings now. Hanash Anod na sya. =(

    World Peace.

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