2 comments on “Aliwan Fiesta Digital Queen 2021: The Virtual Press Presentation

  1. Facially stunning are Abad and dela Cruz. Where is Balogal, who is equally stunning facially

    • @ serge Maybe she… withdrew?

      (Balogal was to be the tallest and most svelte. At 5’8″ and 50 kgs. Maybe a future BIGgie? I would not be surprised kung magsabay sila ni JO.)

      (Like Umali withdrawing from MWP, only to resurface now as MUP-Manila 2021. Or Calapatia suddenly joining the same, as if to presage ‘developments’ at Maganda’ng Filipinas.)

      Notice that her slot is replaced by Keith Arboleda, #4,, of Echague*, Isabela.

      * – ‘Echague’ is that part of Quiapo District of the City of Manila that has been, to me, like a friend.

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