86 comments on “In my opinion: Why some of the perceived favorites did not make Top 7 in the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Interview Challenge

  1. Everyone is dropping Leren from their list. We might all be surprised come finals night.
    With MUs latest format, Leren has the best chance in advancing into the top 5 after the gown and swimsuit competition. She is the most polished when it comes presentation.
    Rabiya’s hyped communication skills did not help her to even reach top 10. It was her dismal swimsuit performance that doomed her.
    For me, Leren’s average communication skills (she was actually good during Miss Globe’s H2H challenge) coupled with an excellent performance in the prelims will be enough for her to be included in the top 21 and from there, she will go all the way to the top 5 then a runner up finish.
    All the others for me are amateurish. I don’t want to see someone in Israel that is loaded with comms skills but dismal on stage.
    Remember, last year’s top 3 were all pageant veterans.

    • @ JustPassingBy Leren’s strength is her commercial appeal. The Myra-E endorsement is proof.

      That alone can propel her into the Final 5. Sponsors can ask for her. When that happens, the organization will have no choice… 🙂

      Her perceived pacifism is precisely what makes for a show business career! Dili ba ang lagi’ng turo, ang numero uno’ng bawal sa artista ay mag-attitude? And Leren, throughout this entire semi-fiasco that is the Poll, wala ka’ng narinig sa kanya, amidst the b_(2x) label being heaped on her.

      Si ‘bait’. As @ Fabian Reyes said, the nice girl wins in the end.

      ‘Dami’ng pa-diva-cool, pa-phenomenally empowered. Leren stayed fresh, chill, and fully relatable.

      Leren, if you are reading this, ask help from Amelinckx on how to get your message across in a casual and comfortable manner. Puhon, you can displace someone in my Premature15 ‘top’ note.

      • we cant put an International Pageant Experience aside. A runner up finish.. a placement is still an achievement BUT that experience must also serve as a learning; learning to upgrade and be better with the next..
        leren will at least reach top 5 🤞

  2. I kind of agree w/ Thomas….

    “Wroblewitz” does sound Jewish…
    But his father’s religion was never mentioned…
    Maybe he has Jewish ancestry & changed Religions due to the Holocaust? If Maureen reveals this before or during the final Q&A…. it could possibly cement her way for the crown. Imagine, the Philippines sending a German-Jewish Filipina who’s also a winner of Asia’s Next Top Model to Israel for Miss Universe… That is like formula for multiple international product endorsement deal… And her BF is Pro Duterte… Hopefully if she wins, PDu30 or Sarah would still have a state visit to Israel who’s a very close allie of our country.

    • On top of that.. Maureen’s mother hails from the Vote-Rich province of Pangasinan… Any politician would be more than willing to invest on Maureen if ever she wins.

  3. I predict that this will be a four-corner battle among : Maureen, Steffi, Victoria and Katrina.

    My standards after Rabiya have really gone low that the only criteria I have is this: who among the four will NOT MAKE me cringe when she is already in Israel.

    What makes me cringe :

    Awful plastic surgery.
    Awful veneers.
    Pageant-patty answers or ready-made answers (world peace!)
    Irritating self confidence but packaged as being a “phenomenal woman”.
    Crying during or after an outfit disaster.

    Together with the usual beauty, height, pasarela, being articulate and overall packaging :

    MUP : Maureen vs. Victoria (with Maureen having an edge only because of experience). Close third is Steffi.

    I have since dropped Leren in my top four, and almost dropped Katrina because of the telling and underwhelming Q&A interviews above.

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS Akala ko Montagne, kasi sabi mo may karanasan na.

      Honga pala! AsNTM. 🙂

      Question, therefore. Why didn’t Katrina try for MUSA right after Supranational 2018?

      Another question. IMG ba international franchisor ng ‘Top Model’ serie? Wasn’t Tyra Banks IMG?

      • I hope those are rhetorical questions addressed to me Flor Tulo. Kasi ang sagot ko “malay at paki ko” why Katrina didn’t join MUSA or who was the franchisor of Top Model. Lol.

        Anyway, it seems our safest bet (at this point) is anyone of the four mentioned above. Wag lang ma-haluan ng ka-cheapen like:

        1) Look Book ek ek.
        2) super secret but turned out to be underwhelming gowns and national costumes (please enough of wings and feathers and Virgin Mary headdress),
        3) ill fitting headdress that could have taken them only ten minutes to measure but opted to instead fly to Israel one month ahead
        4) over selling of any back story [ i have gay parents, i have no pusod, i am a lesbian, i have three eyes. Lol)

        World Peace.

      • @ THOMAS I’m sorry.

        I was serious, actually…. 🙂

        Kasi, I’m all the more convinced that while Dimaranan identifies Filipina (by ethnicity), she probably better reflects America at this point. In other words, nope, not really…

        As for the IMG link, I already said before na baka may issues with branding in case ‘Top Model’ is not in the IMG portfolio. Kahit tapos na’ng titlist si Mau Wrob, baka ayaw lang ng MUO. Hope not.

        Speaking of having no ‘pusod’, I am reminded of that Nick Joaquin novel, ‘The Woman with Two Navels’. If I am not mistaken, it was about the Philippines diaspora; in that story, the discussions happen in Hong Kong. I got the book simply because the title intrigued me. I thought it might be something sci-fi… This was shortly after finishing college. I devoured local authors. I had time to.

      • @flor. Probable answer to your question why Katrina did not join MUSA. To join MUSA, you have to win first the state finals which is a bit more complicated. To join MUP is less complicated because you just have to find an AP and get screened.

      • @Flor. Probable answer to your question why Katrina did not join MUSA. To join MUSA is more complcated and harder because you have to win first the state finals. To join MUP is less complicated and easier because you just have to find an AP and get screened

      • @ serge ‘Ay! Nabanggit mo ‘yan’g AP-AP na ‘yan…

        I recall Uncle Norman said that INITIALLY (at least), the AP’s paid NOTHING, at the 100-Roster.

        After all, if I pay I want to see my chicken walk at the Finale! 😦

        So, now coming into this Final 30, can we assume the lucky AP’s will then/now be billed?

    • A German Filipina to be sent in Israel? Why not after all nagbayad NAMAN ang WEST germany ng reparations sa Israel. Charot. Pero optics wise parang hindi masyado magandang pakinggan to send a GERMAN Filipina is the state of Israel. Yun lang. 😆

      • You have a powent Diana.

        If that factor (half German) will indeed jeopardize our chances of getting a good placement, and while Maureen remains at this point my top choice, I will still be happy with Victoria, Steffi and Katrina.

        BTW, what is wrong with being German in Israel?

        What if that German looks Filipino, i mean, very browned skinned …. Moreno?

        What if we send….


        Moreno? Lol.

        I am sure Israel will not be a jerk or a dick to let nationality influence their choice. Or else, they will be…


        Israel. Lol.

        World Peace.

      • @ Diana Hayden I seem to recall one of us said ‘Wroblewitz’ is Jewish… You understand.

        One of us took the time and trouble to do the background check, apparently.

        Naisip ko tuloy ‘yun’g rep ng Venezuela. Dili ba they sought, and got, approval from the Israeli government if they could participate? I’m not at all familiar with the two countries’ relations, but we do know many Japanese, Germans, Swiss, and Italians migrated to South America after WW2. In fact, I once had a Swiss friend on Fb who confirmed that probably as many as 2/3 of ALL Swiss who ever existed are abroad, a good chunk of them in places like Argentina and Venezuela. It partly did with that country’s small land area, but I think there were even economic incentives…

        And that’s why in that part of the southern hemisphere, you can find villages like ‘Little Bavaria’. 🙂

        The Japanese, of course, are everywhere. Peru recently had a president of such extraction. And many ‘Nippo-Brasileiras’… I personally consider Hideo Muraoka one of the handsomest men of all time!

      • Flor-Tulo,

        I am really intrigued by your thought process and the way you reply. Ang daming non-sequitur. Lol.

        You start answering with logic, then wanders off totally to unrelated topics or comments that are far from the topic at hand (ex. Things or places or books you remember when you were young – – 1930s, I assume?) Lol. I hope this is not the onset of dementia?

        World Peace.

      • @ THOMAS ‘You owe the truth to no one’. Karl Lagerfeld, on Coco Chanel.


        Pero, pwede… That was a great decade. It was when jazz engulfed the free-thinking & audacious.

      • dili kaya si tito norman ay si tito flor, kasi sa vlog nya sa pageant norms ang daming pasakalye, pag tinanong nya ang guest nya e.g. what is the logarithm of this hypotenuse or cosine of kiyeme juskoh lord magkukwento muna siya ng past nya etc. tapos kahit alam nyang di maganda ang sagot ng iba dahil chicken fave nya, tuwang tuwa siya kaya ang hirap maging valedictorian ng iba kahit magaling sila char chos lang

      • Hi Jay-r,

        You mean, ang alter ego ni Norman sa comment section na eto ay si Flor Tulo? OMG. I thought it’s only Voltaire, the Defender of Jonas and Shamcey ang may ghost commenter dito. Lol.

        Anyway, I haven’t watched Norman’s interviews that much. So sino sino ang girls na pag na tanong what is the hypotenuse which is asymptotic to the Avogadro’s number or monocot-dicot leaves raised to the square root of 2, ay pinapalakpakan ni Norman ng bongang-bongs kahit ang sagot ng girl ay “world peace?” Lol.

      • @Sir Thomas, watch mo si Leren at Umali, juskoh kahit mali ang answer nila compare sa isa tuwang tuwa siya, kaya kung siya ang Prof ko sa Differential Calculus ay drop ko na lang sayang ang units manlalaki na lang ako

    • Hi Thomas, you need to realize that these candidates are human too.
      In one way or another, they are still vulnerable to break down. These women have been trying their best to represent themselves and be authentic as much as possible. You are making our candidates perfect basing from your own preferences. These ladies are amazing in their own rights. Deciding to join the pageant alone takes courage for you have to consider a lot of things.
      You have to go through a lot in order to succeed.

      • Thanks Juan. Appreciate your polite way of saying it. I am also flattered that you are singling me out when every other comment contains some kind of bad (and good) comments about any girl in the contest.


        1) What part of my comment was I requiring these candidates to be perfect? In fact, I have already selected my top 5 and they are no way near perfect. No one is perfect. I selected those five based on my personal standards [which is not perfect]). I am sure you have your choices too.

        2) Now if what you are REALLY saying is that I should tone down the sarcastic and demeaning remarks (on Jonas, Shamcey, Rabiya, Kisses, Ayn, and other girls which I think are not even worthy to join), I get you. I have a tendency to be mean when I see things that make my blood pressure rise. Lol.

        Girls, I apologise if one or ten of you have been offended. Look at it this way, reading the comment section of Norman’s blog will train you to handle critics and bashers. Sabi nga, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. You enter this contest with eyes-wide open.

        Look at it this way : Suffering builds confidence. Confidence builds sex appeal. Sex appeal is what some of you need now. Lol.

        To the holy trinity that is Jonas, Shamcey and Voltaire, I am not apologizing. Shape-up!

        World Peace.

      • Di rin. Yung iba kapal lang ng fez. May iba pa nga alam na nilang spokesperson hinahanap eh sumali pa talaga kahit ang b*b* sumagot at waley talaga jutak. Akala ata rampahan lang labanan. Hello Leren Bautista! 😂

      • Meron. Kung handa at matatangkad ang panlaban ng iba then be it. Good for them. Kung tayo hindi pa handa at hindi katangkaran ang mga candidates natin, ok lang din. Remember ang mga pinoy hindi talaga likas na matangkad. At saka hindi naman miss tallest ang contest. Also, the girls join beauty contest not to compete with others but to represent their countries and sometimes prove their worth and reach their dreams. Wag masyadong magkumpara sa iba. Kalma lang.

  4. so there are three more weeks , such a long time in a lock down environment where you cannot even step out of your home or hotel … what else are on their calendars ?
    If I were a candidate, I would be feeling very impatient right now , I would like to get it over with asap

    • @ jaretwrightlover Troot.

      Imagine, even if they reveal the 30 at midnight tonight (but I think there’s one more Challenge, which means more deferment of the announcement), ONLY THEN would my NatCos plans begin to take shape… 😦


      This is around the time of year ‘waling-waling’ blooms… Alam ko na! Hiramin ko na lang ‘yun’g ginamit ni Lesley Ticaro. YA-AASSS. 🙂

  5. kahit anu pang palabas nila
    ang mananalo eh ang bet ng org
    yung mauuto nila at mapaparetoke like Rabiya

    Europe and Latinas ready na for MU in Israel

    Mehiko back to back

    Felepens back to back to back top 20
    or back to clapper na ulit

  6. I just thought that Janela and Jeddah performed better in their interviews than Simone & Luigi. Sam Santamaria also had the strongest interview, as I observed.

  7. Why Top 7? Not the usual Top 15? Kasi yung mga favorites nasa 8 to 15. Pakulo nila yan para kunwari may competition. LOOOOOL. Kadiri talaga tong MUP at si Evil Mama J.

    • nag assume ka lang tapos pinaniwalan mo agad ang assumption mo hahaha baka mamaya manginig ka na

      • Wala bang merit question ko? Why Top 7? Why deviate from the usual Top 15?

  8. Have you guys seen the messy drama unfolding on the official MUPh page? Delavin’s fans are throwing tantrums.

    Imagine Delavin winning 1st runner up (the highest she could win, just to appease the fans and for MUPh to make money out of her), imagine the wrath of the fans, it will all be channeled towards the winner. Not good for the Philippine representative to have so many haters in her own country.

    Now, if Delavin makes it into top 5, all girls with the higher placements will have to deal with the tantrums.

    I think it’s best for MUPh to just let Delavin into top 10 and justify it with an official tally (Swimsuit scores, Evening Gown scores, Interview scores, etc. etc., areas where Delavin clearly sucks.) They should just give her a token award where she can still be used for marketing purposes. Sponsor award of some sort where both the sponsor and MUPh can make money. (MLM product-selling, for example.)

    Her fans are truly deluded. Glad that Bernos’ fans, pawoke as they are, are still level-headed. Delavin’s fans’ antics are cringey.

    • May this serve as a lesson to MUPh. Next time they choose an artista with a following, get one (yes, just one!) who is at least 5’7, with good proportions, and can perform. Yung believable i-top 5. Also, as much as possible, pick one without a jeje fan base. Pick someone aspirational yet endearing kaya naging artista, not someone who got famous for being famous. And again, if MUPh wants to reach the masa audience to make money, reality show na lang. Reach out to the masses, don’t get someone from the masses.

    • Buti nga sa MUPO. Sabi ko na dati pa kakarmahin sila sa kaswapangan nila. Feeling ko may mas malala pang mangyayari. Gudlak sa inyo!

    • Shes’s overhyped, over rated. 🧐
      Not even good with acting. 🤨
      That’s all, thank you. 🥳

  9. Really??? Because the way i see it, Steffi with her bubbly personality just cemenyed herself why she is one of the girls to beat. She did not sound rehearsed, nor overconfident and acting like teenager. She has substance, and she substantiated her points. Im not a fan of her though but she is for me the best fit for Miss Universe. Beauty, pasarela, advocacy and communication skills- she ticks all the boxes. Miss Universe organization also now does not anymore look for the best speaker just like the times of Cat and Zozo. So, it’s Steffi for me as of now.

  10. Steffi exposed herself as to why she should not be a solid MUP rep. I hope KF continues to train her for the Q&A. Sayang ang beauty nya…. At this stage, it would be interesting how they choose the winner and which criteria would they weigh the most.

  11. @ GlaxoSmithKlein You are answering Tito Norman’s question, as to why he thinks certain front-runners didn’t make the Top 7? You believe it has to do with maternal nurturing, or lack thereof?

    @ bong700 Are you insinuating MUP-Sulop, Davao del Sur 2020 took substances? That’s the ‘attitude’ she is charged with? And why she was bumped off the Cinco Ultimo? So, Rabiya got in?

    • @ Flor Tula, sir im answering to @ Cool Brew post about..
      ‘A big no no would be rehearsed responses that are peppered with motherhood statements and Mother Theresa quotes..’

  12. it depends on the question that would be asked, sir. every person should be proud to have a mother that cultured and motivated us; and molded us to be the person that we are. reverence to motherhood and gratefulness to our first teacher would always reflect on what kind of person we are.

    if no maternal influence had inspired you, so who have raised you? just a thought. peace ya all

  13. Anovah nangyari sa mga veteran kending girls🤭😱😊😆
    Parang c Malinao lang yan na naging Malabo dahil chinarot charot lang Ang interview like friends ko Ang mga judges etc etc at nawala na Yung confidence that she will top the interview because she’s confident that any questions will be answered with flying colors like using shabu or marijuana😱🤭😆
    Maybe it’s time for them to retire and give chance to the newbies who work harder and deserves the title 😝

  14. As much as I like Leren, I agree with tito Norman. She should deliver a strong and solid answers. I feel that para syang takot at gusto na nya matapos agad ang interview. But she can speak fluently naman. Sana next time she’ll be more aggressive in the q and a.

    • @ miss tissa She may be the type of person who is uncomfortable taking sides. So be it. But yaman rin lang na fluent siya (like you said), it may help for her to just go ahead and say so. Baka pacifist siya. Dili war freak.

      (Ditey kasi sa Norman’s Blog, dami’ng on-24/7 beast mode. She should just make her boundaries clear – ‘no, I don’t do that. No, I am not comfortable with that’. It’s a way to disagree sans offense.)

    • Leren needs to train to take sides. It is one thing to be uncomfortable taking a position given her background but empowered women need to learn how to navigate being able to take a side and also not ruffle the feathers of the other.

  15. Katrina’s interview was annoying. Steffi looked rehearsed. The one who made it on the Top 7 were natural and authentic in their interviews. Not nervous, not trying too hard, not overconfident.

  16. Would it be nitpicking to ask what the organization was looking for in the interview challenge? Relatability? Ease in conversation? Being on topic? Authenticity? Time management? How did they score this category? 🕊️👑💐

  17. Janick was able get high points during the preliminary competition at 69th MU especially in the all important closed door interview but Bianca fell short despite both of them finished in the Top 5 in previous international pageants.

    Good track records in other international pageants do not necessarily mean that you can be good also at MU. Everything will be wiped out when you arrived in the host country, that’s why Andrea, Julia and Janick prepared hard for this one and not to be complacent.

    Katrina’s non-Top 7 finish in the virtual interview must be a wake up call for her if she wanted to place high like her fellow MS alumnae Janick.


  19. Good analysis Norman. Iagree with you. I admire you for saying it as it is. I wish other beauty pageant bloggers / commenters will be as open and candid (instead of sugar coating things) but still decent and logical.

    My top seven remains the same considering all pre pageant activities. And of these girls will be MUP : Maureen, Victoria, Bea, Steffi, Katrina, Bea, Leren.

    World Peace.

  20. @ Marvin1978 Shyrla Nunez’s beauty seems to be the recent ‘Caloocan City’ pageant mold. There is that semblance to the city’s rep at the recently-concluded MPE. Then, too, was that Fil-Am dusky beauty at BBP 2019.

    @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Ms. Okol is a DLSU graduate. And like Asya Branch, is g_n-proficient. Go watch her Introduction Video. 🙂

  21. Another girl that I like in the QnA challenge but excluded was Michele Okol,

    I like the way she express herself! Maganda rin advocacy niya!

    But when I reviewed the Runway Challenge, she can improve more! My only turn off with her is her height! Parang ang liit niya! Parang 5 feet lang siya! And she is so baby-faced for MUP! Parang mas bagay muna sa kanya yung Miss Eco Teen!

  22. Kasi may sawa factor na din. imagine kung sila at sila na din, nakakasawa talaga. Tapos sa side ng candidate, ano pa ba ang maserve nilang bago kung ilang taong expose na sila.

    • Yung mga Local bayots lang nman ng Pilipinas ang sawa na marahil..but the MU Judges,wo’nt know anything a bit about the Philippine rep..kesehoda Pageant veteran pa yan..In fact,The current Ms.Universe was a MW runner- up,so is Cat..and 3- time Binibini Veteran Pia Wurtzbach!..WE NEED A POLISHED GO- GETTER WINNER who won’t resort to becoming a Cry- baby during the MU Finals!!..yung mga sawa lang marahil ay yung mababaw ang knowledge sa pageantry!!

    • Agree. Lalo na pandemic na nga ang daming restrictions so dapat new and fresh beauties ang i offer ng MUP

      • Hoy Sovie! Tigilan mo kami..
        ipopromote mo nanaman yang alaga mong babalu!
        Hype ka ng hype…. HAYP KA!

  23. I know Sir Norman was rooting for Michelle Gumabao in the previous MUP. But between Michelle and Rabiya, I’m still for the latter.

    Michelle knows the right thing to say in interviews and has the Palmolive beauty that slays. However, she lacked charisma and authenticity.

    But what shocked me more was her lack of sportsmanship and the feeling of entitlement.

    Watch her video explaining her side of the story. Gibberish. She was just mumbling about the defeat she could not accept. I was honestly disappointed seeing this from a great athlete.

    I don’t regret supporting Rabiya in her MU stint despite all the would haves. But I would never support a 2nd RU who regrettably staged a drama for the crown which was NEVER hers. 👎

  24. spot on ässesment on the microphone thing and Mr. Voltaire..cguro pinoproject lag nya tinatanong na sya ni (Mr.) Steve H. kaloka indeed Mr. Norman..lols hapi ako Mr. Norman also took noticed of Shyrla Nunez. but way to go for her..

  25. The ideal MU girl shows self- assuredness with a hint of vulnerability that can win over the judges and fans, must have the ability to think quickly on one’s feet, to charm and connect with the judges & audiences, and to express oneself with clarity and in a calm & well- modulated voice, show warmth and candor yet maintaining a demeanor that commands attention & respect.

    A big no no would be rehearsed responses that are peppered with motherhood statements and Mother Theresa quotes

    • @ Cool Brew Good Monday!

      ‘Who does not live to serve has not (learned to) live(d)’ – Edymar Martinez quoting St. Teresa of Kolkata in the Speech of MI 2015.


      Abrazos y bezos to Mara Ruiz and Pauline Amelinckx!

      • @Fleur, Pauline just celebrated her birthday last week while Atty. Mara has been busy with her advocacies and with the academe.

        With regards Edymar, MI has always been a traditional pageant so her quote would have been a big wow and definitely earth-shaking.

        Based on my aforementioned qualities for an ideal MU girl, my winners for the interview challenge would be CAVITE, PARANAQUE, CEBU PROVINCE, ANGELES CITY, SAN JUAN CITY, BUKIDNON, DAVAO DEL SUR.

        They exuded warmth, exuberance & relatabilty tempered with self- assuredness

    • @CoolBrew
      it depends on the question that would be asked, sir. every person should be proud to have a mother that cultured and motivated us; and molded us to be the person that we are. reverence to motherhood and gratefulness to our first teacher would always reflect on what kind of person we are.

      if no maternal influence had inspired you, so who have raised you? just a thought. peace ya all

  26. Aruuu…. The Meg/Chalk magazine analogy was scathing. May ganyan du’n sa PN’s dati na MWP candidate atm. Sana nabasa niya rin ‘to’ng feedback on Aberasturi kasi ‘di makukuha ang lahat sa pasima-simangot lang ostensibly to look serious-intellectual-sophisticated. 😦

    Mayru’n tayo’ng kasamahan ditey sa blog na staunch pro-Rabiya at anti-VVV/Mitch Gumabao. I REALLY hope the 2nd RU can return for the Preliminaries as a host/mentor/judge to prove it isn’t necessary to over-dramatize your sentiments to make your point, something Rabiya is bent to. And may we all be reminded that the Cream Line volley-belle put in the MOST lip service last year for the brand, so she should deserve some ‘love space’. 🙂

    Leren, I think, should no longer be afraid to step on toes as required. Her cautionary stance may indicate she doesn’t want any trouble but the reality is if you play patsy you’ll get little respect. I would like her to be a b_tch for a change. IBIGAY MO NA LAHAT, anyway last time mo na ‘to!

    And speaking of last time,…

    With a baby bump, Davao City’s MUP rep last year is now clearly no longer eligible for Poland. ‘Dami’ng preggy… Siya, MUP 2017, and MWP 2018/MIntercontinental 2017 1st Runner-up.

    • (Cont.)

      And in any case, MUPO said a new set of judges will hereon be. So, no more Rabiya and let’s give the Runners-up a chance to assess the remaining candidates; they may see other things.

    • (Cont.1)

      My Premature15 will be ‘KF bookend-ed’. The Camp will get ‘Best in 1st Runner-up back-to-back’ in addition to establishing presence at all three levels, top, middle, and bottom… notes*.

      (‘Top, middle, and bottom’ sounds R18-rating, not General Patronage. Lolzzzzz.)

      1 – Aberrasturi
      2 – VVV
      3 – Abalos (I get the sense this is inevitable.)
      4 – Dacuno, Bornilla, or De los Santos, whoever has the most lethal wit.
      5 – Wroblewitz

      6 – Gomez
      7 – Bautista
      8 – Falconer
      9 – Santamaria
      10 – Campos

      11 – Abello
      12 – Dimaranan
      13 – Delavin
      14 – Umali
      15 – Cuaton

      I’m just not feeling Hipolito, for some reason and try as I might. 😦

      AT ‘PAG MAY NAG-ATTITUDE PA MULA NGAYON, I will not hesitate to replace with the best among the five I requested Mr. Tinio to feature in one go! See post on PN’s S6E3.

      * – I am trying to create a fragrance, here… In such a way that it is impossible to identify any single component. In the end, the only way to appreciate it is to view it in its entirety. 🙂

  27. Wroblewitz left a very positive and promising impression on me … I would say, Wroblewitz and VIncent were the very good ones ; Katrina was good , however , can still be improved ’till finals night. Steffi did not do well , she left a negative impression that says to me she will not do very well at interviews during the MU competition , she does not sound authentic or that she does not have anything substantial to share about herself or about her past experiences …

  28. Overall, it’s still Steffi. She’s the safest choice. The rest, may mga kulang.

  29. The only surprise exclusion for me was Katrina Dimaranan, knowing full well that interviews are supposed to be her strongest suit. In this interview, she was just a bit all over the place. She got the hardest set of questions, though, so fair enough that she won’t be as composed as the others.

    Leren and Steffi just showed that they have not learned anything from their past pageant stints. Leren still came across as bland and lifeless. Steffi is still just a loudmouthed cheerleader type with no substance in her answers.

    Maureen’s interview showed that she is a beauty queen material, after all. I was wrong in thinking she was going to be another lackluster model-type.

    Don’t get me started on Miss Intrams Girl.

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