14 comments on “Hail to the first-ever Miss International Queen Philippines Pageant!

  1. Congratulations to the franchise holder. I wish them luck on their first ever staging of MIQP

  2. If each country has a similar one , like in the USA and Canada , the support that they will get from their respective trans community will be enormous … there will be no more controversy I hope, natural born women compete in their own pageant and trans women compete in their own pageant … Miss International Queen can rival Miss International itself ,… or even Miss World or Miss U

    • Now, that’s uncalled for.
      KD doesn’t deserve that below the belt bashing.
      Show some respect. To yourself.

  3. This is the pageant for trans women. Dito sila dapat sumali, huwag sa MU.

      • @ Beo Luigi is biologically/from birth female.

        (I think the one @ miss tissa is referring to… Well, didn’t join MUP anyway. So, let’s see now.)

  4. Would be interesting to see if biologically born women will be allowed to join this pageant.

    I know it’s for TRANSGENDERED women, but didn’t they advocate for inclusivity and equal rights hence Miss Universe, and some other pageants allowed their participation?

    So now, it’s “payback” time, for biologically born women to join and participate in this pageant,
    for “inclusivity” and “equal rights”.

  5. Had 2008 and 2017 happened, this would have made the pageant 17 years in the running. Or, was it because of scheduling issues?

    Host has most wins with 4. Mexico and Philippines have 2 each.

    From 200+ applicants, 25 ang matitira in one go? Wala na’ng Poll ‘yun, Boss Norman? LUPIT. 😦

    PLEASE FEATURE THEM IN PN’S. My question to them is, what did you learn very early on in life that remains true to this day? 🙂

      • @ Norman Good Sat, po.

        Another question I hope you could ask them is… What is femininity?

        (This is not intended to ape MU1994’s ‘essence of woman’. Let’s see how far their minds can go!)

      • @ Sjeffie Cheon The Poll is not entirely worthless. Even once, BUT ONLY ONCE.

        It gives fans a chance to be part of the experience. And could help dispel judges’ bias/skew, if any.

        It has already been done quite a lot, anyway. The NatCos. 🙂

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