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  1. With all the people behind MUPh, I kinda expected this.
    The organization needs someone who was born with class (not something that is acquired) and not someone who pretends to be one.
    I’m tired and disgusted!

  2. Agree with @FlorTula 👍🏼 For transparency, vote counts need to be published. It’s common practice.
    Peace ☮️

  3. ALAM KO NA.


    Makakatulong pa ‘to. As one more/last round of voting, sa revenues nila.

    Sige lang. Ituloy niyo lang ‘to’ng ’27 + 3’. Hanggang Finale.

    Top 6.

    Then, WITHIN 24 HOURS, ask fans to VOTE ONE OUT, para Final 5 as usual.

  4. The problem with MUP is the the lack of organization in terms of the rules.

    To be honest, this would have been more acceptable had they did a weighted judging all throughout the competition until Top 30.

    For example, they could have just said that fan votes will be 25% of the selection of Top 30 with 75% being judges scores. I think that allows for some fairness in the process. So in a sense, while the fan votes contribute, it does not quite skew the judges scores and that the girls still need to compete on their own merits.

    • What lacks the organization is firmness with their rules and decision. Laging may changes just to accommodate other things. Ang dali naman sana.

      1. Conduct audition or casting.
      2. Select final roster of official candidates.
      3. Do the pre pageant activities.
      4. Stage the finals.
      5. Announce the winner selected by judges.
      6. Prepare the winner for MU.

      If they want to have fan voting or audience participation, gawin nila. Pero wag na nila gawing complicated. Either may fan vote award or wild card on the finals night. Tapos. The more they allow fans to participate mas nagiging attach sila sa process and thinking nila sila na ang majority votes. Kaya yan ang dami nilang kuda ngayon.

      • @ B Then, they should publicize the count. A ‘la NAMFREL. When fans see numbers, the experience becomes PALPABLE and they go ballistic.

        Look at this imaginary count, just for argument’s sake. Without going too ‘supercomputer’.

        As of 0000H, 23 Sept 2021* :

        Candidate A – 3,057,022
        Candidate B – 3,011,978
        Candidate C – 2,861,041
        Candidate D – 1,966,574

        Kaunti na lang lamang ni A kay B; mahahabol pa ‘yan kung B & C fans ally to topple A.

        (* – If poll will end in 48 hours)

      • @Flor, masaya yan kung ang purpose talaga ng org is to raise funds. Pero nakakalungkot naman pag ganin nga ang dahilan. They bought the franchise sana ready sila. Kung hindi talaga kaya or if na exhaust na nila lahat ng means (eg. loans) to proceed with their activities at aasa sila sa fans. Nakaka off naman yun sa side ng fans. Dapat last year pa lang right after MUPH2020 kumilos na ang marketing head nila to secure sponsorship. Or kung talagang pigang piga na ang kaban, baka dapat give up na nila ang franchise. Or kung hindi man, mag appointment na lang sila ng MUPH2021.

  5. Kalma lang. Ang MU Thailand nga mag run pa sila ng reality show till October. Kumpara sa atin mas ahead pa tayo sa kanila. Hindi ko sinasabi na Tama sila at mali tayo. Ang akin lang relax lang tayo. Wag masyadong ma stress. Enjoy lang.

  6. ready na mga Latinas
    pati Mehiko sa back to back

    top 50 pa lang MUPh

    tas dami dami nyo paparetoke sa kandidata
    panu pa maghihilom ang retoke
    training pa
    bakuna pa

    September na po
    lalabas na po si Jose Mari Chan

    malapit na December
    Israel ang MU

    dami nyo reality show

    • Wag kang mag alala. Naplano na yan ng org. Maupo ka lang at mag enjoy. Isang purpose ng beaucon is to entertain. Wag ka ma stress. Kung hindi man magperform ang rep natin. Wag oa mag alala wala naman mangungutya sa iyo. Kalma lang.

  7. Dumarami na ang inis at galit kay Righteous and Pretentious. Always overreading and/or misreading the text. He, he, he…

    Ano masabi mo Flor?

    • @ paul Thank goodness, nagparamdam ka. 🙂

      I wanted to apologize for my error. That Dutch collection of Pelargonium and Tillandsia are in Utrecht, NOT The Hague. 😦

      May Tillandsia funckiana (syn. andreana) ba kayo diyan? It will make a really neat Christmas tree hung/suspended… A good growth of it would be like upside-down blue spruce, its red flowers like Yuletide ornaments.


      He means well. And to his credit, he has never maligned anybody. Kumbaga sa Venn diagram, Norman’s Blog is where we all intersect. THIS IS OUR ECOSYSTEM. Each has a role (to play).

      • Brayt jud ka Flor. Alam mo pa rin ang application ng venn diagram natin sa Math 1. He, he, he…

        Kaya lang yung frend mo sige lang ug insist sa kanyang superficial arguments. Lahi jud ang kemang manang!

      • @Flor, one prolific writer with a discernible intellectual depth, Ana Winter-Lund, is no longer visible in this ECOSYSTEM you are talking about. She exited after receiving unsavory comments when she stood up against cyber bullying of some candidates, especially her bet. Obviously, this ecosystem is no longer a free market of ideas when intolerant forces gang up on those with divergent views. For me, I don’t dignify slanderous comments because I’m confident that my views and language speak for themselves; and the one alluded to must be someone else not me. Besides, I believe educated people should argue on issues, not on a person’s imagined character. I cannot afford to get upset with anyone in this time of our life when this pandemic may strike us anytime. There are so much better things to do in my life and career than be stressed on issues concerning what should have been a glorious celebration of beauty.

  8. it is very clear the usual girl na ang tangin puhunan ay ganda, tangkad, talino at experiences maglalaban lang sa 27 spots. The remaining 3 spots are already reserved regardless kung deserving sila o hindi, fan-based palang pananolo na. Ang masaklap the reserved 3 spots dahil sa fan-based ay mag advance pa ang mga ito to Top 5 (Runner Up) for business-wise. Placing them 2nd, 3rd. and 4th ay magandang paraan para kumita ang negosyo.

    • Paano kung yung top 3 fan votes ay magperform talaga come finals night? Kaway kaway Cinderella, BBP-Intercontinental 2021.

  9. From 50, sana ngpa fan votes muna, then determine the three to automatically qualify for the top 30… the rest have to undergo the last challenge “virtual interview” with the top 27 selected.

    in this way fan votes appeared significant… my opinion

  10. If the MUP Org is wanting to find a solid ground between having a strong fanbase and being deserving as a beauty queen, they should crown Maureen Wroblewitz only.

    I get the business side of things, but as a pageant fan I am infuriated at this circus show now.

    • So what kung makapasok sila Kirsten and Ayn? If they perform well, why not? They may not be the conventional beauty pageant candidates we are used to. But at least they can offer other options or substitute. I also find them authentic compare to the other girls who are rehearsed and already eaten up by the beaucon system.

      • @ Bonus Speaking of being eaten up by the beaucon system…

        I think many people dislike beaucons because it is an enterprise which involves subjecting oneself to others’ scrutiny, such that your success~triumph completely depends on whether or not you comply with their standards. Parang nag-a-aaply sa trabaho…

        In this ‘woke’ age which puts a premium on self-worth and achievement irrespective of others’ opinion (of you), little wonder it’s seen as archaic. So, the ‘be-your-own-boss’ mindset came to be.

        Being that as it may, all that can be done is to push the boundaries as to what can be seen as beautiful. STILL, MAY HURADO; DILI MAWALA ANG (MGA) HURADO.

        (Moral of the story : pageantry ain’t for those who cannot stomach being judged.)

  11. My top 3 based on merits: Umali, Dimaranan, and Aberrasturri
    Top 3 based on fan votes: Bernos, Delavin, and Wrobblewitz
    Possible q and a standouts: Bernos, Dimaranan, Santamaria, Hipolito,Velasquez, and Abalos

    • Virtual interview challenge standouts: Bernos, Dimaranan, Santamaria, Hipolito, Velasquez, and Abalos

      • Virtual interview results depends on internet connection. Pag nahirapan ang candidate, pwedeng umarte na naghang sila. Charot!

      • Sorry Norman if I confused you. He he. What I am trying to say is that these are the ladies who I believe would perform very well during the virtual interview challenge.

  12. From business perspective, it now becomes clear: supply-push via selection by panel of experts is complemented by demand-pull by supporters votes. MOU has been practicing this by fastracking the highest vote-getter to te Top 20 and nary a complaint has been heard. On the contrary we are all so eager-beaver to vote multiple times to get our rep a sure slot. The combination of supply-push and demand pull strategy is a marketing strategy that is employed by businesses that recognizes what the market wants, and what it believes the market needs. I think this is a strategy to widen the global conversation on beauty: what does the market think beauty is all about? what do the experts think beauty should be? Let us be reminded that as all things in this ever-changing world, neauty is not a monolithic concept. As we are seeing now worldwide, the younger generation are seriously challenging the ideologies and myths about beauty that the older generations seem to tenaciously cling to.

      • Sayang, isang beses lang pwedeng mag “like” sa comment mo. Lol.

        World Peace.

    • Seriously? You think this whole farce is part of MUPh’s strategy to widen the global conversation on beauty? You’re hilarious. You were just defending the whole money-making reasoning behind this and now you’re back pushing this mouthful of philosophical justifications of MUPh LOL LOL LOL

      Why do you keep repeating this younger generation vs older generation ba? I’m a young-ish millenial and I understand that preferences in beauty change over the years, but short, pudgy limbs, undefined facial features, dysfunctional jaws, and other physical traits that signify underlying health issues are NOT ATTRACTIVE, ERGO NOT BEAUTIFUL IN THIS ERA OR IN ANY OTHER.

      Some decades, wide hips and big butts are attractive, other decades, they’re distasteful. Coloring preferences change over the years. But the face, gosh the face, ugly is ugly. Stop your nonsense.

      • Kasi naman sa group of companies palang solve na ang kanila revenues by sponsors. Plus, Araneta name alone kaya na mangdala ng pera sa org without fan votes. Ticket lang pwede na.
        Tapos parang hindi pa ganun kadami ang kanilang pasasahurin o bigyan ng dividends taon taon.

  13. Josketch! Toxic talaga ang mga Pinoy fans! Andame problema!

    Ang liwanag na ng explanation ginagawa pang complicated!

    Hindi naman kayo tinutukan ng baril nila Jonas para bumili ng votes diba? Ba’t pinoproblema niyo kung magkano kikitain nila dun? May mga overhead expenses silang dapat bayaran sa pag-o-organisa nung pageant and MUP is still a business and business exist for profit! Opposite of “business” is charity! Kung ang BPCI nga where the letter “C” stands for “charity” still run as a business eh eto pa kayang MUP na legit business entity!

    Dun kayo tumambay kay Madam Inutz, walang bayad dun!

    • Sorry Claire, pero hindi maliwanag explanation.

      Please read question number 2 and their corresponding answer. Selection of all final 30 girls (again, ALL 30) daw will be based solely on performance and NOT on fan votes. So, saan pumapasok ang 3 highest votes to be included into the top 30?

      For many of us, this little incident is but one more proof how disorganized and amateurish the people behind MUP are. A short and simple communication tool causing more confusion than clarity.

      Personally, I don’t have any problem with MUP milking this pre-pageant activities dry. As I’ve said, the pandemic made most organizations on “business unusual” mode. We all need to survive and make a profit. I can just imagine Madame Stella laughing hard though, As one commenter said “a-agaw – agaw ng franchise, wala naman palang pera!”.

      One can only guess the pressure on MUP to :

      1) Produce the best, credible girl to represent, nay, redeem us (after that laughable fiasco that is Rabiya),

      2) Make money for their various stakeholders, and

      3) to show Paula S, the world, the universe rather – – that a mistake was not made by choosing the to be its new franchisee.

      World Peace.

      • Buti n lng nkita ko explanation mo Thomas…very well said! 🥰🥰🥰

      • But it is also written on the bottom part,

        “Technically, 27 delegates are chosen by the MUPh panelists (fan votes are not considered), and 3 advance through Fan Votes.”

      • Still doesn’t make a good communication material Claire. The answer became circuitous and suspicious. Their “by-the-way-there-is-a-fan-vote” reply below NEGATES their answer to the second question. Sila mismo na-ngontra ng sarili nilang answer. Very amateurish talaga dating.

        World Peace.

  14. Wag kami!! Ano kasunod nito? Yung top30 required magkaroon ng downlines para magbenta ng yema at polvoron? Itigil niyo na ang pambubudol MUPO.

    • @ Lemontree Naalala ko ‘yun’g scandal sa BI sa NAIA. Na, sa mga pumapasok na POGO workers, nagbibigay sa counter. Ta’s, lahat ng kasabwat, may parte, their ‘pastillas’.

      Lemon-flavored polvoron must be scrumptious! I can already imagine… 🙂

      Aside from pastillas, other items that could be added for sale are macaroon, crinkle, & mini-buko pie.

      Sino nga ba sa ‘tin ‘yun’g nagsabi’ng ‘pag nag-host tayo ng MU (a comment back in 2016), ay maglalako siya ng tupig, kalamay, nilaga’ng mani/itlog/saging, bukayo, at puto sa venue kasi sigurado’ng mahal ang pagkain sa loob? Kung sino ka man, do stand up now and be recognized, po.

  15. The explanation was clear as mud.

    Please enlighten me at baka ako naman ang mababaw ang comprehension.

    ALL 30 girls daw will be selected based SOLELY on their preliminary challenges and NOT (capital, theirs) on fan votes. HOWEVER, if you want to have your girls included in top 30, cast your votes for them.


    So if a non-performing girl (ex. Pinaka bano sa lahat) who will get a very, very high fan votes, will be included in the Top30? E ano yang pinag sasabi mo na “ALL 30 will be selected SOLELY based on preliminary performance and NOT on fan votes?”

    My gulay naman. I thought they hired a PR / Communication expert in the person of that…that Voltaire? Ang labo ng communication nila. Hahaha. Please get your act together. You are running MUP like a student council. Amateurish.

    World Peace.

    • Look at Question #2 and MUP’s answer:

      WHAT IS THE BASIS FOR SELECTING THE FINAL 30. (Again, “the final 30” daw).


      I rest my case.


      If their so-called communication expert is a sink (super lababo. Lol), then Houston, we have a problem. Lol.

      World Peace.

  16. Its about time the MUPO name the members of the selection panel for transparency

  17. Sino kaya ang mag adjust? Yung fan vote o judges pick.

    In case nga pasok na sa 27 judges pick ang top 3 fan vote. Retain ba nila as fan vote yung 3 at magpapasok sila ng reserves sa judges pick. Pag ganun, may option ba yung 3 fan vote na pangalan sila as fan vote kahit pasok din sila sa 27 judges pick. Alam mo naman ang fans magrurumintado pag ayaw nila ang result ng fan vote. Syempre kung ako din ang candidate ayoko din makapasok dahil lang sa fan vote eh kung pasok naman talaga ako sa judges pick.

  18. Wait. Why is it that there are only 48 headshots count in the article? Where are the other 2?

  19. Pasok na Yung trying hard na artists😊 pero may potential for BbPilipinas titles.
    If she work harder and transform to an MU look then, walang impossible 😊

    • @ bong700 TH na artists? MATANGKAD ‘yan’g mga ‘yan. ‘ah. Alam mo naman du’n. 🙂

      (Refer to previous post.)

      (Ang isa’ng taga-kampo’ng Bb na mismo’ng si Biday Pilar ang nagsabi’ng 5’4″, listo lang. Lucky b_tch, as @ Fabian Reyes would say, which he did for a MUJapan na 1st RU.)

      BBP is now the only BIG Nationals with a height barrier. MUP, MWP, & MPE all accept ‘lesser’.

    • At least di paasa BBP. Wala ngang minimum pero for “inclusivity” ek ek lang naman. Di pinapanalo. Lol.

    • I think pangalan na nila ung top 27 bago mag fan voting for afor the last 3 spots, kasi most likely ang magta top sa fan votes ay nasa top 27 na, sayang ung last 3 spots sa mga deserving at wala maxadong fan base.

  20. may link ba kung sino Ang mga A&Q at KF na mga candidates. Doon kasi natin malalaman kung sino Ang pasok😱
    Kung may iba pang camp or independent ay 1or2 lang Ang pasok😭

  21. So basically there are top 27 only. + 3 from fan votes.
    What if the top fan vote winners are already included among the 27 that were selected by the judges?

    • Sino kaya ang mag adjust? Yung fan vote o judges pick.

      In case nga pasok na sa 27 judges pick ang top 3 fan vote. Retain ba nila as fan vote yung 3 at magpapasok sila ng reserves sa judges pick. Pag ganun, may option ba yung 3 fan vote na pangalan sila as fan vote kahit pasok din sila sa 27 judges pick. Alam mo naman ang fans magrurumintado pag ayaw nila ang result ng fan vote. Syempre kung ako din ang candidate ayoko din makapasok dahil lang sa fan vote eh kung pasok naman talaga ako sa judges pick.

  22. These clear up nothing. We all know these already. So yes, only 27 spots go to the “deserving” girls. 3 spots are reserved for those with crazy fanbases like Kisses and Ayn.

    Willing to bet the selection of the top 16 semifinalists, there will also be a fanvote spot.

    Bigger wager – to rake up viewership, Ayn and Kisses will go all the way to the top 5 at least. Because more viewers = more money.

    If Shamcey’s Org is so desperate for money, I bet they will even go as far as to crown the Miss Intrams, Kisses.

    • Ambassadress of Diversity.

      Ambassadress of Gen Z.

      Only to endorse MLM products on social media that their crazy fans will buy naman LOL

      Only three spots left, with one reserved na rin for Maureen, which I don’t mind because she delivers naman.

      So two spots in top 5. 1 KF and 1 Camp? All A&Q? They can’t snub Steffi, she also has fans.

      What a mess.

  23. O’. ‘Yan, ‘ah. It is possible, daw, to be included in the Top 30 ENTIRELY ON YOUR OWN MERIT. Kahit ni isa’ng boto. 🙂

    If you are FULLY confident of your bets’ capabilities, let them get there on their own. Seen in this light, a candidate who gets many votes may be interpreted as simply being propped up by fans.

    Gud Wed AM, Uncle. Kasama ka sa Board of Judges, right? Aminin.

    Tell Boss Volter, invite Janick to also serve on the Board. Kahit virtual…

    (And you haven’t answered yet my query; ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will suffice. Are you the Paranaque City AP?)

    • (Cont.)

      So, by 0000H of 1 Sept, may Final 30 na at doon pa lang magsisimula ang totoo’ng karera.

      That’s still three whole weeks before the 25-9 Finale. What can be done still in that time na dili mag-impinge sa Prelims?

      UNLESS, sa 1 Sept simula ng quarantine for the ‘Finale bubble’. Like last year, bago tumulak for Baguio… Swab taste galore, ulit.

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