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  1. Sharifa is the dumbest Pinay International titleholder. Still can’t get over the fact that she won despite giving 2 obviously memorized answers. She forgot a line and she repeated her answer VERBATIM. WTF? And she’s a teacher?

    A lot of people are still supporting her despite her lies? Well, a basura for a basura. Bagay!!! Mabuti na nakasal na siya kesa magkalat ng kab***han sa pageant stage.

    • @ Ramon Lua Depende sa tao at/o sitwasyon… But not in this case, apparently.

      Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g isa’ng American cartoon strip (old-timers who read the paper call it the ‘funnies’) na sabi nu’ng isa’ng character, “I wish to partake of the fruit of a woman’s love before I die”.

      Bloom County! Si Opus (the penguin with a bow tie) ‘ata nagsabi… 🙂

      Ta’s, may isa’ng episode na sabi niya, “we were living in sin. But I loved him”.

  2. Sobra ako nanghihinayang na nag-asawa agad si Ms Akeel. The moment I saw her winning Miss Asia Pacific, I included her in my wishlist for MUP. She could have used her influence in empowering young women through education sa mga impoverished areas in her town. Anyway, all the best po sa kanya.

  3. @ VER Refer to @ ClaiRe IbbeTson’s reply to @ Diana Hayden below. Re Sharifa’s extraction.

    @ 4M In that interview in a canale 2 talk show, Rachel said it was not love at first sight. Na-develop sila… 🙂

    (Now that I think about it, I should probably be a KF girl, pala… Hihihihihh…)

  4. Oh wait.. he’s her 5th wife…
    The D must be huge…. As in DOWRY….


    • @ Anonymous Dili ba, ang dowry is given by the woman’s family ‘to pay for her upkeep’?


      (Kasi nga, the daughters need to be married off. I think this constitutes the ‘bride price’, her worth. So, if she comes from well-off clan and/or circumstance, she deserves ‘better treatment’ or at least placed higher on the ‘pecking order’. Even then, we have instances where the favored concubine wields more influence than the wife; a Facebook friend of mine said this. And in an earlier time, it was seen as some form of liberation, that a low-ranked woman could steer the course of male-run history, turning it into ‘herstory’.)

      • @Flor

        Dowry works both ways depending on which nation/culture/religion….
        The one you are referring to only applies to some European Tradition not all..

      • @ Closer2Fame Thank you for the clarification.

        It figures. That friend of mine was (European).

    • I agree! Bayaran! Feel ko binili ni Mangudadatu yung international crown niya for her. Hahahahah. Nagkalat si bobita sa Q&A tapos nanalo pa rin? Wala kasing utak kaya katawan ginamit.

  5. Oh wow another beauty queen politician tandem… Is that what KF girls do after pageantry? hihihihi chos!!!

    At least Ms Peters found a young and vigorous politician who has no “stains” in his personal records…. But I am not going to judge her for her actions and decisions. As we all know, we cannot go against the will of the heart….

    • Epalitiko yung asawa ni Rachel diba? Not necessarily corrupt, pero mas malaki pa ang picture ng mukha sa tarp kesa sa project.

  6. The usual fate or fallback of a pageant girl, becoming a politician’s trophy wife 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. Ok pa sa Ngayon kc may mga biyaya at least stress pa. Later, it’s about pride or freedom🤭😀
    Namnamin at ienjoy mo Muna Ang kasalukuyang kaligayahan.
    If I were you, prepare yourself to build an empire. Start running as councilor but start learning the government laws. Maybe training on leadership will help. Read about local governance, etc.
    Who knows, you and your husband will fight in 1 position someday and 1 must die(I think, you’re already divorced that time) hihihi😱🤭😆

  8. Sa panahon ng pandemiya lahat ay nagsusumikap gumawa ng lahat ng paraan upang may makakain sa hapag kainan. Sa hirap ng buhay sa Pilipinas ngayon kailangan kang kumapit sa patalim. Masisi mo ba ang isang tao kung heto ang kanyang paraan upang itawid sa kahirapan ang buhay ng kangyang pamilya.

  9. I guess 3rd wife’s the charm… This story reminds me of that beauty queen who married a politician but later found cemented in a drum along pasig river… What’s her name again????

    • I suppose you are referring to Ruby Rose Barrameda who was murdered several years ago. It is her sister Rochelle Barrameda who was once a candidate in a beauty pageant.

      • Oh yeah her… so sad….
        Mangudadatu Wife #1 already died a tragic death…
        I hope and pray that she won’t suffer the same fate.

  10. Unless there is steep incline, animal, or current to take it away, fruit ends up not far from the tree.

  11. What a waste.

    Toto Mangudadatu’s hobby of dating, if not marrying women, should be a red flag to the people of Maguindanao in that such person would only use the government fund owing to their local government to his womanizing activities. This is due to the fact that, based on reports, most Moslem politicians in Mindanao believe that the IRA allocated to their political bailiwicks are personally theirs. Look at how poor many people in Mindanao are!

    Sharifa could have a good future outside Mangudadatu. As a beauty titleholder, she could also make some good causes and use her influence in order to help her fellow Maguindanaoans elevate their lives. With that, I am pretty sure she could win not only Mangudadatu’s heart, but also the love of any bachelor, handsome and rich guy in the country. We count two years and Sharifa will cry “divorce” under Muslim law.

    My two cents. That’s all.

    • @Ana Winter- Lund, nice to see you back! You kept silent after having received unsavory remarks after standing up to cyber bullying of yours candidate. Like you, I stood up to cyber bullying by some intolerant forces in this blog. I was called names, slanderous labels in fact. But I won’t dignify negatrons and toxic comments. There is no room for character assassination among educated people who should be talking about issues, not personalities. I hope you keep writing in this blog’s comment section. Let’s keep Sir Norman’s blog a free market of ideas, especially progressive insights that challenge the traditional ideologies and myths on beauty.

      • Hi, Scorg Dear! I hope my comment finds you well. How are pageants going on in the other side of the world?

        My silence has nothing to do with the unfavorable remarks by some others here about my utmost liking to MUP candidate Corrine Abalos, who, lately, is being noticed by pageant aficianados because she is undeniably gorgeous and unstoppably peaking. I have recently seen her Tiktok video (and I hope you have seen it, too), and, oh boy, she is damn uber gorgeous. Also, a group of Latin men have manifested their infatuation on Corrine. Watch out, she will become a force to reckon during the pageant proper other than those being rallied behind by some commenters here. Corrine is a fast-rising Insta babe these days, and she is consistently wowing her followers there.

        Back to the “silence” topic. Lol. I have been quite busy lately as I helped my client in its third-quarter revenue push. That UK-based client is eagerly wanting to win a powerhouse IT company for a multi-million Sterling deal. So, I had to seriously focus on that than minding any unpopular comments here. And guess what? They won it.

        Now, what makes it mind-boggling to me is that our dear blogger seems to be elusive in featuring Ms. Abalos. The Mandaluyong candidate has been consistently making it in the Circle 7 of the MUP challenges, and yet no space has been written about her in here. Just a sentiment.

        That’s all.

      • @Nice to hear that you are busy with your job, and no toxic personal diatribes against oyur choices and ideas on beauty affect your work ethos. I learned my lessons so I now keep mum on candidates I support because of the over partisan nature of pageantry and some rabid fans can attack your character for your personal choice. I don’t like to be dragged into a seeming “cockfight” where beautiful ladies are pitted against another. I want to stick to the idea of pageantry as a celebration of beauty, where variuous archetypes are represented and their innate intelligence and core values are presented for everyone to appreciate, aspire for and draw inspiration from. Afer all, in this ever-changing world, beauty is not a monolithic concept that one person, nor one generation, can impose on another.

      • Good to hear, Tito Norms! I’d be glad to watch her on that episode. Could you please tell her that you have one suking commenter in the name of Ana Winter-Lund who is head-over-heels on her beauty? Natotomboy na yata ako. I would die if you mention me on the episode, Tito Norms. Hihi!

        That’s all.

      • Oh, Scorg dear! Your principle on pageantry’s commentary is worth-emulating. How I wish some commenters here possess at least 10% of your manner, let alone your intelligence. I am pretty sure this blog would be filled with positive thoughts.

        I would love to say this: I am one tough woman who can weather criticisms or bashings. My line of work is one composite stress zone, but I always make sure that I rise above all downfalls. And there is Norman blog which I consider a go-to platform for me to flex and vex or whatever.

        Ingat ka lagi, dear.

        That’s all.

      • @Ana, nice to hear that you are as strong when it comes to personal attacks. In our cerebral work, we talk about issues, not personalities. We stand our ground if we are confident that our arguments are facts-based, not speculations, not gossips. We are not affected by personal diatribes.

        I believe love for pageantry should go with deep respect for women (and men). I don’t pit one beautiful person against another because it can only be done along physical parameters. That would be tantamount to commodification of women (and men). That’s why I tend to focus more on the intellect and core values. Others find that odd because the traditional concept of beauty focuses on the physical only. But thanks be to the “pivotals” (age 13- 34, cross of millenials and GenZ) who are seriously challenging the antiquated ideology and myths on beauty. And the beauty industry is slowly coasting along the currents of change.

  12. I’m confused. Isn’t he married and she had previously vehemently denied the relationship, challenging the accuser (who was the actual wife) to court? Hmmm…

    • Masalimuot ang buhay pag-ibig ng mga politiko. Mayroon na siyang 8 walong anak sa tunay niyang asawa mayroon pa siyang anak sa isang artista (huwag ng banggitin pa) at balita pa marami pang naakan sa tabi tabi.

      • I see. Why did she have to lie about it and then challenged the accuser to court pa for “evidence” eh totoo naman pala? Now she has to eat her words….

    • Diba??? Tapos grabe yung hate sa wife na yun. Halata naman na pera-pera lang kay Sharifa. Hahahahah. Bayaran.

  13. Kahit papaano nagpakasal sila hindi gaya ng ibang beauty titlist sa ating bansa nagmamalinis at may itinatago sa loob ng baul kahit sila ay pumatol sa ulyanin matandang o politko. Ayaw ko ng magbanggit ng pangalan baka tayo pa maidemanda.
    Sa bagong kasal harinaway basbasan kayo ni Allah ng maraming supling.

  14. I think Sharifas father is a fair skinned muslim, definitely not bedouin. Probably iranian tatay nya. Ang ganda eh. MJ lastimosa is more of a dusky arab kasi eh, even Gazini.

    • Her Father is Qatari.

      Sinayang lang niya ganda niya sa pagpatol sa may-asawa!

  15. Finally, they have legitimized their romantic relationship. I am happy for them. Congratulations to the newly-wed.

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