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  1. I don’t owe anyone any explanation for my actions. However, to end the speculations and innuendos, I am not a DDS and will never be, nor Voltaire Tayag, nor a defender of MUP and MEP. I am simply a pageant enthusiast who is a marketing and financial management specialist working as an expat in Africa. I have been a campus journalist in my student days in the Phils and in the USA, thus my brand of English. As a business management executive, my humble contribution to pageantry thru this blog, my one and only link to the industry, is to comment on the business aspects. That explains my staunch defense of anything innovative and out-of-the-box thinking in pageantry. As a marketing management specialist, I know that a product or a service’ long absence in the market or in the consumer psyche can erode its brand value. And it pains me to see that what is known as the most prestigious pageant in the country has been late in leveraging on IT when all other businesses have since seized the opportunity.

    • I see that the Philippines is fast becoming to be the global epicenter of pageantry industry development. And ancillary industries spawn from it– haute couture, fashion footwear, skin care, glam photography, App development and yes– blogs and vlog! I hope to see the day that this becomes a major dollar earner for the country. I encourage everyone to help in its development, to focus on cooperation, not competition.

    • @ scorg Good Wed AM.

      Speaking of ‘product… long absence in the market or in the consumer psyche’, would you know if this ‘Lifebuoy’ bath soap recently pitched on the local telly to be ‘now in the Philippines’ is the SAME ‘Lifebuoy’ that was (ALREADY) here as far back as the 1970’s. Are these from the same Unilever (UK) company?

      Associates* were the likes of Heno de Pravia, Camay, and Irish Spring.

      Thanks in advance.

      (* – In ecology, ‘associates’ mean those other species that co-exist with you in your habitat, and so which may either be predator or prey, if not mere competitor for the limited resources.)

      • @Flor: Has there been a long absence of Lifebuoy in the Philippines? Since the name is the same, it must be the same Lifebuoy we know from way back. But it’s comeback may not be successful if it does not rebrand, so much so that there is another “associate” in the medicinal soap category, Irish Spring. Rebranding entails communicating consumer benefits that sets it apart from competition, so that its perceptual imagery is distinctly its own. It has to discover the benefit(s) that consumers look for and which is/are not yet owned by brands in the same category, or by an “associate” brand. It may also focus on a market segment not targeted by Irish Spring.

  2. It took them losing the MUP franchise and having a new competitor to really ramp up their social media presence. Let’s be real here, they should have adapted a loooooong time ago in terms of social media engagement.

    But, it is never too late to get on the groove of things. With COVID and people even relying on social media to get updates and just to entertain themselves, it has taken a different level of importance in our new normal.

  3. Isn’t it a bit too late? The social media bandwagon has been around for quite sometime, and the Philipiines is one of those considered to be the social media capital of the world. BPCI missed a lot of opportunites by not leveraging on technology earlier on. Well, better late than never. Hope this will immediately redeem its brand value that has been eroded by the more-than-a-year absence in the pageant circuit, real or virtual.

    • Well flor you can’t just diminish bbp brand value. They will celebrate 60 years in 2023. You can’t deny longevity plus the fact that they are a part na of the Filipinos social fabric in the past 60 years without technology or not.. hopefully MUP will last 60 years din. Pero parang impossible since Jonas is in his 40s, Shamcey in her 30s. Stella started when she was just early 20.

      • S. has been a defender of Jonas’ MUP. Why? We can only guess. Lol.

        And his comment above, while sounding encouraging, is actually a swipe at Bb. Pilipinas and Mdme. Stella. Again, why…we don’t know.

        Voltaire, is that you? Lol.

        World Peace.

      • Mala-DDS yang si Scorg sa pag-sping ng stuff for MUP and against BBP. Hahahahaha. To be fair though, magaling siya sa Ingles-an. Sadly for him, Norman’s followers can see through it.

      • I was never a fan of Scorg. Pero magaling siya sa paikutan at budulan dahil sa English. haha. Ramdam na ramdam ko siya haha.

    • Binibining Pilipinas brand had stood the test of time and its good that they are keeping up with the times. Being abreast with new Innovations proves that BBP is still (and will be) the Premier Pageant in the country.

  4. Auntie N, baka naman mapost mo Yung wedding nila Sharifa Akeel at Cong. Mangudadatu. Pagfiestahan natin dito sa blog mo. I’m sure maging hit ito sa mga readers mo at Malaman natin sa mga chismosang readers mo Ang mga opinion nila 😳😆😱hihihi walang cherette.

  5. Isn’t it a bit too late for BPCI? The social media bandwagon has been around for quite sometime, and the Philippines is one of those considered the social media capital of the world. Well, better late than never…

  6. I’m excited for Cindy Obenita!

    As in wala siya sa radar ko during the pre-pageant selection yet she delivered result!

    I reviewed her performance, ang galing niya sa swimsuit! Ang ganda ng pivoting ng paa! And of course her ultimate weapon, her witty brain without sounding condescending!

    I’ve heard Miss International is post-poned and Miss Earth will be virtual again! Huwag naman sana mag-virtual ulit! OK lang last year kasi walang nakagawa ng live talaga pero kung yung ibang pageant nakapag-stage ng live, it means it is possible! Kapit-bahay lang natin ang New Zealand and halos nag-ze-zero case sila! Why not stage it there?

    • I agree about Cindy and I am excited for her at the Miss Interncontinental pageant. I think she can easily place. I am looking forward for another crown for PH.

    • Hi. Speaking as a probinsyana. Parang iba talaga ang prestige ng BbP. Let’s just say na most sought after ang MUP crown pero dito parang sobrang big deal makasali sa Binibini. Yun lang naman napansin ko. Siguro dahil sobrang tagal na nila. Parang it’s a privilege na maging candidate ng BbP. From Mindanao here.

      • @ Yna and @ Bago21.. ako din, totally agree, promdi rin ako, and i feel that even if BbP has lost the MU franchise, ” parang it’s a privilege na maging candidate ng BbP..” It hasn’t lost its prestige..

  7. Uncle Blogger, do Meiji and Afiah have the same Manager/AP (Valenzuela City)?

    The fifth crown is still rumor? 😦

    (Aura International is October also, no? Turkiyah, right?)

    (What about Charm? Has Vietnam any update?)

    At the rate they are going, they can ‘return to regular programming’ – Screening by January for Batch 2022! When will you begin your 2022 Nationals Wish List Series? 🙂

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