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  1. Sa mga GALIT na GALIT sa MUP Organization, kina Jonas, Shamcey and Company:

    1. Why don’t you FLOOD the social media accounts (fb, twiiter, instragram, YT) of the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) with your concerns, issues and sentiments with regard to the MUP and its people?

    2. If you want the franchise to be returned to BPP, then write the MUO directly on this matter (e-mails or snail mails).

    3. There’s no use keep complaining in this blogsite. Paula Shugart is too busy to read all these, and so you need to address your MUP issues and concerns straight to the MU Organization and not here.

    Good morning to all.

    • @ paul Good Wed AM.

      That would be like writing to the Commission on Elections to disqualify Sen.’s Manuel Pacquiao & Ping Lacson, and Mayor Francisco Domagoso from aspiring to the Presidency because they’re ‘showbiz’.

      They could be a Final 3.

      2nd RU is Manny, 1st RU is Isko, and Ping crown. Are you cool with this? 🙂

      (Gilbert Teodoro, presumptive Cinderella Obenita. Ano’ng latest sa kanya?)

    • I wrote Paula Shugart once. I really wasn’t sure if it would be read by her or anyone at MUO. Surprisingly, I received an email reply from her to thank me for writing. Whether it was actually her or one of her staff presumably, I really don’t know, but at least it showed that someone in MUO actually reads fan letters, most likely screens them before passing them on to Paula.

  2. “Cheating and Cheapness is in blood. But the thing is it’s covered with fake faces”

    • Thanks JM for posting this.

      It begs this question: So why have you (MUP) not been drumming up, or telling us who among the girls in these preliminary challenges have been getting high votes from your “group of panelists?”

      What’s the purpose of putting the spotlight ONLY on the results of fan votes? Are you deliberately fanning the flames among rabid fans to make them spend, spend, spend on votes?

      The last line cracked me up. “All the delegates surely appreciate your support in whatever way….”. You mean, “Jonas and Shamcey surely appreciate your (financial) support..” Lol.

      World Peace.

      • Reactions to this IG post were quite interesting. 😁😆🤭 I went through each one before posting, and there were some insightful comments. 🤔

  3. pera puro pera. ilan kaperahan ba pinag uusapan dito coz of the sms voting? ikakayaman ba un ng empire at MUPO? just askin.. as stated by Mr.. Norman, madaming kaakibat na expenses ang pag produce ng pageant..and considering virtual ang ganap, less sponsorhips or fees.anyways, my top 3 will gonna be wroblewitz, aberasturi, and a dark horse. lols peace

  4. Latest Update: Laos will not send a representative to the 70th edition of Miss Universe due to worsening Covid situation.

  5. Laos and Malaysia have officially withdrawn from MU 2021 … I wish the other countries would just appoint their reps because of the time constraints

    I hope nobody withdraws any further … It’s the 70th anniversary of Miss Universe , a grand celebration supposedly and hosted by an ideal country and it feels like there won’t even be at least 70 contestants…

  6. Naku! Normam dami ang nahaha-high blood sa post na ito. He, he, he… Amlodipine, Losartan, Captropril…

    Ikaw Flor musta?

    • @ paul Good afternoon, friend.

      I’m quite fine. My only BP issue was an episode of hyperthyroidism years back, but nothing that meds couldn’t fix. Haven’t had palpitations in a long time. 🙂

  7. Vvv talaga bet ko ayu and Maria ehren mix both miss universe rep of the neighboring lands.
    Second placeTie w leren mae and maureen w
    3rd place dimaranan though mukhang si katrina mananalo

  8. In the Philippines, revolutions and pandemics come and go, but beauty pageants stay forever. Throughout its history, the celebration of beauty continues in all levels– barangay to national, in whatever modality– raffle tickets, newspaper coupons, panel of judges, and now, pay-per-view!

  9. go on with their “SAVE 3 FOR THE TOP 30” whoever wants to buy that pakulo.. its a strategy to gain finances and Social Media milleage.. because whoever that SAVED 3, either they’r deserving or not, will not matter. At this point we alreadt have our own Best Five Bets and we all know THE BETTER ONES of this bunch will be on the finals based on their merits and capacity and others are just mere fillers to show Diversity. Lets just sit back and chill.

  10. Habang nangagalaiti kayo sa inis at galit, tawa nang tawa lang si Gaffud. I’m sure masarap buhay niya ngayon, and so with Shamcey.

    Don’t worry about the voting process, most likely hanggang finals night na ito. Like Vote for Top 10 (baka dito makapasok si Bernos at Delavin), Best Smile, Star of the Night, etc.

    Jonas will torment you until the end. So hinay-hinay lang sa init ng ulo mga gurl ug bayot. Kailangan pa kayo nila JG, SSL & Company.

    Magandang hapon sa lahat. Kain muna kayo ng ice cream.

  11. Boys, girls and gays, it has indeed been Business Unusual. Let us be rational and tolerant.

    Scorg raised valid points but so did the majority of you who are up in arms about this blatant and cheap business model MUP is employing. Makes one nostalgic of Mdme. Stella so soon.

    It is indeed unfortunate that the new franchisee of MUP entered the picture during this trying times and reap all the insults just to keep their business afloat.

    Let us just hope that the five or so deserving girls will eventually be in Top Five. Kisses and Ayn are equally victimized by this scheme. Milking their fans dry. I don’t think they will or should win. It will erode the credibility (this early) of the new franchisee. Especially after the spectacle that was Rabiya. Lol. They need to send someone who stands a good chance in Israel.

    I still say : Maureen, Steffi, Katrina, Leren, Bea and Victoria.

    Anyone not from them will be the end of Jonas Ganid and Shamcey Supsupera. And sadly, the end of the Philippines as powerhouse in MU.

    World Peace.

    • And i think they are willing to take the risk, magka pera lang! Ived read a comment by someone here, totoo nung inalis ang franchise sa BBP, KACHEAPAN na ang lahat since day 1. Walang maayos na gayak from the beginning until now. Nwala ang prestige. Nawala ang glamour. Pera pera na lang tlg, popularity na lang, gagamitin o gagatasan pa mga fans ng mga girls, kesoheda mawala na ang pinaghirapang 10 years of commendable performance in Miss Universe. Kaloka.

  12. I find with great amusement the theatrics and the hysterics over this MUPH process which I find to be pure and simple reaction to the limitations this pandemic bring to doing business. Different folks, different strokes: MEP chose to be purely virtual and we saw the lackluster fan reaction; MWP chose to be an in-person spectator pageant and we saw it screetched to a halt on the penultimate day; BBP hibernated for more than a year and we have yet to see its impact on its brand and solvency; the rest simply disappeared! What do we really want in a pageantry business in a period of lockdowns and health and safety protocols?

    • Meanwhile, as what some commenters here have correctly noted, when it comes to fan vote on international pageants, we are all too enthusiastic to outdo other countries’ campaign!

    • @ scorg What REALLY riled folks~fans~followers up is THIS, THIS ‘ADDITIONAL ROUND’.

      (Popularity slant-bias was accepted, though begrudgingly. But, this ‘3-into-the-30’ is pushing it.)

      Kung ganyan ang argument nila, so ibig sabihin ba they can simply ‘add/extend/postpone’ as they deem fit, to protect their bottom line, or every time they ‘need extra cash/ to recoup sudden losses’? Because of ‘business’?

      Naranasan niyo na po ba ‘yun’g mabentahan kayo ng ‘bargain’, only to be told later na kung gusto niyo’ng gumana/umayos, may mga ‘additional expenses’ when you were told upon purchase na ‘OK na ‘po ‘yan’? Isn’t it like either being taken for a ride or built-in obsolescence? We Filipinos have a term for it – ‘budol’. Something like fraud or swindling.

      I know these are quite harsh words I’ve used above. But it is how I understand the aggravation.

      Isn’t there some sort of consumer protection act/clause embedded somewhere out there…?…

      … Beneath the pale moonlight, someone’s thinking of me. And loving me tonight…”. Guess song?


      Additional notes.

      1) The relatively tepid reception to MPE this year, I believe, is because last year’s crop was much more exciting. Aside from the stellar Baeyens, there was sentimental favorite Shane Tormes and the UP Law student Patrixia Santos on her final foray into pageantry.
      2) The BIGger issue at MWP is the alleged use of substances. The cessation due to pandemic lock down is understandable.
      3) In retrospect, BPCI did the right thing – wait for the ‘GO’ signal to proceed, from the Philippines’ Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) on SARS-CoV2. They even vaccinated the Binibini’s! Their only fault may have been that they were very mum about the whole thing. But, they’ve always been…

      • LOL! Hello my frend. Matanong lang my dear – anong bargain product nabiktima ka? Saan ito nangyari? Sa Cubao, QC Memorial Circle o sa UP Fair Day & Night Market? He, he, he…

      • @Flor: please read my reply to you and @Renato below. During this pandemic, businesses respond to market pulse almost on a daily basis, more so with tech-savvy businesses. I’m not there in the Philippines but I’m sure the business landscape has drastically been changed by this pandemic. Only the innovative survives. And new industries emerge (like e-commerce and logistics/ deliveries). For a spectator event industry that depends heavily on sponsorships, broadcasting rights and ticket sales, thius pandemic constrained its sources of survival income. Ticket sales is now replaced by pay-per-view. Broadcastibg rights, symbiotically tied to TV advertising, is negatively impacted by online media. If this industry will not have tech-savvy creative, marketing, and management talents who thinks out-of-the-box and who takes risks, this industry will surely die a natural death.

  13. The long process is creating pageant fatigue. Baka mamatay na buong pageants nyan.

    • @ Renato Buti fatigue lang sa ‘tin, fans. Consider the candidates. Tengga buhay nila until 25-9.


    • @Flor, @Remato: If there is one thing that kills businesses, it is lack of working capital. This comes from corporate sponsors, and for a spectator event, ticket sales. In this unusual time of the pandemic in a millieu of information technology, ticket sales is supplanted by pay-per-view. As someone into managing a business operation, I applaud any entity that takes novel and innovative approaches to keep itself afloat. Pageant fatigue? I doubt it, knowing that beauty pageanttry is one of the three national pasttimes of the Filipinos, aside from basketball and boxing.

      • So do you finally admit that the inclusion of Bernos and Delavin are all for business and not for “diversity” and higher causes?

        As in, if these two didn’t have fans to make money out of, would MUPh have given them a chance? Hindi ‘di ba? So many plain, short, inexperienced girls out there are not in MUPh, and that’s because they do not have fans. Bernos and Delavin made it because they have fans, because MUPh needs money and social media mileage, which is essentially also money.

        Can we just call a spade, a spade and stop pretending MUPh is giving Bernos and Delavin a huge opportunity to realize their impossible dreams and pave the way for a new era in pageantry kuno? It’s all about money, money, money. Now if these two makes it beyond top 30, 10 or heck even into 5, can you blame us pageant fans for seething with anger?

        Because admit it also, Bernos and Delavin in the top 5 and being given titles of ambassadress of whatever are also going to make money.

  14. 5 votes= 49 pesos , 10 votes = 99 pesos

    Yuck!!!!!!! Ibalik niyo nlng franchise sa BPCI. Mga swapang kayong mga nasa MUPO. Ayaw niyo patalo s MU Canada org.

  15. Isang paalaala sa ating mga Pilipino sa paggamit natin ng Filipino sa Buwan ng Wika.

    1. P at B – PaM – PAMpurok at PAMbarangay (pwede rin pambayot, he, he…)

    2. D, L, R, S, at T – PaN – PANdukot, PANlalawigan, PANregalo, PANsala, at PANtusok (pansit, NO!)

    3. Patinig at iba pang Katining – PANG – PANG-ahit, PANG-ikot, PANGhuli, PANGmayaman, atbp.

    4. Pag nagsisimula sa patinig ang salitang ugat, gumamit ng gitling (-) pang-ehersisyo, pang-ayuda

    5. Pag katining wala pong gitling – pangkalawakan, panlungsod, pambansa

    Magandang umaga po sa lahat at maraming salamat.

  16. Ano ang ginagawa ni Voltaire Tayag? Trabaho niya ang magpaliwanang sa pageant queendom kung bakit ganito, ganyan ang proseso, etc.

    Tuloy ang daming galit sa Miss Universe Philippines Org., kay Jonas, Shamcey, atbp. Kagulo tingnan ng MUP.

    Mag-hire sila nang magaling na Public Relations Person.

    • A Communications Director can only do so much. If chaka ang material, may magagawa ba siya? Chaka ang ingredients in the first place (MUP Org especially Evil Mama J), mapapasarap pa ba ng chef (Voltaire)?

      • Question po, bakit po ang daming negativity around kay mama J. Just curious? Sya po ba yung sinasabi na ahas? Sorry am just hook to pageantry recently, Bakit maraming may ayaw sa kanya?

      • Read Madam from various sources para di slanted ang views. Sayang si Mama J. Lumaki na ang ulo. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Tingnan mo recent outputs. Waley. Instead of building up its alaga, iba ang pinagkakaabalahan.

    • @ paul & @ THROWBAKLA Andre Sleigh is ‘Creative Director’ of Supra, so co-league sila ni Boss Jonas. ‘Owner’ si Boss Gerhard Parzutka Von Lipinski.

      Kung tutuusin, very neat ang division of labor sa MUP. Mdme. Shamcey is ND~Figurehead, Boss Jonas-Creative, Boss Volter-Communications, Boss Mario-Marketing and Digital Affairs (?), Boss Lia Andrea Ramos-Moss-Motivational Coaching (?), and, of course, Boss Atty. Nad-Legal.

      Oops! I forgot Boss Albert, ‘Head of the Design Circle’… (But not one dress did he make for Rab.)

      Maybe the ‘owner’ of MUPO prefers to remain incognito. So, front lang sina Boss J & Mdme. S?

      • Ewan ko lang ko nag-tatrabaho talaga yang mga yan. Kawawang Rabiya. Wasted potential. Re: ownership, baka. Di naman afford nila Mama J yan and I doubt if the Lee family will foot the bill for a not so profitable business endeavor.



  18. Cheapangga, parang starlets ng PBB na nanlilimos sa Kumu.
    First canvassing ng MissUN sa school ang peg?

  19. Dami nyong hanash sa DDS porque brainwashed kayo ng mainstream media and catholic church who are a bunch of HYPOCRITES!!!




    • DDS and Delawans are salot. Loyalty should be to the nation. Pareho yang mga personalidad ang sinasamba kahit inutil na.

    • What an IDIOT! You are having a HISTORICAL AMNESIA. NANGANGAILANGAN KA ng mga MAHUSAY na HISTORIAN at MAGALING na ANTHROLOGIST para MAGPALIWANAG SA IYO sa kasaysayan, kultura at mamamayan ng Pilipinas.

      • Wow!?! Ako pa lelecturan mo ng history.
        Kung mas may nakaka alam sa history sating dalawa ako yun… BOBO!!!

  20. Let’s say…Kunwari,the Owner of MUPh is a Billionare,or a Moneyed Conglomerate.Would the franchise owner drool over the possibility of having FanVote Segments on the Pre- pageant activities to earn big bucks?.. and risk the thought and the talk of the town that the franchise is in dire straits!?

  21. So much drama… sa totoo lang nandito sa 5 ito lang ang mananalo:

    alphabetical order yan ha.
    Then from 50 pwede ng 10 agad para mabilis.

    • Tama 😂 dito lang naman sa limang to umiikot mata ng mga judges, except nalang kung may magaala Rabiya ulit, kaya ignore nyo nalang yang fanvote na yan jusko. Si Jasmine Umali ngang never pa nag top sa mga challenges, patuloy paring pumapasok sa cut 😂

    • Trulala… I mean there are a handful of merlies who can actually do a Rabiya based on face alone. That Pia-look alike and Megan to be are underrated beauties.

    • with Bea Luigi Gomez bubbling… im convinced she’s MU material watching her on youtube won ms cebu 2019..

      • She’s an open lesbian po. I wouldn’t mind her winning pero she’s out there super proud of her being lesbian/bisexual. Her girlfriend is pretty too. Ready naba kayo to crown a lgbtq queen in a deeply bigoted Philippines?

      • @ Diana Hayden I am.

        It needs to start somehow. Postponing it won’t make it any more palatable, if minds remain as is.

        So, may as well.

        ‘Pag matapang ang kalaban, dapat mas matapang ka’. – From an ad on YouTube selling alternative cancer therapy (read, not chemo).

  22. Veks, if you have problems with the voting scheme then don’t vote. Plain and simple.

    Remember, some of the international pageants have done paid voting as well so please stop the double standard.


  24. I suggest that the MUP organization further clarify its selection process to pageant fans. This is to make sure that fan votes are not able to distort or skew the selection of the final 30, and so forth, if it so happens to continue afterwards.😛

    How does the org ensure that fan votes also reflect the MUP standards in selecting a candidate? Why is this important, you may ask? The MUP has defined its standard; the org is looking for a “phenomenal woman”. She is supposed to “take a leadership role” in “providing unique answers to the unique challenges of the times”, in “inspiring and influencing people in small and big ways”. She needs to be a “role model” , a “harbinger of hope” and shall forge with the MUP’s “rallying points”. It would be difficult to judge the contenders based on these very defined standards and qualifications if a majority of the selection process is done through fan votes until they are trimmed down to the final 30. Meaning there must be parity in the modes of selecting the finalists, which should be explained further.

    In the early part of the 20th century, Manila’s Carnival queens were mainly selected from the daughters of the richest families who won through votes from newspaper clippings. Those were wonderful and interesting times and there need not be any comparison to present times. 💐👑⛲️🕊

    • I dont think Kisses’ and Ayn’s fans will care about any criteria set by the org, since most are, as most of you would refer them as: ‘baby bra warriors’. They will still bombard the app with their votes anyway. Just my one cent.

    • Please share the details on the process of voting during the era of Carnival Queens in the country.

      Is it like cut out the pageant ads from the newspaper, then write the name of your choice of beauty aspirant, and what’s next? Send by mail or put them in the drop boxes placed in different parts of Manila?

      I have a copy of Doris Nuyda’s beauty pageant book but she did not explain in details the voting process. Thanks a LOT.

      • “Newspapers had a heyday selling their papers as ballot coupons were avidly sought, filled up, cut and cast. It was said that news boys no longer cry out “El Renacimiento, Castila at tagalog, walong cualta!”. Instead, they now cry out, “El Renacimiento, mayroong coupon!”.

        “In the first years of the search for a Queen, the selection was done through public balloting. One had to subscribe to newspapers ( La Opinion, Cablenews, Bulletin, El Renacimiento, El Tiempo, La Vanguardia), put the name of the candidate of his choice on the coupon, which was then dropped in dropboxes at designated outlets. In the first carnival, ballot boxes were placed at Clarke’s, Libreria Colon and Olsen’s Cigar Store at Escolta, at the Agencia Editorial on Carriedo and McCullough’s on Plaza Goiti. The candidate who amassed the number of votes was proclaimed the Queen of the Carnival. This selection system—of buying votes—obviously favored the more affluent contestants.”


  25. Because “More questions and criticisms have been raised”… May bagong strategy na ang MUPO: to prove a point that the three are deserving to enter the top 30 on their own merits, ibibigay na sa iba yung top 3 vote getters.

  26. Because “More questions and criticisms have been raised”… May bagong strategy na ang MUPO: to prove a point that the three are deserving to enter the top 30 on their own merits, ibibigay na sa iba yung top 3 vote getters.

  27. Kakakarmahin yang sila Jonas Gaffud sa kaswapangan. Sobrang naging cheap ang MUPh
    org. Yuckkk!!!

  28. Edi ayan, nararamdaman nyo rin ang nararamdaman ng mga international fans sa Miss Universe kapag may voting kineme sila 😂 If I were you I wont be bothered about these fanvotes paandar simply because this is just for clout. Ang dami na sana nating MU crown kung sa fanvote lang nakadepend ang lahat 😂

    At saka I really find it hypocrite na kapag fanvote for Miss Universe, tuwang-tuwa kayo pero fanvote sa pageant natin galit na galit kayo 😂

  29. Mga Bakla! Huwag niyo na problemahin kung sino yung +3 na makakasama!

    Ang objective is makapag-send ng delegate na prepared na for the competition!

    Don’t be distracted by background noise!

    Jonas has the prerogative to run his business as deemed appropriate to survive! It doesn’t matter whether some of the delegates will be used for as long as in the end he will produce quality result/delegate! What is important is he learns from the previous pitfall or shortfall he encountered during the selection! Give him the chance to redeem himself! He is making progress!

    • We are guiding him with our criticisms. I have to agree with seeing some progress. We just need to air our grievances. It’s the Philippine sash we’re talking about, whoever they choose will represent us, and we need to pick someone who can represent us well. Excuse our init ng ulo, we want what’s best for the Philippine sash just as much as Jonas.

  30. They need money. After all they are not the Aranetas an old money Mestizo family. Kung totoo ha na si Jonas talaga may ari. Si Shamcey di rin masyado mayaman pa.

  31. So alam na kung sino yung 3 na pasok not because they are the most gorgeous, intellectual, body to die for, best advocacy, impressive educational background, etc…MOST POPULAR. That simple..abangan n lng natin post kung sino may pinaka madami boto ng fans sa finals.

  32. Since the very beginning when there was a Top 100, I always thought that there were really only just 10 contenders in the bunch. Kisses and Ayn are not part of my Top 10; I consider these two to be “fillers”. Their continued survival after each cut does not bother me too much because, so far, the only spots they’ve been occupying are spots that would’ve been taken by other fillers anyway. My Top 10 have been making it to the next round. Even if Kisses and Ayn make it to the final telecast, they won’t win — especially with Katrina, MauMau, Steffi, Leren and even V3 (who I’m starting to like) competing.

    • @ Lily ‘Yan’g VVV na ‘yan, kung papalarin, puwede’ng-puwede.

      1) Essentially a foreigner, setting base in the country only quite recently, more or less neutral pa ‘yan. Ergo, she can unify. Besides, sira ka kung i-ba-bash mo, gayo’ng pagkabait-bait. 🙂
      2) It will give her camp a taste of MU, at nang mapatunayan nila’ng their “we-cater-only-to-MU” business model is truly noteworthy.
      3) VVV right now at least for me gives an Ayu Maulida x Maria Poonlertlarp vibe. If she at least matches Amanda Obdam’s finish, then Philippines under ‘this MUO’ is ON TRACK.

  33. I have no problem with this provided ” 1 person is to 1 vote ” is applied. This way, the 3 most popular and not the 3 richest candidates, will advance in the competetion. MU has been doing this for several years now.

    • Tama. So, inclusivity at its finest! Kahit ano shape, itsura o minion or android ka pa, basta may pera at may pera ka pwede ipamudmod…pasok ka sa Top 30! That simple…

    • @ Fabian Reyes I think it’s quite obvious who owns.

      Ilatag ko na nga ang SAPANTAHA ko…

      Recall noon, nu’ng nag-statement pa ‘ata ang Gruppo Singson na ‘we support Stella (BPCI)’? This was in the thick of the 2016 Manila hosting~Cat’s win in 2018… 🙂

      One of us said that around midway (2017), was about the time na MUO was attempting to get a better rate from BPCI. The latter didn’t budge, apparently. So, they ‘offered it to Jonas’ (I saw somewhere the quote, “it was offered to us/me”, referring to Jonas).

      Gov. Singson was probably not warm to the idea of working with any other group. So, ‘eto na!

      (Imo, his Honor remains loyal to the first franchisee. If you watched one of the pre-11th July episodes of a pageant vlogger you would know for sure, sinabi niya ‘yung isa’ng kandidata ‘malakas ang kapit’. While she didn’t crown, neither did she leave the SMART Dome empty-handed. You know who she is? Clue : she is one of the Luzon candidates. And I use ‘her product’.)

  34. The pageant org must know something we don’t. Perhaps it is not our era (i.e. it may be the Latin American countries’ decade) to be placed within the winning circle or to be crowned a winner 🤷🏼‍♀️ I don’t know. Picking up from Norman’s explanation, the business aspect of pageantry during Covid times might have taken precedence. Each pageant org is protecting its financial base during these uncertain times – including MUO. Would fielding a “sure” Miss Universe PH bet with a face, physique, advocacy, intellect, warmth and grace have us ensured for a December win, given that the ball is in the court of another set of countries? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe, or maybe not. Still, I’m just speculating 🤔 The uncertainty of the times have significantly affected many business decisions for the last 2 or more years.

    It won’t hurt to field our strongest, most captivating, most intellectually charming ladies as adjudged by leading pageant experts, and still make it a win-win business model for the MUP organization. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  35. Well, calm down. Norman already admitted that it is for money why MUP is doing this ka-cheapan.

    I just hope that these two most popular albeit underserving girls will not be the chosen MUP rep. If that is the case, then suddenly I feel, kawawa naman sila. Ginamit lang sila para pag ka kitaan.

    MUP is in a bind. Sabi ng ni Ate Vi “damaged you do, and damaged you don’t. If anyone of the two wins, there goes the credibility of MUP (and there goes the powerhouse reputation of the Philippines). On the other hand, they can not be eliminated this early – – mawawala ang geese that have been laying the golden eggs.

    If my analysis is right, then the win-win scenarios is that they will make Maureen win. She is both deserving and money – making for them.

    For me, anyone among Maureen, Steffi, Katrina and Leren would be a credible choice.

    World Peace.

  36. Then sa FINALS… boto naman ng ISA para pasok sa TOP 15! aray ko po! what is happening?!

    Feeling ko gusto naman talaga nilang ipasok ung tatlo n laging mataas sa boto eh, ndi lang nila majustify kaya idadaan n lang sa VOTING! at least ndi sila ang direktang masisisi!

    Iritang-irita tau n pinagkakakitaan ng mga international pageants ung mga Asian countries pero… kau n magtuloy.

    Basta ipromise nyu lang sa amin MUPh n ndi n kau magpapadala ng hinog sa pilit na kandidata at ititigil nyu ung mga press release n mga pasabog n outfit kuno… papatawarin ko n itong mga VOTING paandar nyu n ito!

    • Or…sa top 30…vote vote para sino papasok s top 20…pag top 20 na, same…vote vote….para s top 10…pag top 10 na…same…wag n mag pageant, sayang gagastusin sa production and all. Pataasan na lng ng pera…este boto. Tas yun na ang magiging BEST REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PHILIPPINES for MU 2021. 😅🤣😂 Tas palitan na din nga ang title…Miss Universe Philippines Popularity Contest!

  37. “It is almost a given that Kisses, Maureen and Ayn would make the cut”…. so what is the voting for? Pera pera pera

    • Pageants do not just happen for free. There are expenses involved in staging one. There is a business aspect to running pageants and the benefits a pageant brings are tremendous. If only the organization had an endless source of finances, that would be amazing. But the reality of many companies now is that there isn’t.

      • I understand….So admitted pinagkaka Perahan pala sila kisses, Maureen at Ayn? Heard from the parlor somewhere : ” Pag hindi nanalo anyone of these three who have topped almost all voting, mag people power daw ang rabid fans para ibalik pera nila”?

      • I understand clearly… and Obviously the MUPO and judges daw? can not just let any of these three go because of the financial benefits they bring (Palabigasan kung baga)

      • what is so special about Ayn that she is always popular ? … I do not have her in my top 20

      • Kaya nga dapat tito norms dapat business empire may ari ng pageants not individual people lang ang franchisee. Miss France for a very long time is backed by TF1 a french tv channel and Miss South Africa by Sun International. That’s two of the most successful national pageants. Also like BbP who have the Araneta Group of Companies. Hindi magtatagal ang pageants kung walang mayamang backer.

      • @ Norman Gud evening, po.

        Kayo? Kung ngayon, sino’ng tatlo ang i-sa-‘salve’ niyo?

        No need to justify. Just share with us who they are. Tia! 🙂

      • (Cont.) Gud Tue AM.

        I would…

        1) Pamela Framil
        2) Simone Bornilla, and
        3) Afiah Yeboah, the Fil-Ghanaian engineer working for that wind farm company


      • (Cont.1)

        Sir Blog, has this new ‘vote component’ ACTUALLY begun? If so, when did it start?

        Kasi, sabi niyo lang (dito sa post), ‘was added’. BUT, you gave no duration/end date for it…

        Or, is MUPO still deciding whether or not to push through? Kasi, I get the impression, marami’ng ‘di pabor such that no votes are coming in (because fans ‘have raised questions & criticism’…). In the meantime, have the online individual interviews begun? MUPO lang ba mag-i-interview? Or, may external/third parties invited? Like yourself, maybe…?… Like you did at MWP earlier…?…

  38. I absolutely hate this. Yes you can argue all you want that only 3 girls will be assured of getting in the top 30 and 27 spots are still up for grabs.

    But that still means 3 other girls who are MORE THEN DESERVING but don’t have a rabid fanbase will get turned down. Even if they perform enough for a top 30 finish, they will still be cut because 3 slots are already reserved for the usual girls.

    Anong laban ng mga simpleng commoners sa voting machineries nila Kisses at Ayn?

    • @ REGINA Alam ko na ‘remedyo’ than, mare.

      Statistics. ‘Ika nga, ‘eliminate the outliers’ sa Poll. The three highest (presumably Kirsten, Rousanne, and Maureen) and the three lowest in terms of pulling in numbers, sino pa man sila.

      MAG-SHOWDOWN SILA, SUDDEN DEATH. A special sub-episode of the MUP App show! 🙂

      • @ Cool Brew Patay tayo diyan. ‘Di nakalusot kay Admin ‘yun’g paandar ko kanina du’n sa S6E2.


        Since anim sila, Team ‘high’ versus Team ‘low’, some sort of team challenge. From the losing team, fans will vote for one (1) to save. And from the winning team, fans will vote for two (2) to save. Judges will SCORE via a previously agreed-upon and publicly-announced scoring protocol, and more importantly THE CHALLENGE WILL BE STEAMED LIVE WITH THE INDIVIDUAL SCORES SHOWN ONSCREEN BESIDE THEIR RESPECTIVE JUDGE, just like MU old times…

        Those will be the ‘three to save for the thirty’. AND THE LAST ROUND OF POLLING FOR MUP’21!

      • Streamed.

        Mahirap mag-steam ng tao’ng buhay. Parang sauna… Now, THAT would be kinky; ‘dami noon’g ‘steam bath’ not far from where I grew up. 😦

    • Fair enough. Miss Universe PH is a business. Even Miss Universe itself uses PH for viewership. Admit it or not, yan ang isa sa reasons sa ating 11-year streak sa MU. 27 slots na pag-aagawan is madami pa din naman, and if hindi deserving yung tatlo, di naman din sila mananalo in the end hehe

      • @jash28 “if hindi deserving yung tatlo, di naman din sila mananalo in the end”

        We don’t know that.

        Also, Kisses and Ayn not winning would mean legions of rabid fans hating on the eventual winner of MUPh. Baby Bra Warriors and PaWoke fans do not play nice. See all the mudslinging they’re currently doing to Steffi?

        Rabiya had a nervous breakdown in the middle of MU due to all the bashing (from Gumabao/Lemonon/Malinao/Ysmael fans and just a lot of displeased Filipino pageant fans mostly, wala pa yung Indonesian bashers.) We need to send someone with nerves of steel to MU who can handle haters from Kisses and Ayn’s followers.

        We can send Maureen who can unite Kisses & Ayn’s disgruntled sheep to rally behind her.

        Or we can send someone who can rise above the pettiness of fans – perhaps a shatterproof pageant veteran OR someone wise, secure, grounded with a peaceful life outside of pageantry. We can’t send someone young, raw, and impressionable. We need to send a woman with a mind of her own.

      • @paui reminds me of BTS not winning Grammys. I think MUP will not risk its credibility by crowning a non-deserving winner. Not in broad daylight. My gut says fight would be fair and square. May set of judges naman sa final night. Bahala sila kung magcacrown sila ng undeserving, pero I don’t think Shamcey or Sir J would allow them to win if undeserving sila sa dulo 🙂

      • Haha, Miss Universe lang din naman kasi ginagaya nyang MUPH 😂 Kumbaga yang mga fans ni Kisses, Ayn at Maureen (who I think is deserving naman in her own merits) are the PH, TH and ID of MUP 😂 Ganyan lang analogy nyan

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