15 comments on “In summary: The 2021 Supranational “Festival of Beauty”

  1. John A. gives me strong Palibhasa Lataki vibes. Dalawa na lang ang kulang

  2. For the woman category, I’m sure maraming magsusulputan diyan na fierce and bubbly! Any of the two choices of ALV during the appointment of Dindi can be the next Philippine bet for the competition. I have to drop Ruffa Nava from the choice because I don’t see any improvement in her!

    For the male category, it’s like we are scraping the bottom of the barrel! Bihira ka makahanap ng 6-footer na buff or lean guy who has the X-factor! John has the potential! Parang ang nangyari sa kanya is tanggap na niya na ibang path yung tatahakin niya and move on beyond pageantry then suddenly biglang nagkaron ng offer sa kanya in pageantry again kaya kumbaga nag-short circuit yung plan niya kaya hindi masiado naging prepared kaya medio nangapa sa dilim and since nandun na siya, might as well enjoy it! For now, wala ko maisip but Kirk Bondad or Josh Cordovez as the next rep!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson I (also) want/like Ruru Madrid. Matangkad. At nag-gy-gym nito’ng huli.

      (Kaya lang, dahil ay ‘dili Catholic’ baka may ‘prohibitions’. ‘Yun lang.)

  3. there is a Mr. World, Mr. International , Mr. Supranational, Mr. Global , and somewhere out there , there is a Mr. Universe …. maybe pretty soon we will see a Mr. Earth

  4. Tapos na po ang patimpalak at tanggapin natin ang naging desisyon ng mga hurado.Huwag na tayong mag-isip kung saan nagkulang ang mga kinatawan ng Pilipinas. Marahil hindi sadyang tinakda na manalo ang Pilipinas. Kahit sino ang ipidala nila matangkad man o kulang sa katangkaran kung wala ang suwerte wala tayong magagawa. Ganyan talaga ang buhay sa patimpalak. Hanggang sa susunod na patimpalak muli.

    • Sang-ayon ako dun, kung hindi sa mga kinatawan natin ang swerte, wala tayong magagawa. hindi naman uuwing talunan si Dindi at John, pareho namang pumasok sa semipaynal… Bawi na lang sa mga susunod na taon..

  5. Peru is in a roll lately. This year’s Mr. Supra is a good follow up to their 2019 Mister Supra delegate who eventually wound up 2nd RU to the United States along with Janick who emerged 3rd RU.

    Janick’s 2nd RU placement at the 69th MU is their 2nd placement in the Top Five after the victory of Gladys Zender in 1957. Peru has had four placements in Miss U since 2012 but my fave Miss Peru would have to be Deborah Sulco whose near slip during the top ten swimsuit competition in Miss U 2005 cost her a top five placement.

  6. Lesson for pageant handlers / decision makers … if you see that the competition is a very very strong competition with very many strong contenders , you should be able to act accordingly and be flexible … your original gown selection for Finals may have been a good idea when you were making preparations before the actual pageant but you should always have a Plan B.

    Dindi did her part … she worked very hard in being a decent pageant contestant that made her one of the possible winners, the team behind her should have also done their 100% effort in helping her win…

  7. “branding-friendly and well-prepared”

    Spot on.

    Let’s send what the orgs want. Enough of sentimental decisions, poverty porn and underdog stories.

    • @ paui …Poverty (p)orn and ‘underdog’ sounds too kinky. 🙂

      ‘Branding-friendly’ connotes 1) our Miss was sub-par in the SupraChat on top of dress issues owing to the short prep time, and 2) our Mister should have been sent to charm/’obedience’ school (Dale Carnegie, John Robert Powers, etc.) crash course on ‘how-not-to-behave-like-Spring-Break-on-steroids’.


      But really, both Dindi and John are effectively ‘sunset’ in their pageant careers. I’m happy they got the chance to just be themselves and make the most of and so fully enjoy the moment/opportunity. Para sa akin lang, hayaan na natin anuman at sinuman sila. The guy said so. ‘My hands and feet speak of my untarnished legacy’.

      Dindi, we loved from her earlier pageant campaigns. If sentiment drove her organization sisters to vote for her, is that her fault*?

      We either send reps we love from the start, or not at all.

      * – Yaman rin lang at nabanggit na rin ni Mr. Tinio, I’m all for sending Megan Deen Campbell from the remaining three who were presented for selection. Kung fez lang, she serves! Paton, nope. I have really serious doubts as to the former Miss Teen International’s interview prowess.

      And at least from the ones that showed up at the live MrWP Screening, I wouldn’t send that tall and beefy CTS alum that, persona-wise, IS ‘Spring-Break-On-Steroids’!

      • You know, honestly, I’m ok with Dindi being the rep considering the lack of better choices in MWP. I knew she wasn’t gonna win. I was hoping she would, prior to seeing the rest of the contestants, but yeah, she just wasn’t the Supra type.

        She was chosen because of her experience and skills. Not necessarily due to “sentimental choices, poverty porn, and underdog stories.”

        When I said sentimental choices, I meant these other girls from other pageants whose only claim to their spot is their sad stories of impossible dreams. Dindi, though not the Supra type, is still a pageant queen type. Wish we sent an Anntonia Porsild, but we didn’t have one so Dindi was an ok choice.

    • @Paui, I’ve had enough of these platform & popularity polls to factor in the winners.

      At least, the Supra tilts have been consistent with their pegs and prototypes.

      Our RP org should give them what they want with lots of prep time, flexibility and winnability

      • If Dindi had worn the red gown in the Miss Elegance contest and had her hair up, then I am almost pretty sure she would have been in the top 5 …

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