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  1. The way i see it with how Supra is choosing for their new queen,i believe that
    Gazini Ganados is a perfect fit. A standout beauty, with so much charisma and appeal.
    She can communicate as well( though not as superb as Cat/Pia/Samantha).
    I hope she still has that hunger to win an international crown. Anyway, Supra is still a
    Major Intl pageant.

  2. i also think its the gown that cost her chance because all winner of miss elegance (same gown) was in the top 5 except her with that plain gown in the final.๐Ÿ™ DR (5th) nd PR (2nd) ๐Ÿบ

  3. Imagine, nakaabot na ng 100 comments. Ang pangit kasi ng gown ni Dindi Pajares sa Miss Supra.

    • Actually maganda ang fabric..pero kulang talaga sa embellishment, and not exquisite looking. It really cost her not to be in top 5. If Miss Indonesia’s gown was so beautiful and yet she didnt make it, much more Dindi.

  4. The last several months have really tested the patience of Arnold LV ๐Ÿคญwhat with 8 pageant titles to manage and a slew of pandemic-related problems. Let’s hope๐Ÿคž๐Ÿผ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿคž๐ŸฟJohn will be (one of) his lucky hand.

    • Talo rin. The face and built of John Adajar is so common in the Philippines. Marami siyang kamukhang habal-habal drivers dito sa Mindanao.

  5. So the face of MS’ newly-launched brand “Aspirational. Inspirational” is a white African from Namibia. In an obvious pivot to Africa, it is interesting to see how its branding will play out in Black Africa who are hungry for inspirational and aspirational beauty stereotypes. I wish Miss Namibia success in the big task ahead!

    • Agree. With the riot last month in South Africa, how will MS react to it and ensure that any opportunity is granted to anyone regardless of color?

  6. I can easily foresee EMMA TIGLAO in the mold of a MISS SUPRANATIONAL or a Miss UNIVERSE…..@emmatiglao….igalaw mo na ang baso next year

  7. OK naman sa akin si Dindi and kahit p ung gown… parang kahit ano naman isuot nya eh un p rin ang placement nya. parang decided naman n ung ORG mismo sa mananalo.

    ang ndi ko lang gusto last night… lahat ng mga HOSTS! malala p sa mga hosts ng Miss Earth nung ganapin sa Vietnam tsaka ung mga Miss International n ginaganap sa China… sakit sa tenga. isama n rin ung mga performers… basta! LOL!

  8. Agreed with the comments below that it should have been Dindi instead of SA/Venezuela. For me, Dindi’s presence especially in swimsuit round is strong and commanding. I thought top 5 would be PH, Belgium, DR, PR and Namibia.

    • Ang problema nga simple, boring at ordinary ang gown ni Dindi as compared to South Africa at Venezuela. If only she had a stunning gown pasok talaga siya sa Top 5.

  9. Dindi didn’t lose in the competition! She was just outrank by the four runners up! Namibia deserve the crown!

    As I have commented here, Miss Namibia was a major major threat! I only watch 2 segment: The Swimsuit and the Top Model! After watching it, as I have commented here, she is the embodiment of what the org is looking for kahit balikan niyo pa comment ko! Matangkad at rampadora!

    Dindi did well, eto na lang analogy na isipin niyo,

    ** She only has 10 days to prepare yet she was able to perform better than Joanna Eden! Dindi was Top 15 in 2016 Binibini but BPCI favored Joanna instead of her!

    ** Ang shupit nga halos dalawang taon na nagpe-prepare hindi rin naka-Top 5!

    ** Kung facial beauty rin naman ang labanan, eh bakit wala sa Top 5 si Miss Belgium?

    ** Dindi is “dalagang Filipina” kaya mahinhin! She has what it takes to be the winner but Miss Namibia came strong! Subukan niyo ilaban sa Miss International yang si Miss Namibia, hindi siya mananalo! Different pageants, different standards!

    Kaya move on mga baklesh! Hindi pa rin putol ang streak natin sa Miss Supranational!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson I think Chanique could possibly make a good impression, too, at MI. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I think it was Lavinia who said, ‘madali i-tone down or pull back ‘yun’g eksenadora (similar). Pero ‘yun’g mahinhin-ish, to expect ask her to fierce up, mahirap’. And Hannah herself admitted as much in her CNN Philippines interview.

      The MIO might like her efforts/initiatives back home to help children.

      I have this sense that, because of the pandemic, MI might look for a slightly different ‘flavor’ now.

      In any case, three down (MU, MGI, & MS). Three (MW, ME, & MI) to go. We’ve placements… G!

  10. Sa evening gown round ba, yung gown ba ang minamarkahan talaga or how the candidate elegantly carries it on stage? Dami kasing pintas kay Ms. PH kasi di nanalo. But what if nanalo sya, would the comments be the same? Just asking po.

  11. If ‘paandar’ was key for Chanique (@ Closer2Fame), then that’s it. Nothing else. Congratulations!

    I also think the Finale dress was not stunning. But, I do not think it was the culprit.

    Neither was her walk. ‘Di naman kailangan’g baklain. A clean-fluid pasarela is appreciated always.

    It may simply be that the judges didn’t find her beauty good enough against ‘other options’. That being said, I commend Dindi for staying ‘au naturel’. Had she, for example, attempted a super-high bun like what Swelia (at the Sash Rite) or Atty. Patch did (at MI), I certainly wouldn’t be too excited… THAT would be contrived, and for sure something Europeans don’t gravitate towards.

    (I also believe her SupraChat, not as compelling as, for example, Thato’s, already sealed her fate. Boss Andre and Queen Ann were in the Panel; they would have taken a mental note. Moral of the story : Boss ALV and MamaRu MUST CONDUCT EXTENSIVE Q&A & INTERVIEW DRILLS.)

      • @ paul Good morning.

        Ja, you’re right. She should EASILY DEVOUR the SupraChat. ๐Ÿ™‚

        In any case, it’s up to her, what she wants ‘to do with 2022’.

        May bago’ng post na. Punta ka na du’n and give your thoughts on the first MUP2021 PN’s episode.

  12. Daming balimbing spotted dito ๐Ÿ˜‚ Nung nakaraan lang todo puri sa performance ni Dindi, ngayong di lang kayo nabigyan ng korona, todo kutya kayo. Masyado na kayong patay gutom sa korona ๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. Deserving ang placement ng winner at runners up. it’s the will of God.

    Sa tagal ng Ms World, once palang nanalo ang pinas itong supra,mga 10 years or so palang existence. Dami nang kuda ng mga Ka berks natin.

  14. Kung yung blue sinuot niyang final gown, baka umubra pa. Kung di ka extra beautiful facially, daanin mo sa wow factor yung isusuot mo para di malunod. Underwhelming ang performance ni Dindi. Even her pasarela is not that eye-catching. Ok na ang top 12. Deserved na niya yun. Top 5, tama lang. SA has wow factor. Venezuela beautiful gown. DR, x factor.

  15. Dahil MARAMING GALIT sa gown na pinasuot kay Dindi, siguro mas mainam na itapon na ang nasabing gown either sa North Atlantic or Pacific Ocean PARA WALA ng IBA PANG BEAUTY ASPIRANT ang MAKAPAGSUOT nito. Ano tingin mo Flor?

    • Until now hindi pa rin pala totoo ang it’s not the gown it’s the girl. Kasi sa iyo obviously it’s the gown that matters. Akala ko naman beauty pageant toh, yun pala gown designing contest. Hahahahaha! #gownovergirl

  16. Ayaw daw kay Mark Bumgarmer. Pero bet na bet ang pink big bow dress ni Kylie sa MI2016. Ang Hahahahaha! #nganga

  17. Deserving ang placement ng winner and ni Dindi, it’s just meant to be, the will of God.

    Once palang nanalo ng miss world ang pinas, itong supra,mga 10 years palang existence. Dami nang kuda ng mga Ka berks natin.

  18. If Alaiza Malinao didn’t have any “issues”… she could have easily won this with a landslide…

    • Ano po issue kay Alaiza? I have only heard good things about her. (I’m quite a new pageant fan, I’m not familiar po)

      • @ Alex2 May attitude daw, po.

        Narinig ko rin lang din. I have no direct~concrete evidence.

        (Puwede pa kasi si Alaiza. I think she’s just 26 going 27. She said na last na niya ang MUP 2020. Pero, dahil nga pasok pa naman age-wise, may mga hoping she has a change of heart.)

      • Oh, thank you Ms (or Mr) Flor Tula! I hope she reconsiders. And if indeed may “attitude” siya, sana magbago siya. For me po kasi, sila Alaiza, Rabiya at Bella ang mahihigpit na magkakalaban noong MUP2020. I really like her Filipiniana-evening gown because the immaculate white stands out against all the other gowns which are shiny/beaded.

      • Dong manood ka ng episodes ng Asia’s Next Top Model edition na sinalihan ni Alaiza para malaman mo ang kanyang personality and attitude. Kilala na siya sa modelling industry and pageant world na hindi kagandahan ang pag-uugali.

        Pageant organizations don’t like the bitchy type like Alaiza.

  19. Balik issue na naman sa gown ng 90s era? Nebeyen. Sa dinami dami ng designers. Ill fitting. Ano yan attend sa binyag or mag i sponsor? Nasaan ang shape. Sa totoo lang nagmu murmur siguro si Dindi nyan.

      • Because its Dindi’s choice to have Mark Bumgarmer as her partner for gowns. If you haven’t realized most of Dindi’s wardrobe for her MWP stint is from Mark. So enough questioning Dindi’s choice. If she finds Mark’s creation beautiful, comfy to wear and best represents her style; it’s her decision. Like with Cat and Mak it’s a mutual decision.

  20. Yan po ang napapala na ora orada. Kaya alam na natin ang mangyayari sa lahat ng ipapadala ni Arnold Vegrafria sa mga patimpalak. Gaya ng sabi ko isang daan na beses na orasyon, lumuhod na rin ako sa Quiapo, naubos na rin ang kandila sa tiangge sa katitirik ng kandila. Wala pa rin. Gawin ko nang maaga para may pag-asa sa mga ipapadala ni Arnold.

    • Angkol andyan ka na naman! Don’t compare the beauty queens to pageant commenters. They belong to different categories. Masyado sigurong MAINIT dyan sa Montana. He, he, he…

      • Lol
        Still fighting wildfires here .. though I think they are almost completely controlled after excessive rains in the last week
        I find Dindi gorgeous
        Just look at her video below
        Not that Iโ€™m against Namibia winning Supra as she is very deserving
        Itโ€™s just that Dindi could have easily replaced SA or Venezuela

    • Maganda si Dindi pero hindi stand out ang kagandahan niya. May pagka duling minsan at haba ng mukha. Dapat strategic ang buhok niya to shorten the long face structure. Hindi kailangan icompare sa mga pageant observers kaya nga wala ka, ako at tayo doon sa pageant eh. Dapat ubod ng ganda ang ipadala hindi 50-50 lang.

  21. Dindi should have been in place of either SA or Venezuela
    India too is very pretty and should have been in the top 5

    • Korek ka rito Kol. Problem is ang pangit ng gown ni Dindi. Sa gown lang nakalamang si South Africa dahil hindi naman din siya kagandahan. So ang pagalitan mo ay sina – ALV, Arnold Mercado at ang kanyang A&Q Team. Pwede mo na ring si isama si Mark Bumgarner dahil sa kanya (DAW) nanggaling ang gown. Oki Kol?

  22. Wagi yung mga commenter dito. Before the finals puro magaling si Dindi at kasama pa sa top 5. Ngayon top 12 lang naabot ni Dindi puro bash kesyo bakit sya ang pinadala ang pangit ng mga damit. Sample si Paul, sa prediction nya top 5 si Dindi. Pero ngayong tapos na, ang pangit daw ng mga damit. Yung totoo? Bandwagon ka? kung saan ang nakakarami dun ka para in ka?

    • Hoy Bonus akala ko kasi maganda ang gown niya. Pangit pala. Sa gown lang nakalamang si South Africa. Pasok talaga siya sa top 5 kung nagkataon maganda gown niya. Ano ka ba!?

      • Regardless kung ano ang suot ni Dibdi if you support her, support her period till the end whatever the result maybe. Remember she only has 10 days to prepare. 9n that period it will be hard to come up with a fabulous wardrobe. Syempre ang pwede ma provide sa kanya yung mga damit na yarn at sakto ang fit sa kanya. Kung may alteration man dapar minimal lang para makapasok sa 10 days. Also, kubg yun man ang nausot ni Dindi, syempre kasama sya sa pool of people na nagkasundo na yun ang best outfit for her. Kaya if you support Dindi support her all the way. Hindi pwede on days lang na maganda ang damit nya o ayos nya.

    • ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ…very true! Mga bayot tlga walang satisfactions!

  23. Binibini should at least try to come up with its own original crown designs. Miss Supranational’s crowns are genuinely beautiful.

  24. isa si Dindi sa mga beauty queen na feeling entitled, yung feeling nya dahil nka 2 sali na sy sa Bb Pilipinas eh deserving na sya manalo.

    Hinde sy kagandahan sa totoo lang. Di ko rin maintindihan kung bakit overhyped sya.

    I knew she will
    not win

      • sa totoo lang, kung natuloy ang pageant at hinde sya appointed lang, di rin sya mananalo sa national pageant pa lang

    • Napakahumble nga ni Dindi and grateful for the opportunity given to her to compete in Supra. She also worked hard and accepted tje challenhe with a very limited time to prepare.

  25. At yung gown ni dindi parang aatend sa binyagan at ang kulay parang gown sa Miss Barangay. Walang dating, di striking. Minsan kasalanan din ng team natin kundi makapasok kahit sa tough 5 man lang.

    • Korek. Dindi is a bit prettier than Miss South Africa but the latter has a FAR better gown. Maganda talaga ang gown ni South Africa at bagay sa kanya.

  26. so, what is the next worldwide pageant ? …

    Let us just move on , BUT I am getting tired of having my hopes up and then, disappointment at the end because of the wrong choice of gown, or our delegate losing focus & having nervous breakdown

  27. Hawig ni Dindi si Giselle Sanchez!

    Sa susunod pafsla dapat yung maganda talaga ang fez, yung as in maganda

    • Napakahumble nga ni Dindi and grateful for the opportunity given to her to compete in Supra. She also worked hard and accepted tje challenhe with a very limited time to prepare.

    • hahahahah i was thinking of that too.. pero ang naalala kong name ni Giselle is yung Nadine sa primetime tv show dati naka team niya si Anjo Yllana ba yun.

  28. nagulat talaga ako bakit si dindi pinadala eh di naman talaga sya kagandahan. may pagka duling minsan. pero marami nagchichi cheer so quiet lang ako. Pero bakit di si Kathleen Paton ang pinadala? Sguro ba dahil meron na talagang napili ang supra org at baka masayang lang si Kath doon?

  29. Dindi carried herself with confidence and grace. The evening gown was the defining factor why she didnt make it. Though she pulled it through. But hey, look at the gowns of other candidates. Their gowns were not made in a rush. They were beautifully conceptualized and embellished to make them stand out. When Dindi came out with that gown, i just said that it’s game over for her. Let’s face it, the gown itself can make a difference, much more if the one wearing it exudes elegance and regal beauty.
    But looking at Dindi, i know how happy she is and satisfied with her achievement.

      • Thanks Paul. I watched the EG portion over and over again. Dindi was so amazing, she was so carrying the gown with grace and elegance albeit its simplicity and looking like just ordinary. Was just wondering though why she didnt pick any of Mark’s finished beautiful creations. Im sure Mark has a lot!
        Hope next time, if time is of the essence, let us explore those finished creations by talented Pinoy designers and just make a minor adjustment..
        You can never have a masterpiece out of snap.

  30. So A&Q girls lang nakakapasok sa Top 10/12 (aside from Mutya na Independent) sa Miss Supranational. To be fair, hindi naman talaga pang Supra si Joanna Eden (na napakaboring parang walang energy. Napadaan ka lang girl?) at si Rae (weakness niya pasarela). Not a fan of Rogelie, pero siya yung KF girl na nagperform sa Supra at deserve makapasok sa Top 10.

    These past 3 editions nagfocus sila sa Beauty of the Face. Pero may editions na medyo mapapakamot ka ng ulo sa ganda ng winners (2 Indian winners na ang haggard tignan and Jenny Kim).

    • Fyi po. Wilda and miss supra INDONESIA 2018-2019 was trained by KF. Kung walang pandemic ngayon malamang sa alamang nagtratrain din sana dito si Jihane sa KF.

  31. Majority of the wardrobe pieces worn by Dindi Pajares are of SO, SO quality. From her departure outfit (PE uniform) to the cocktail dresses & gowns in the pre-finals to the evening gown for the finals night, NOTHING spectacular. They are simple, boring and ordinary. Only the National costume is exceptional. I hope ALV and Arnold Mercado learn from this experience.

    • Ang ganda ng gown ni South Africa. Ang hiniram at pinasuot kay Dindi ay isang pipitsuging gown. Is it from Mark Bumgarner? Hay na lang.

  32. Sana blue gown na lang yung ginamit ni Dindi. That final gown nalunod si Dindi ng iba mga candidates. But none the less, congratulations you did well. You were perfect last night execpt the gown.

  33. Congrats to Ms. Philippines making it into the top 12.
    Lumabas na naman sakit ng Pinay pageant girls na addicted sa ugly chunky platform shoes though ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  34. Instead of Venezuela, it should have been India in the Top 5.

    Emma Tiglao for Miss Supranational 2022!

      • But South Africa has a FAR better gown than Philippines. Dito lang nakalamang si SA kay Dindi.

      • @paul Tagal-tagal mo na dito, gown pa rin basehan mo hindi performance? Tignan mo nga fit ng gown ni Namibia kung maganda, bakit nakapasok at nanalo? Nagandahan ka sa gown ni South Africa? Ilang beses na yun nagamit. Di nga siya makaexecute nang maayos.

  35. Di hamak na mas maganda ang gown ni South Africa at bagay sa kanya. Sino ba naman ang pumili ng gown ni Dindi? Is Mark Bumgarner the designer of the gown? So simple, boring and ordinary looking.

    Miss Venezuela also did not deserve to in the Top 5. It should have been Miss India.

    Three Latinas and 2 Africans… not so good. India should be there.

  36. Wow ang gaganda naman ng mga commenters dito kung maka bash kay dindi wagas! pasalamat nga kayo naka top 12 pa tayo sadyang maraming magaganda this batch!

    • Ganyan talaga mga pinoy, pag hindi sila binigyan ng korona, grabe na makapintas sa candidate ๐Ÿ˜ Kung tutuusin ang ikli lang ng preparation nyan naka Top 12 pa

      • I agree. Gusto lahat ng crowns, except Miss Earth, Philippines makakuha. Ang gaganda ng top 5. Ang layo ni Dindi. She was the wrong choice kasi. Dapat si Tracy Maureen Perez pinadala. Dindi would’ve been good sa Miss Multinational o yong Miss Environment. Makaka place siya do’n o mananalo talaga.

    • Wrong! Do not compare the beauty aspirants to pageant commenters. They belong to different categories.

  37. Congratulations to the new set of winners of MS. Kudos to Dindi for making reaching the semifinal.

    • Yes she made us proud by reaching the top 12. Thank you Dindi and to your team for reaching this far. Hard work pays off big time.

      In spite of trying times from COVID 19 pandemic to toxic commentaries about short preparation and unsatisfied outfit fitting and what not, we should be proud of her and her team for scheduling of errands, wardrobe arrangements, logistics, and work hours spent and bringing all these to Poland.

  38. Dindi
    you did well
    Top 12

    cheap ang production ng Miss Supra

    panahon ni Mutya engrande!!

    Namibia deserves the crown

    wala din naman ganap ang winner so keri lang


    • @ kembular2020 You said a European would win, po. Not one European in the Top 5. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    • Agree!!! Pag announce pa lang na siya ang representative, I knew she won’t make it to the top 5.

  40. The winner is so supra.. the usual.
    Dindi is lucky enough to reach top 12
    Letโ€™s all be honest here. She is simply not that facially beautiful and she looks old.
    Anyway, reaching Supraโ€™s top 12 will be the culmination of her pageant career.. at least.

    • Kung sa Miss Multinational o Miss Environment, for sure top 5 o winner siya. The way she was selected was not good. Syempre other candidates would choose those they like as a person.

  41. Why Dindi DID NOT make it to the Top 5?

    1. bad choice of gown – so simple, boring and ordinary
    2. weak pasarela skills & stage projection
    3. not as bubbly as other semifinalists

    Congratulations to Miss Namibia! She deserves the title.

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