8 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2021: Casting Video Challenge Top 15

  1. Gud AM Sun, Uncle Tinio.

    Suggestion. Tell MUPO…

    … To reveal the 50-Cut in two (2) tranches.

    First 25 at 1200H today. And the second 25 at 0000H of Monday, 23-8. 🙂

  2. 4 out of 5 who will compose my 5 finalists made it. Aberrasturri, Bautista, Dimararanan, and Wobblewitz. Only Umali did not make it.

  3. papauto na naman dito sa MUPh
    hindi naman ganyan format ng MU

    kumuha na ng top 30
    malapit na MU sa Israel wala pang pambato
    dami pa arte

    Latinas ready na

    Mehiko ready na for back to back

  4. Perhaps this new Top 15 list is no longer based solely on fan votes? Nevertheless it’s great to see a set of Top 3 ladies who truly deserve their ranking. 😁👍🏽

  5. I don’t get it… I was expecting Jasmine to be in the Top3 and she’s not even in the Top15… I wonder why?!

    • @C2f

      Ditto.i was actually looking for her name after I went past the top three vote getters. Hope she makes it too…she’s one of my faves

  6. ‘Yay! Pasok naman si Hipolito. 🙂

    Now, we have Abalos and Hipolito next to each other. Guys, WHO IS MORE PINAY BEAUTY?

    Blogger Dude, do watch Souixse and the Banshee’s ‘Dazzle’. That’s VVV with a wig and EYE MAKE-UP EXTRAORDINAIRE. Ask her to sport the look for Episode 2 tomorrow, si’l vous plait.

    • Abalos and Hipolito are both indeed the new set of Super Stunners for Philippine Pageantry..fresh,fresh faces with still enough room to join for a good 2-3 years given their age.Both have strong well- defined Pinay features,dusky Morena skin and are both very conversant.One thing that is clearly evident though if both girls stand toe to toe is— Corrine is 5’5″ while Mirjan is 5’8″! MIRJ has a slight advantage on this.

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