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  1. dami nyo kuda
    hindi naman kayo judge or organizer

    enjoy the show

    may the best girl win for MS
    may the best paminta win for MrS

    • relate much? parang ikaw lang sa mga MUPH kuda mo na puro negative naman. hindi ka din naman judge lalong hindi din naman organizer. #walkthetalk

  2. I’m aligned with Norman’s top Mister Supranational choices after watching their videos, namely Spain (6’5”), Greece (6’2”), and Togo (6’4”). There are more facially arresting men on close-up shots (e.g., Czech, Peru and India) but in a rare case when the competition for male and female pageants are held on the same day, height is might in Mister Supra. This is not to say that height is be-all and end-all because the men have to perform well on finals to justify their placements.

    Unless they crown a relatively petite girl this year, it does appear awkward if the male winner happens to look just as tall or even shorter than his female counterpart who’ll sash/crown him (especially because the queens wear high heels that make the height comparisons even more glaring). More so if you noticed every year, the shorter-than-the-rest guys in the Top 5 were still a tad above the 6’ vicinity (Romania-2016, Brazil-2017, Thailand-2018, Poland-2019). In which case and unlike Mister World and Mister International who crowned 5’10”-5’11” winners (Nicklas of Denmark – 2014, Johit of India – 2016, Neil of Philippines – 2014), I have observed that anyone who falls short of the 6’ tape will have a steeper climb in Supra. But we’ll never know though, there’s always a first for everything.

    If the judges again go for the Nate Crnkovich-type clean-cut farm-boy look, then Carlos of Spain (Sports Teacher) fits the mold. In my view, however, his well-shaved “pretty” face (reminiscent of a young Colin Firth) and lean but muscled physique is what they usually look for in Manhunt International.

    If they go for the chill athletic-looking guy who looks better in fashionably trimmed facial hair, then having Spyros of Greece (kickboxer/actor-model) as winner is consistent with majority of its past winners (Mexico – 2016, Venezuela – 2017 and India – 2018).

    If they’re turning on a slightly different direction, then the unassuming sweet-faced boyish caramel Ken that’s Abdel of Togo (flight steward) could be it. In my view, he’s facially superior but less muscular than last year’s Supra first runner-up Italo Cerqueira from Brazil.

    As for Mister Venezuela, my take is that William (another flight attendant/model) is more suited for either Mister International or Mister Global as he’ll be a hit with Asian fans – personable yet fierce, well-defined chiseled physique, and looks hungry for the win. That doesn’t discount the fact that he also has a good chance of getting the 2nd Supra title for his country.

    With fewer contestants this year and in the context of the protracted pandemic wherein travels and personal appearances are restricted (like in the case of Nate), the MS organization may take a drastic course. They could throw the “physical molds” out and choose a guy who’s an engaging conversationalist, a charming online video magnet who can influence and attract herds of fans on socmed. If this happens, then the chosen Mister Supranational might take a bigger role than that of an “escort” to the female winner.

    That having said, I still wish Mister Philippines the best of luck. As for Miss Supra, I’ve shared what I needed to and have learned to admire Dindi’s tenacity and consistency throughout the competition. No matter what happens hours from now, she has already made the country proud.

    • @ Beth If William isn’t to the Supra Boss’ taste, he’s better off outside the Final 5 so as not to encumber him with any sort of contract with the organization. This way, he can easily cross over.

      He has already built quite a following in, as you said, the Far East. And to date, fans await both Mrs. Sim and Pradinunt as to the resumption of their ‘hostilities’. 🙂

      Ennio Fafeannie was supposed to cross over to Global. But due to unfortunate events,… 😦

      William can take that path Ennio missed!

      • @Flor, I’m not discounting William’s possible win. After all, he’s one of those I refer to as “charming influencers.” If physical activities and travels for the Supra winners will again be scarce, then the org may opt for a guy who can easily attract cross-border online fans and who can have more traction than the tight-lipped distant-looking GQ types. Supra is unlike Manhunt that looks for commercial male pin-up models and product endorsers.

        Any runner-up for Mister Supra does not seem to be tied up to the org during their year. Even the first runner up isn’t tied with the org. If for some reason the winner gets incapacitated, the runner up is simply offered the option to assume the responsibilities (right of first refusal, if you will). That hasn’t happened in Supra yet so we have no precedence there.

        In the case of Ennio of Netherlands who was 4th runner up in Supra 2018, as you mentioned, he will be representing said country again at Mister Global 2021 (if pushed through). That’s 4 years apart so there’s no complication there whatsoever. As we all know, cases of crossing over pageant systems proliferate in both male and female contests. Recent examples would be Jakub Kraus of Czech Republic, 4th runner up Mister International 2015 and Semi-finalist at Mister World 2019, and Dwayne Geldenhuis of South Africa, 2nd runner-up Mister International 2017 and 4th runner up Mister Global 2018. Francesco Piscitelli of Venezuela, first runner up to Trinh Bao of Vietnam at Mister International 2019 could have been this year’s Mister Supranational Venezuela if he beat out William (well, he settled for 2nd runner up at their national finals).

        Same case with the Miss counterparts. Supra is unlike Miss Earth’s elemental beauties and Miss World’s continental queens of beauty wherein they get to travel with or alternately for the winners, hence contractually restricted. In the case of Peru’s Janick who was 3rd runner up in Supra 2019, her presence at this year’s contest is not because she’s contractually obligated but by invitation and in my view, was driven largely because of the recent buzz she created at Miss Universe (not winning it was the best thing that happened to her as people remember her more than the other finalists).

        On the still seemingly unresolved contract disputes at Mister Global, there seems to be no news about that lately. For sure with what’s going on in Thailand nowadays, Kim Jong Woo of Korea might have to sit for a while longer before his successor is chosen.

  3. Nakakainlove si Mister Greece. Basta manalo or matalo ka i-follow ko IG mo. haha. I wish kung pwede ipadala sa next edition si Derrick Monasterio.

    Dindi and John will do great later. Congrats!!!

  4. All positive prayers for queen dindi. I always rooted for her to be a supra ph queen .if she will be hailed queen I will be one of her happiest best wisher

  5. I hope Dindi brings home the crown. But whatever placement is fine with me. At this point I want to congratulate her and her team for a job well done. I never felt that she she has less than 2 weeks to prepare. She performed well in the pre pageant activities and prelims. I hope she will continue to have the energy until the finals night. Good luck Dindi and God bless.

  6. MS is in the brand-building mode, having just launched its “Inspirational. Aspirational” tagline, and “From the Ground Up” advocacy initiative. I firmly believe, the winner would be the judges’ idea of the best face for its newly-minted brand. Would our best bet, Dindi and John, measure up to MS’ perceptual imagery? From branding imperatives criterion, I have a strong haunch that MS will pick out the reps from the world’s epicenter of pageantry– the Philippines!

    • @ scorg Juice me! The QUALITY of the SupraChat was S-U-P-E-R-B.

      Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica (though I think she withdrew), South Africa, and sa boys, si Malta. 🙂

      Supranational is no longer the big pageant ‘na wala’ng Q&A, therefore kahit wala’ng utak OK lang’.

      (As per above sentence, am NOT alluding to any past rep of ours. It’s just an observation, po.)

      • @Flor: your observation is correct. Just like any business entity, pageantry evolves with the market, or else it plunges to extinction. The consumers now demand the brand to represent their interests, to value the same things they value. The age group that is especially asociated with this seniment is the so-called “pivotals” (age 13- 34, or the tech-savvy millenials and Get Z). That’s why I look with keen interest how MS navigates its paradigm shift. This intial year under their new branding is crucial to the future image of the organisation.

  7. I really have high hopes with Dindi. Positive lng, support. You know she is giving her best and at the same time enjoying. Considering the few days preparation? You don’t see any pressure with her. Handang-handa cya. Walng mga “hintayin ang pasabog” o “mga pinaghandaan chu-chu at ang dami pa pictorial ek ek” o “mga daily outfit chuvaloo” tapos pag dating s finals, napagod…Good luck. What ever happens Dindi, you made us all proud!!

    • @ Sjeffie Cheon I did it again, po. 😦

      I read too fast.

      ‘Yun’g “… and dami’ng pa-pictorial ek-ek” niyo, po, ang basa ko ‘… ang dami’ng pa-pekpek’. My brain cancelled out the ‘ictorial’ part.

      Does it mean I’m a perv? Lolz.

  8. My top 5 for MsS: Panama, Philippines, Namibia, Puerto Rico, and Peru
    My top 5 for MrS: Spain, Philippines, Romania, Dominican Republic, and Czech Republic

  9. I like Mr. Spain. He’s my bet to win.
    He’s tall, handsome, and looks artistahin.
    He reminds me of a Hollywood actor.
    Best of luck to Mr. Philippines.

  10. Miss Supra: Belgium (W). Namibia, PH, Venezuela and Indonesia.
    Mister: Spain or Venezuela. PH for top 10.
    I dont have some much hopes for crowns.

  11. for me, Kris Tiffany Janson is the best Supra bet we never had. Sobrang fit sya sa Supra,
    sobrang mali ang placements talaga nung BB Pilipinas 2014, our bet for Supra that year was big mismatch to the pageant.
    It could have been a B2B win for the Philippines in MS in 2013-2014

    • @ Baby Nica OK na ‘yun’g 2nd RU to ‘First Wang’.

      Benjarat Arrawanichsil Aebi will quite probably end up not too differently from Yvethe Santiago. 🙂

  12. Basta Ako malakas ang tiwala ko Kay Dindi
    As for our boy , I really don’t have high hopes. For me Mr. Spain is the stand out
    Kim Chiu’s boyfriend would be a great candidate for MrSupra

  13. May hula (post) si Jonalyn Hernandez na European ang mananalo sa Miss Supra. Malamang si Belgium nga kasi favorite siya ng mga organizer for being a good girl aside from being pretty and sweet looking.

    Top 5: Belgium, Czech Republic, Namibia, Puerto Rico & the Philippines

    Top 10: Dominican Republic, Peru, India, Brazil or South Africa

  14. ‘Ay, ‘ay, ‘ay… Pag-ibig… (Ara Mina). 😦

    ‘Di ‘to uubra sa ‘kin. YIKES.

    Sa ladies, talaga’ng pinasok pa si Albania? But not Netherlands? And India, South Africa, and Indonesia ranked so low? Y?

    JIHANE IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN FITRIANA. If the latter could finish 2nd RU, ahead of Janick, why shouldn’t the former at least get a silver medal?

    OK na ‘ko na 3rd or 4th RU si Dindi. It will be only our second ‘RU’ finish since Elaine Kay Moll (2012?) and already an improvement on Huelar’s. More importantly, it will give Boss ALV ‘room to grow’ the SupraFilipinas brand. I’m convinced we can send better candidates; ngayon lang sa MUP, may options for cross over. But ja. If Jo-ann de la Torre Flores doesn’t at least ‘semi-finalize’, then we know MWPO REALLY wants ‘fraiche’. AT KUMUHA LANG NG FILLER. Hayst.

    Imo, Deise Benicio is expendable. I would Belgium (crown, gold), Indonesia (silver), Peru (bronze), Philippines (3rd RU), and… Venezuela (4th RU).


    I’m fine with the boys.

    • Okay Flor. Tomorrow titingnan natin kung sino ang may MAS maraming correct sa ating mga hula2x. He, he, he…

      Good morning frend.

  15. Being objective, I don’t think we’ll win in either pageant. At most, I hope for a runner-up placement for Dindi and a semis slot for John.

    Bold prediction for the winners – Belgium for Miss; Greece for Mister.

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