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  1. May napansin ako…

    Boss ALV has, so far and altogether, sent four (4) reps to Supra. Three guys and one gal.

    ANG PAGLABAS NG INTRO VID NILA (or in the case of our guy in 2018, his mug on the Page formally cementing his participation) AY A DAY OR TWO LANG BEFORE THE FINALE. Y, po?

    • Two possible reasons: 1) the uploads were done in alphabetical order based on country represented or 2) the videos were submitted late

  2. Instead of Venezuela, it should have been India in the Top 5.

    Emma Tiglao for Miss Supranational 2022!

    • Daming singing (mini concert) at talk show sa loob ng isang beauty contest. Sabi ni Rafa – dragging… dragging… dragging… he, he, he…

      • Kaloka ang 2 pageant side presenters. Meron pa silang talk show sa loob ng pageant. Hay na lang.

  3. Walang wala ang Supra sa mgi. Pre pageant activities to the coronation night. Anyway you can’t compare naman talaga a former communist Eastern European country to a upper middle class SEA country na mataas ang pageants sa kahimlayan. Yun lang.

  4. They could have at least made the non finalists exit from the stage before proceeding to the penultimate round.

    It’s difficult to mask your disappointment while the TV cameras are focused on you

  5. I am glad Namibia was chosen among the top 5, and I thought Dom Rep would do better

    Again, the choice of final gown did our Pinas delegate in , … the gown , I was underwhelmed

    Best luck tomorrow ,… who knows we might have our first Mr. Supranational !

    • Ahh … Dindi’s evening gown is eerily similar to what Laura Lehmann wore during her final walk as Miss World Philippines because both were made by Mark Bumgarner.

      It’s beautiful but wish the color and style were more vibrant to grab attention.

  6. Ang ganda ng national costume ni Dindi PERO ang kanyang final gown ay ORDINARYO LANG.

    BAKIT ALV, Arnold and A&Q Team?

    • Namibia deserves the title. But India should have been in the Top 5 instead of Venezuela.

    • Dindi, you are a winner! Making it to Top 12 is not an easy feat. You’re persistence is amazing. Well done on representing Philippines ♥️

      • Kinulang dahil sa pangit na gown. Sana nasa Top 5 si Dindi kung nagkataon… He, he, he…

    • Saan bang BAUL kinuha ang GOWN ni Dindi, Arnold? So simple and ORDINARY.

      Kape muna Flor! He, he, he…

      • @ paul Good day, friend.

        I… couldn’t sleep. But I also didn’t watch… Felt odd, like something was not right. 😦

        I was thinking, that if two people lived even just on opposite ends of town, with absolutely no means to get wind of each other they would never ever know how they were doing. BUT, bring one of them to the moon to live there, then at least once a month they would catch some sign of each other.

        I’m shocked. I wasn’t sold one bit on Chanique. So, it’s two Africans (and if I’m not mistaken, the first time both Namibia and South Africa are in the Final 5 in any international pageant) and three Latinas.

        Such a rare combo! It’s as if the two continents were suddenly reunited after their epochal split along the mid-Atlantic Ridge. Like a once-in-a-millennium celestial event. 🙂

        (I DID think that if Dindi fails to penetrate Cinco Ultimo, then Eonna should, as surrogate owing to the sartorial support she received from Louis Pangilinan and Patrick Isorena. And it happened.)

    • Namibia is really the right winner.

      But Dindi could have made it to Top 5 with a stunning gown.

  7. buti pa dito walang interpreter

    MU palagi na lang may interpreter

    any of the 5 ay deserving

  8. It was so cruel to let the also rans remain on stage while the top five had their Q&A.

    It was heartbreaking to see Dindi try to hold back her tears and mask her disappointment while Romania was answering the question.

    Regardless, you did an amazing job Dindi. All the love from us in the Philippines

  9. Did you guys catch that when they announced the announcement for the last spot for Top 5?
    Male host said Venezuela but female host said Philippines?

  10. Masyadong Simple ba at Modern ang gown ni Dindi?

    Si John sigaw ng sigaw, rinig na rinig siya sa telecast. Baka yun role ni Mr Philippines sa pageant


    • Beauty Pageant NA, may Talk Show PA. Hindi mo na ito kayanin Cool Brew. He, he, he… Wala nang tatalo sa Supra… Suprang TAGAL!

  11. Now I understand why Yanick only finished 3rd at Miss Universe. She is not all that as her fans claim. Andrea Mezza is head above her in all aspects.

  12. It’s clear that Belgium is the Organization’s favorite but she’s so bland. I’m surprised Peru and Brazil didn’t make Top 12. My Top 3 right now is Namibia, Philippines and The Netherlands.

  13. TOP 12

    1. BELGIUM
    2. DOM REP
    4. POLAND
    6. NAMIBIA
    7. INDIA
    10. ROMANIA
    12. INDONESIA – Top Vote Winner

  14. Pretty yellow dress Dindi but how I wished you wore a different pair of shoes.

    Puerto Rico and her green flowy dress – fabulous!

  15. some undeserving candidates made it to top 24 , this is very typical of Supranational…

    I cannot believe that Albania, England, South Sudan, Russia, Chile did not make it

    • I know. Russia’s face is such a doll.

      Indonesia is pretty. Her body though is a not a typical beauty queen body shape.
      Netherlands is long and beautiful.

      Belgium is pretty.

      Ganda ni Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

    • The journey ends at Top 24 for Brazil, Czech Rep and Peru

      El Salvador and Haiti over Iceland, Russia, Colombia, England for Top 24?

      • WHY no Czech Rep in top 12 !!!

        (Dom Rep looks very familiar … I think she joined some other pageant before)

    • The show has so many unnecessary moments such as those singing numbers and the talk show. Hay na lang jud! He, he, he…

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