5 comments on “Vote for Dindi in the SupraChat Semifinal 2 of Miss Supranational 2021

  1. Let’s help out Dindi. She seems to be falling away a bit. Maybe this is already her at her best capacity. John is maximizing his charm and derring-do at the moment, and getting media plus points. Let’s give Dindi that extra push.

    • @ charlotte york Nerves. Exhaustion. We also forget our reps hit the ground running. They have little, if any, time to shake off the jet lag. Dindi endured a tortuous flight plan to Poland! 😦

      Ja. Dindi has done more than enough. Unlike with Resham, we are more optimistic now. 🙂

      • Yes, Dindi is performing at her best at the moment. If she has reserved her landmines & booby traps for the finals night, we’ll get to see. I just wish her rewarded for her dedication & hard work. That’s why we have to urge serous votes for her. 🗳️

  2. If I am not mistaken, this SupraChat started in 2018. It was, initially, their ‘head-to-head’…

    What Queen Ann’s hosting suggests is that the organization is now placing great emphasis on communication, but NOT speech/monologue. Rather, tact and empathy are given premium. The Mutya Datul era na ‘wala’ng Q&A’ is now just a distant and definitely irrelevant memory. 🙂

    This can become the hallmark and highlight of the Supranational brand experience! As a pageant fan, it has been really interesting and gratifying. Congratulations to Bosses Gerhard and Andre for a winning formula!

    Buti na lang si Queen Ann ang nag-moderate sa boys. Kung si Koya Nate pa ‘yan, ‘kow, baka ‘di na nakasambit ang mga binata… Magaling din magsalita ‘yun.

    I believe in arguing with an economy of words; this may require a mentor.

    Verbosity is tedious, sometimes irritating especially now that folks are always in ‘beast mode’. 😦

    • (Cont.)

      O’, (m)ECQ pa rin. Kung sa bagay, tama rin lang para masaya-saya naman ang Pasko. 😦

      Worst case, gahulin ulit sa oras ang pambato natin sa MW for preparations. Sana, by mid- to late-November, mag-plateau na nation-wide ‘curve’ natin. So, by early December, mag-finale na MWP.

      What I learned about pageantry in the Philippines is that no matter how little time a candidate has to prepare for her/his assignment, there is no shortage of local designers who happen to have ‘fabric on hand’ (so to speak) and are happy to whip something up as their contribution to the campaign. It does say something of our generosity as a people, something more valuable than just technical prowess in fashion. No wonder other countries seek our help, too. That’s it. Arigatou! 🙂

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