40 comments on “Poderosa: The National Costume of Dindi Pajares for Miss Supranational 2021

  1. OMG! Beautiful representation of the Filipina National Dress!

    And the pamaypay is the best reminder of the frequent brownouts in these islands!


  2. Congratulations, Uncle.

    This may be the first post in a long while with not a single ‘rate down’. 🙂

    (Do you get some sort of cake or sweet meats from the blog service provider for the feat, po?)

  3. Wow! A big thumbs up!

    This stunning national costume beautifully worn by Dindi presents the visual and stylistic elements that are part and parcel of the Philippines’ cultural synthesis of both East and West. Love the cinnabar red as the main motif, and the well positioned gold and turquoise accents! And an elegant headdress of golden spears representing sun rays to top it all off!

    Congrats to the designer!

    • And I just noticed that there are pearls hanging at the ends of the golden spears of the headdress! Symbolism and craftsmanship at its best!

      Love it!

      • @ Casper I like that idea of putting pearls at the tip of the spear blades.

        It’s as if pearls are so abundant and numerous in the country that it’s possible to glean reefs at low tide and any casual jab into the coral rubble will pull up a lustrous prize!


        (‘Lacteus’ is Latin for ‘white like milk’. I wonder what ‘pearly white’ is?)

        I hope MUPO sees @ Casper’s comment as idea for the revamp~rehash of the ‘Filipina’. Let’s admit. The leafy motif bearing fruit to pearls does look odd. REPLACE THE LEAVES WITH SPEARS, THEN TIP EACH WITH A PEARL kung talaga’ng ipagpipililtan ‘yan’g ‘perlas ng Silangan’. 😦

  4. Mr. Tinio, happy weekend. 🙂

    Recall that ‘owl-inspired’ NatCos at MWP 2021? Mindoro, no? That one you liked? I liked it, too.

    Macrame, no? The ‘shabby chic’ effect was just darling!

    Sabi kasi ni @ andy (below) na ‘better than that winged costume worn by you-know-who’. 😦

  5. Finally nagka-isa ang lahat sa natcos ni Dindi! No negative comments at lahat ay nagandahan.
    Good luck sa finals Dindi… God bless you.

    • @ DanDan Was probably shipped in… 🙂

      If this Erich Minoza is part of any ‘designers’ circle’, then maybe one of their members has an international forwarding/courier account.

      • I’m thinking it may have been shipped in pieces.. that definitely won’t fit in a standard luggage.. or balikbayan box 😉

  6. can win Best NatCos … but it looks like she can hardly move or walk , heavy-set attire

  7. One of the most beautiful natcos I’ve seen in recent years since Maine Elima’s natcos in the nationals. The color is amazing!

  8. Far, far better than the winged costume worn by you know who.. THIS is what a Philippine national costume should be… well crafted, truly showcasing our culture (a healthy Asian-European mix), and with good, complementing color combinations… ang GANDA!! 👍👏👏 So classy and elegant.. Congratulations sa designer.. 😁

  9. Very classy and regal. This is how National costumes should be done! Dindi looks gorgeous in this ensemble ♥️

  10. Wow na wow! Congrats! This is what you call a PH national costume. Hindi yung kung anu anong mabibigat na pinapabuhat sa candidate… tapos hindi kinakaya then babawasan! Haaayys.

  11. This gave me chills in a good way. Same feeling when I saw leren and kelly’s national costumes when they competed abroad. Good luck Dindi and congrats to the designer, Erich Minosa. It seemed the creation was really made for her, and Dindi is giving it (more) life and meaning. Truly, a match made in heaven. 🙂

  12. Now this is what you call Bongga. A best Pasavog. MWP and MPE costumes for their queens are always stunning. MUP should learn from them

  13. Maganda ang creation..bagay sa nag susuot. Maganda ang pagkakasuot! Go do Dindi! We’ll continue to pray for your Supra journey! 🇵🇭




    New to my eyes. Dramatic color. Just enough feathers and flowers and yet was able to capture Zamboanga. Congratulations! It has been a long while since I’ve been impressed with our national costume.

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