8 comments on “John Adajar and his introduction video for Mister Supranational 2021

  1. Practically his entire back is covered in ink. A dark-colored dorsal aspect to complement the light-colored (frontal, above photo) ventral.

    This is the SURVIVAL strategy of fish. From above, you blend in with the dark-colored sand below you (from the vantage of dive-bombing predatory birds like gulls or kingfishers), From below, you blend in with the BRIGHT sun piercing down from the sky (from the vantage of deep-lurking sharks).


    (We have, here, a true fighter. I am convinced this was his destiny. To be fielded NOW, in this difficult time in history. there could not be anyone more apt right now.)

  2. Ubod ng guwapo. Plus factor MMA Fighter pa lalaking lalaki. Yung ibang contestant mukhang mga bakla lalo na yung Thailand.
    Hope he wins.

  3. There’s no denying that he has the face, and the charm… gwapong Filipino talaga.. here’s hoping the judges will give him the nod.. 😊

  4. Top 5 for me. I love his face here compared to previous videos. I can see the inner beauty was mirrored in his eyes.

  5. Honestly, he will be one of the finalist and I only hope he will showcase his best at the final of the pageant.

    • Good luck gwapo! Sana nga mali ako, in appointing you to represent Ph. Wish you all the best in the finals, God bless!

  6. Though he’s not in my Top 10, I gotta admit he looks really good in this photo. Handsome face here. I just wish he was a little more consistent. All depends on what the judges are looking for. Good luck to the Philippines!

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