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  1. Bongga at napakaganda ng national costume ni Dindi Pajares. Congratulations to Dindi and her Team.

    • @kembular2020 SAKO ng bigas?! O, BUTIL ng bigas? Ika-klaro mo, kaibigan. Mahirap kaya ‘yun’g hugis ‘sako’ ang mukha. That could be anything from hydrocephaly to a tumor. 😦

      Alien pala si Dindi. Uuuy, talo pikon… 🙂

      A European makes practical sense in this pandemic. I’m so cool with Swelia! If ever, their first black queen. And I can retain my choice of Spyros (Greece) as king. ‘Europe Dominates’, as headline…


      You are so genius, @ kembular2020!

  2. Ang saya ko pag nanalo si Dindi. I always support a lady with a pleasant and nice attitude. Saka ang haba nya tingnan kahit 5’8 sya mukha syang 5’10.
    I think she will be a second ru or first ru though I would not mind a second supra since sya yun pinakamalapit sa sunshine attitude ni mutya

    • @bonsaihater – Dindi is only 5’8″?! Wow, you’re right, she looks much taller than that. Must be the way she carries herself. Brava!

      • @ Lily Dindi was among the taller candidates of MWP 2021. 5’8″ seems consistent; Tatyana Austria was given at 5’7″ when she competed at Supermodel International.

        So, it would appear that we are looking at a height ceiling populated by these two ladies in addition to Danica Dhilla, Kim Babao, and the two MUP cross overs (Jo-ann Flores and Riana Pangindian).

        A&Q may have fielded the 5’9″ and above to BBP – Pat Babista, Karen Laurrie, Hannah, & Shaira (‘eto, sabi-sabi matangkad talaga!). You think Cinderella and Carina are somewhat shorter?

  3. She’s actually looking pretty good here.
    Something different, something pleasant to the eyes.

    • I will be very happy if she makes it to the Top 5 on Sunday (Phil. Time) early morning).

      Top 5: Namibia, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Belgium & the Philippines

      Top 10: Peru, Albania, India, Dominican Republic & South Africa or Brazil

      • @ paul You have a sexy selection – Brazil, Albania, and Puerto Rico.

        I don’t know how Jehza did in the SupraChat. If Dindi was better, then why not Top 5? 🙂

        Who are your future prospects (2023~2025) for Supranational?

      • Manang Flor andito na po ang (prospects) listahan for Miss Supra Phil. 2022-2025:

        From BPP: Justine Felizarta (2022 na), Czarina Guiao, Micca Rosal, & Patricia Babista

        From MWP: Anne de Mesa (mahaba rin ang fez), Megan Campbell, Asha Gutierrez, & Danica Dilla

        From MUP: Christelle Abello, Khesha Ramachandran, Jasmine Umali, & Steffi Aberasturi

        Ano ma-say mo Flor? Thanks.

  4. I’ve seen her videos on her performances at the preliminaries as well as her amiable character in dealing with her competitors. Sometimes, I wish one of the friendliest girls (and justifiably beautiful enough if I may add) wins it all. ALV must be quietly praying so hard now because Dindi’s possible win (if she plays her cards right at the finals) will somehow unshackle the rather mangled reputation of this year’s MWP batch of mean girls. I’m hoping and crossing my fingers.

  5. I donot see a lot of competition
    Dindi is very personable and good at Q&A.. so I’m not raising a white flag yet !

    • @ Fabian Reyes Dindi, indeed, is personable. But Q&A was repetitive and rambling; she could have benefited from drilling/mentoring but yes she had very little time to prepare.

      Go watch the Semifinal 2 of the SupraChat with Ann.

      Dindi was best on her fourth (and last) question – In what situation are words more powerful than action?

      South Africa topped this.

      Trinidad & Tobago totally bombed that final question; sayang. 😦

  6. Malay natin,si jenny kim nga ng korea na may papaya face nanalo.kaya may pagasa pa more😄

    • Okay. Kung papaya face si Jenny Kim ng Korea, sa anong prutas naman maihahambing ang shape ng mukha ni Dindi?

      Sabagay, Jenny Kim DID NOT place in 2016 Miss Universe held in Manila, so Dindi has a good shot in making it to the Top 5 in Miss Supranational.

      Good luck Dindi! Good morning to all.

  7. Her picture didn’t justify how beautiful she is. Photoshop failed this time.

    • @ Gabriela Don’t you think there is, here, some semblance to Telle Abello? 🙂

      Btw, I caught whiff of the Semifinal 2 round of ‘SupraChat with Ann’. Philippines will go up against Trinidad & Tobago and South Africa. I forgot who the other country is. Tough group! 😦

  8. Sa MS Finals, hanapan nang PARAAN para HINDI MASYADO MAHABANG tingnan ang mukha niya at HINDI GAANONG MATULIS ang kanyang baba. Please… Salamat

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