9 comments on “Project Tower of Babel for Miss Supranational 2021

  1. Maybe once in a while try a different hairdo.
    Pony tail. Bun. Wavy. Have fun. Show versatility. Not all flat and limp.
    This type of informal event suits a pony tail ‘do.

  2. Dindi is one of the stunning beauties. She has a good chance of winning the title.

  3. So, this year’s edition is essentially a tie-up with the Nowy-Sacz LGU (Municipal Cultural Center).

    Mr. Tinio, dili po ba ay ‘eto’ng ‘Festival of Beauty’ nila can be likened du’n sa dati’ng may hawak ng MU franchise sa Colombia so that the ‘Senyorita Colombia’ became the culminating activity? 🙂

    This year, so happened na dahil Summer natapat ang Miss Supranational, they have foreign beauties. I imagine in pre-pandemic time, it was the reigning Miss Polski that made the rounds.

    Parang ‘yun’g Gentlemen of the World (2019) din. It was a province in Indonesia that hosted. The participants joined the parade festivities, in NatCos. Philippines won.

    CO-ORGANIZE WITH A DIFFERENT LGU EACH YEAR. Damay na rin ang tourism thrusts!

    How does MWP/MUP feel about such a scheme? Has MPE done something similar? BBP, ‘di ‘ata.

    Parang nu’ng MI 2019. Nagluto din. Some of us criticized Atty. Patch for the heavy eye shadow. 😦

    ‘Eto’ng Darelys Santos (Panama), OK din.

    Revealed are what may be the summer produce – bell pepper, courgette, apple, grape, and that red fruit in the basket, which I am unfamiliar with… Hhhmmpp. Orange, ‘ata, year-round na.

  4. I hope she brings home the 2nd Miss Supranational crown to Pinas ! … close competition is Peru , & also Belgium

    • @ jaretwrightlover O’, dili ba? Belgium. 🙂

      She was in Top 10 of Elegance, too.


      (Watch her music video for ‘Thinking of You’, set in WWII America.)

      • If Dindi wins, Pinas will be the only country with two wins except for India

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