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  1. These MUP challenges (posted online) are meant to raise additional revenues for the organization. Ano (for example) ang isusweldo nila kay Voltaire Tayag? So kunting pasensya mga ineng at darating din tayo sa Top 30 girls whom are chosen by the judges.

    Pero papasok pa rin si Delavin, Wroblewitz, & possibly si Bernos sa Top 30 kasi KAILANGAN pa ring KUMITA nang MALAKI ng MUP sa finals night. Halimbawa, baka merong na namang pagbobotohan like “Star of the Night,” Best Smile of the Night,” “Most Elegant Gurl,” etc. The same reason for TV rating/s and online viewership. Remember, HINDI KASING YAMAN ni SMA sina Jonas at Shamcey.

    Unawain (na lang) natin ang MUP Org. dahil sa (tindi) nang PANGANGAILANGAN nila ng pera.

    • This is the sad reality but it is what it is already. The starck difference is evident in the way how things run and pageants don’t look glitzy as it should be anymore. The class factor dwindles the more they commercialise its nature.

  2. Jasmine Umali topped this challenge. She is very gorgeous. At this point of competetion, my top 5 are Umali, Aberrasturi, Dimaranan, Bautista, and Wobblewitz

  3. See, Cool Brew may KAKAMPI ka na. Dalawa sila because the righteous and hypocrite is back (once) again) with his (of course) pretentious pageant arguments.

    Matutuwa rin si Fabian Reyes nito. Hello! How is summer in Montana?

  4. Jasmine Umali, Maureen Wroblewitz and Leren Bautista nailed this challenge…

  5. I’m OK kahit si Leren, Steffi and Maureen na lang ang maglaban laban…hihihihihi…

    But I think once we got past these Challenges and voting scheme kuno, the dust will settle and we will actually have a more competitive top 30 than we initially thought.

    These top 100 is too much. They’re just playing the numbers game. Next year. start with top 50 so we are not diluting the field with fillers.

    • Gusto lang nilang KUMITA PA nang MAS MALAKI. Yun lang at wala nang ibang rason. Hintay-hintay ka lang sa Top 30. he, he, he…

  6. The woman’s unique differences should be celebrated, rather than ignored. Physical appearance should be a source of confidence, bot anxiety. Imagine the feeling of being judged all day, every day– told to lose weight, gain curves, get taller, go white– being bombarded everywhere with images, advertisements and messages featuring unrealistic beauty stereotypes. Wouldn’t this subtly change the way one thinks about his/her own body and appearance, negatively impacting how one feels about oneself, and discouraging him/her from reaching his/her full potential?

    • No less than a leading global beauty brand, Dove, raised the question in 2004 in its “Campaign for Real Beauty”. And Maybeline changed its tagline to “Make It Happen” in 2014 to inspire everyone to “express their beauty in their own way.” Fast forward to 2021. The results of the MUP votes on various challenges reflect the same sentiment. Yet many cannot seem to accept that the social media savvy Gen Z-ers and Millennials, the most populous and purchasing-power packed age group today, are challenging the antiquated traditional ideologies around beauty and beauty contests. These young people are obviously questioning cultural norms on beauty and what it means to be beautiful. The reality that there is no monolithic definition of beauty has never been seriously challenged as now.

    • No less than a leading global beauty brand, Dove, raised the question in 2004 in its “Campaign for Real Beauty”. And Maybeline changed its tagline to “Make It Happen” in 2014 to inspire everyone to “express their beauty in their own way.” Fast forward to 2021. The results of the MUP votes on various challenges reflect the same sentiment. Yet many cannot seem to accept that the social media savvy Gen Z-ers and Millennials, the most populous and purchasing-power packed age group today, are challenging the antiquated traditional ideologies around beauty and beauty contests. These young people are obviously questioning cultural norms on beauty and what it means to be beautiful.

      • There was a backlash when FHM crowned a shapeless, flat-chested, oddly-proportioned (pre-surgery) Nadine Lustre, who won due to fan support over more deserving women.

        FHM caters to men, not to Nadine Lustre’s fan base. It is these men who buy the magazines, and are therefore the rightful ones to know what is sexy and what is not, they are the real stakeholders. But because of deluded fans who saw Lustre as “sexy” and/or wanted her to be the new definition of “sexy,” the original target market of FHM was displeased. FHM was in a conundrum – to crown Lustre because she won by popularity or to crown who their stakeholders truly want to win?

        Now, we see Nadine Lustres and their deluded/pawoke fans trying to change pageantry standards against the will of the original stakeholders of the pageantry scene. They want to bend rules and skip lines and steal spots for the truly deserving just because. These deluded/pawoke fans, when they’re done crowning their precious precious idols and live their own illusions vicariously through Kisses and Ayn, would they feel a tinge of guilt when we lose internationally? Because the original stakeholders of the pageant scene (US PAGEANT FANS) won’t take it lightly.

        Sure, maybe Kisses and Ayn won’t even win the top spot. Maybe they’re just there to prove a point. But can they at least fight fairly and follow rules? Can they at least admit (to themselves!) that they’ve stolen spots for more deserving girls? Can they at least feel sorry for the girls whose dreams they trampled on just because they have to go after their own, even if the other girls had more legitimate claim to those dreams?

        Nadine Lustre eventually changed her body, image and branding to fit FHM’s stakeholders standards after her win. So eventually, the stakeholders got what they wanted. What will we get when Kisses and Ayn are crowned? We’re stakeholders in the pageantry scene, you can’t just shut us up when we’re displeased.

      • Well said Paui. Ang galing galing mo talaga.

        Some commenters are so obtuse, dripping with hypocrisy, and pa-woke ek-ek that no matter how you explain the reality and sad truth that their “emperor has not clothes” (eg. Their girls are uhhmm..ahhh… NOT deserving to be an MUP [meaning, not beautiful…Lol.]), and have been unfairly winning the pre pageant activities only because of the willingness of their fans to spend money on voting (which Jonas and Shamcey shamelessly perpetuate by having all these voting activities. Lol.)

        Simple lang naman ang tanong at mag pakatotoo tayo, if Pokwang or Melai, or that Dental Diva would join MUP – – for the sake of “inclusivity” and “all women are beautiful ek ek”, would you:

        1) support them?
        2) would you be proud when if the Dental Diva represent our country in Israel?
        3) would the beauty of Pokwang actually has the chance to win the MU crown?

        Let’s be clear, I am not comparing that tik tok girl or that Kisses girl to Pokwang or Melai. Please. I dont want to offend Pokwang and Melai. Lol.

        I also don’t blame the girls. Pero santisima naman, Jonas Ganid and Shamcey Supsopera!, what have you done to actually cheapen the MUP brand in just two years? Stop na please! lol.

        World Peace.

  7. Maiba naman tayo mga commenter. Davonna Finley (The Sovereign) is very MAD (once again) with Miss Universe Canada Organization. Watch her latest YT video. Thanks.

  8. Ayn Bernos seems to be getting so much hate. Is it because of her advocacies? her low morals? her extremist views? did she commit murder? If it’s just her looks I think it’s too regressive for a genuine pageant fan to be bashing her for her physical qualities. Of course she knows that she doesn’t fit the mold and she’s using this awareness as her progressive platform. She says so herself, she stands for progress. Only women get this – and some progressive men. Women are judged by most men based on their physical assets, or lack thereof. She’s bringing to fore a good discussion on the qualities of beauty. She’s challenging the norm and that’s very healthy.

    Actually, we’re quite late in the game. Other mainstream pageants have either accepted or crowned women in wheelchairs, with multiple sclerosis, without arms – challenging the norm.

    The important message here is not to express hate towards the “non-normal”. Let’s celebrate kindness. Let’s celebrate women. Let’s celebrate a fellow Filipina. 💐

    • @Jmgonzalezme: you’re absolutely correct. I may not be a follower of Ayn nor of Kisses, but I see that these online influencers are obviously rallying points in today’s cutural ferment on beauty. We just have to accept the new reality that there is no monolithic concept of beauty, and generations after Baby Boomers will continue to challenge its traditional ideologies and beliefs.

    • All the hate is due to her hypocrisy. She’s there daw to challenge beauty norms, yet she covers her face with makeup, changes her eyes with contacts, primps her hair instead of wearing it in its natural form, etc. She’s challenging beauty norms yet she’s trying her hardest to fit in by hiding her true face. Ano ba talaga?

      This is a casting video. The girls are instructed to show their bare face and natural beauty. And here is Bernos being all “bare and natural.” Where is the confidence that’s supposed to be fueling her campaign? Naiinsecure na ba?

      The real front runners followed the rules. Bernos didn’t. What is truly her objective by joining? She wants to prove that girls with her face shape, proportions, and imperfections can be beautiful too – with what, makeup and contacts and prod effects?

      • All of them were wearing some makeup. Steffi had light bb cream on. Leren & Katrina had tan foundation. Khesha, Bai, Steffi and Katrina had their brows done. Even in ads and social media, models and celebs wear makeup for “natural”, “no-makeup” photo shoots. Even MUAs admit it’s one of their more tedious jobs, to make models & celebs appear natural and with no makeup.
        I am intrigued where the hate is coming from. Everyone of them practiced the “hypocrisy” you cited. It’s supported by a whole industry, Lol. Give Ayn a break. Lol.

      • @charlotte would you call ayn’s look “natural” or “bare”? Because all the others made little effort to look good. Your idol plastered all sorts of products on her face.

      • Well, some people especially men, are plain misogynistic. Lol.
        “Plastered”? 😳🙅🏻‍♀️ 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

    • It is even ironic that an organisation that is into putting ladies under the knife to max out its beauty potential pulls off this universal beauty stunt. It is not convincing at all and there is so much to prove. The way I see it, these ladies who are here due to their clout is more of a cash cow for the organisation rather than yhe intent to challenge to norm. Make noise my dear, make some noise to generate publicity and money. This is the bitter pill to swallow.

  9. jusmiyo
    puro naman make up and super putok sa ilaw
    mga utu uto
    hindi naman ganyan format ng MU
    anu to star circle quest? PBB?
    bago pa makarating sa top 30 eh ilang buwan nq lang MU na sa Israel
    jusmiyo marimar umaariba na sa paghahanda mga Latinas
    back to back na ito ng Mehiko

    aaksaya ng panahon dito sa MUPh na ito
    dami pangako nganga naman

  10. Some of the frontrunners on this list were as expected. Now, to the lesser heard candidates, Davao del Sur caught my attention in this round as well as Antique (which btw was one of the underdogs I have my eye on in the earlier rounds and has steadily gained momentum and is now consistently on Tito N’s pick).

  11. im keeping my eye on shyrla nunez..i hope she has good comm skills and engaging personality. also, she needs more toning of body, and more pasarela practice. once made up, me hawig sya to former dethorned BB. Pilipinas Universe anjanet abayari..altho me pagka andrea del rosario din

  12. Again, agree with most of your selection. I am sticking to my Top girls worthy of the crown:
    Steffi, Maureen, Katrina, Leren.

    Watching the videos above, I am pleasantly surprised on the natural beauty (minimal make up ) of the following as well : Umali and Dela Cerna.

    If this is yet another voting contest, let us expect the unworthy (but with strong fan base girls) to win. Injustice talaga and cheapening of the MUP.

    World Peace.

  13. ANOTHER WAY of describing Norman’s Top 12 – May pamPUROK, pamBARANGAY, pamBAYAN, panLUNGSOD, panLALAWIGAN, panREHIYON, at pamBANSA.

    Bernos – pamPUROK
    Santamaria – pamBARANGAY…

    Tapusin ninyo… He, he…

  14. Umali looks good (from the previous video with the black dress on) but i notice that her nose seem awkward (surgery???)

    • @ VER Nipis ng ilong, no? 🙂

      Look back at her MWP 2021 Screening photos (dedicated post on A&Q bets). Between that time na ‘di siya nagtuloy, until now, is that enough time for a nose job? 😦

      She wore white one-piece swim… But I’m not too concerned with the schnoz. I’m more interested in whether or not she’s ‘leaned up’. Most of us said that while undeniably beautiful the lot* was, all could profit from shedding some weight.

      * – Asha, Jazmine, & Danica. Anne de Mesa was OK and if I’m not mistaken she made the ‘Swim Beauty’ Top 10.


  15. Bernos – all that makeup and contacts should count as cheating. Can’t she pull of an Aberasturri? If she’s so set on challenging beauty norms, then why all the makeup and fakery? Why can’t she present her face as it is?

    Aberasturi – love the confidence and honesty. This is what casting videos really look like – no ringlight, makeup, contacts, falsies, etc. This challenge is supposed to show natural beauty and Steffi delivered.

    Umali – has a slight jaw deviation (ergo, looking tranny-ish on one side), but her interesting features and upbeat personality make up for it. Enchanting. Divine.

    Delavin – has a distracting jaw issue that no makeup or redeeming feature can make up for.

    Bautista – pro. The only reason I don’t want her to win is because she seems to not have a life outside of pageantry. Parang that’s all she has to offer. But if it’s all she has to offer and what she offers is enough to help us place in MU then fine, give her the crown.

    Dimaranan – looks… heavy. Beautiful, confident, engaging. Just wish she’d slim down so she can look less matronly.

    Vincent – does not have a very side pretty profile, but those eyes, long neck, sweet demeanor, and perfect body still make her better than 95% of the girls.

    Wroblewitz – pro. Very pretty.

    Ramachandran – Very pretty but still too athlete-y. Smile transitions are awkward, but undeniably beautiful.

    Singh – Gorgeous. I still wish she’d show us what she looks like without the heavy makeup. Side profile, features, smile, transitions of facial expressions are beautiful. I don’t mind the nose, it’s good enough in the Philippines.

    Abalos – too shy. also has a slight jaw deviation. I keep noticing this because this is the purpose of checking side profiles in casting videos – to see if there are glaring differences between the left and right sides of the face.

    Cuaton – consistently impressive.

    There seems to be a lack of a set of rules in the making of these videos. WIsh it were more uniform: >Pag no makeup, no makeup lahat.
    >Pag minimal makeup, walang magshoshow girl falsies.
    >Pag nude skin, walang magbobronzer at blusher.
    >Pag natural makeup, walang magheheavy eyeshadow.
    >Pag casting video, bare face lang.

    How hard is it to stick to guidelines? Forgivable yung iba, the rest are just… either matigas ang ulo or do not really have the confidence to be queens. I hope the judges notice.

    My own winners for this round: Aberasturi, Bautista, and Cuaton.

    • *vincent – very pretty side profile

      *aberasturi had a ringlight, but went without makeup, not even powder, so she still wins.

    • Paui. I love the jaw imperfections comment. You know the MGI 2019 winner from Venezuela? Nag jaw surgery din yun. I hope MUP will partner with a world class surgeon to emulate miss Venezuela’s formula.
      Eva Ekvall- nose job and breast

  16. Now, I understand how Visitacion Parado might have been cast for ‘The Emerald Forest’ (1985). 🙂

    Blogger, Quezon AP si ‘Nay Meg? Chico Estiva is Laguna AP (for Leren and Dolera of ‘Calamba’)?

    If I were a client, this sampler would not please me. I am looking for someone with DEEP-SULTRY voce like that ‘Pinky’ ex-Citylite 88.3 DJ or French actress Ana Mouglalis. I am looking for someone who can serve on the next edition of Manila Broadcasting Corp.’s Aliwan Digital Fiesta Queen, as Host/MC. Char… 😦

    Bronze goes to Taguig City. Silver goes to Manila. And gold goes to Davao de Oro. Bai es PUSO.

    Jaz, may kulang sa ‘pizza, music, and dancing’ mo. BEER. All four together will be a wild karaoke with office colleagues! Invite me and I will share my rendition of Shirley Bassey’s cover of ‘Yesterday When I Was Young’.

    I totally agree with Rousanne. Happiness is ending the day with all tasks completed. Overtime is real.

    • (Cont.1)

      (All @ scorg probably wanted to say was that TECHNOLOGY empowered the ‘un-pretty’.)

      (As to how much it can actually define beauty standards will be interesting to see. Papaya whitening soap is one such technology. And that very pretty candidate at MUEcuador with only one limb? If she wins, how will her room mate(s) in Eliat later this year feel?)


    • (Cont.2)

      I’m sure Nadine Lustre was clear at the onset that FHM is ‘that sort of mold’. If she and her agent were utterly uncomfortable with the ‘prospects’, they would have not bothered at all.

      I’m also sure Rabiya is totally cool with her new ‘girls’. 🙂

      Marian Rivera got it right, her FHM turn! In sheer pink little dress, wet so that the clingy fabric revealed the ‘possibilities’, YOU GET IT.

  17. What even is the point of being objective in these challenges? Almost the same set of girls enter the top 15 just because they have a huge fanbase already. This is 100% based on fan votes only.

    I’m going to make a bold prediction – Kisses, Ayn, Steffi, Leren, Katrina, and Maureen will surely place in the Top 15 again. SHOCKING, right?

    This is not to attack you, Mr. Blogger. I’m just airing out my frustrations at how the MUP Org chose to handle the selection for the top 15 per challenge.

    • Mukhang hinde ka aware. okay. Yes yung top 15 na pi no post ng MUP are highest votes from madlang people. pure votes. Nasa post nila yan. thats why! ok na? Now on choosing the top 100 to 75 to 50 ay halong votes and judges score. pero ang top 50 face to face interview na at walang votings don. judges na pipili ng top 30.

    • never mind who tops the votes or who make it in top 15 tru votes. Dahil hinde lang naman votes ang basis to get the official candidates.Pero nasasala pa din naman tru that challenges at kahit may votings. nakakapasok pa din lalo na ang mga dapat makapasok at may mga potentials. in that way nabibigyan pa din naman ng chance yung iba. after all hinde naman madlang people ang pipili ng mup winner.

  18. Serious kay Bernos? I wonder which agency will accept her with those unflattering features. Mukang inday! Pwe!

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