22 comments on “Miss Supranational 2021 Preliminary Competition

  1. After the preliminary competetion, my favorites to win the title are: Philippines, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and Peru

  2. Grabe si Dindi !
    She is a very very strong candidate .
    It will be up to the judges but I hope for a top 5 finish or even a crown
    I was disappointed in Indonesia
    India looks great too

  3. I just watched the Swim. First half.

    MALAKAS ANG ‘P’-GROUP – Puerto Rico (‘Perfect Body’ sub-title is hers), Peru, Philippines, and Panama.

    Others I liked were Venezuela (height and body line swak!), India, Iceland, Colombia, and Albania.

    Swelia (Netherlands) ain’t bad, only that the leopard print robe was distracting…

    Jamaica is absent? Did she call in unwell?

    (Thato will probably make Top 10 at best. Shudu will probably make Top 5 in Puerto Rico, not win.)

    Rwanda looks like Hakkenson.

    Kirsten Delavin can imitate Germany, who is also Pinay…

    Clean-fluid walks from Russia, South Sudan, and El Salvador. No ‘baklaan’. Bravo, ladies!

    Czechia and Ghana have lovely smiles. 🙂

    Japan and Belgium are SWEET… So, from my vantage, the three best Europeans are the latter, Netherlands, and Czechia. I want one of them in the Cinco Ultimo; please somebody tell Pawee!

    Now, for the 😦


    I’m taking her off my Cinco Ultimo. I HAVE AN OPENING. Who wants it

    And Queenie? Dapat si Aoom pinadala/in-appoint. Her ‘butt roll’ would have worked MAGIC here.

  4. The outgoing Miss Supra from Thailand has a very good chance of winning Thailand’s 3rd MU

  5. The organizer could’ve at least cleared the room of spectators, or required everyone within camera range to dress formally. The poor girls look like they’re practicing in the break room while coworkers looked on.

  6. Daming paandar ni Namibia….
    she really made a mark…

    I hope Dindi’s question is if we should accept Afghan Refugees….

    • This was a good strategy for Dindi. Her blue themed swimwear and evening wear highlighted her pasarela and body. And, noticeable sya. Expect her to be placed ibut I hope that she can perform very well on the finals night.

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