8 comments on “Isn’t he dashing?

    • Pag malaki ilong, nose filler agad?!
      Pango ka ba kaya ka bitter sa malaki ilong?

  1. Barakong barako without trying hard and he seems very friendly too! mmmmmm sherep sherep…hihihi

  2. Agree! He is dashing!

    He looks relax and fresh on that photo!

    Roommates ba sila ni Mr Venezuela? Palagi sila magkasama!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson No, they aren’t, po. Thailand and Korea share space with Philippines.

      Baka ‘buddy-system’ sila outdoors. In any case, ja, the two seem to have bonded. They probably found commonality. Though if they’re in the same group (for the Prelims), then that explains partly. 🙂

      OR, BAKA RIN I-SI-SIGN UP NI BOSS BENCH SI WILL NA MODEL… Abangers mode, me much!

  3. Not only dashing but also quite imaginative and entertaining. Strong barkada vibes, a true guy among guys. 👋🏽

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