7 comments on “Catch Dindi Pajares in the Miss Supranational 2021 Preliminaries

    • Agree. I hope that she can surpass dominican republic, netherlands, and brazil. So far she did very well on the preliminary; she was easily noticed with her blue themed swimwear and evening wear.

    • @ Baby Nica Honga. Medyo. Pero, may pagka-‘ganda’ng Bataan’. A bit of Atty. Patch, no? 🙂

      So, BENCH (domo arigatou, Chan San!) sponsored ‘Team SupraFilipinas’ active~outdoor gear, pala. Pati si Jose, naka-BENCH…

      Oh, I like this PGM III. May green detailing, din. ‘Green & gold’ reminds me of that tree that bore golden fruit in ‘The Selfish Giant’, an old tale still available on YouTube. It was the tree the ‘Bambino’, the giant’s longed-for friend, was standing under.

      • hihihihihihi! wagi pa rin ang mga segue’ mo Ateng!

        Kailangan talaga mai-konek sa kung anik anik ang mga kudaers!

        Aliw ako! Claff claff claff!

      • @ Kiri Te Kinawa

        My mistake. 😦

        The tree bore SILVER fruit, had gold bark, and white blossoms. Watched it again. Time flies. 🙂

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