4 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 6 Premiere: “The Winning Colors of the Earth”

  1. They are all well-spoken. Naelah has a very good chance of winning Miss Earth. She is gorgeous and smart

  2. Good Mon evening, Uncle.

    Regarding the next few episodes featuring the MUP 2021 candidates, if by tomorrow the next virtual challenge is revealed to unleash a fresh round of voting the result of which MUPO could confide to you early into the weekend, in effect giving you first-hand knowledge of the 50-Cut, maaari po ba’ng huwag na ‘yun’g mga front-runners? Kasi, tulad ne ‘to, naunahan na kayo nina Luis Portelles, Lavinia, Adam Genato… And anyway, do we require YET ANOTHER ‘get-2-know-them’?


    Baka puwede’ng ‘yun’g tipo nina Quinola, Campos, or whoever between Hipolito or Eisma is in. TY.

    Kahit ‘di na rin sina Abalos at Umali. Ingrid, maybe… Oh, yeah! Someone from Mindanao, please. And one of those brainy-university-smarty-pants-type. And a Dok Adee type (very innocent). 🙂

  3. Chica ni Raffa, virtual daw ulit ang Miss Earth sa December?

    Hopefully not!

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