16 comments on ““Embracing You” from Katrina Dimaranan

  1. Alright, Katrina is back in my Top 2 Spots w/ Steffi….
    Come to think of it… Her American passport would be a huge advantage as Miss Universe during this pandemic… On the other hand, if she wants to swim with sharks, don’t forget that there’s always the opportunity to literaly swim with the whalesharks here in our country. 🙄

  2. Go lang Katrina, pag di ka palarin sa MUP, sali ka sa Miss USA hahah
    Minsan Miss Philippines, Minsan Miss USA, kung saan may oportunidad lol

    • @ Baby Nica Well, the way she describes herself (here in this interview), she doesn’t see it as opportunism, rather determination. That’s her personality. We just accept and respect. 🙂

      At the very least, she has done nothing illegal. And MUPO did want a more diverse range of options. They got it!

      • kung determination yan eh di sana sa Miss USA na lang siya sumali. Politiko lang ang peg hello Allan Peter Cayetano

    • Balikan mo tong comment mo na to, na nakayuko ang ulo, bagsak ang mga balikat, 🤣 dahil sya ang mananalo

  3. Purist talaga si Boss Gerhard.

    Kung ‘puti’ ‘to’ng bata’ng ‘to, nanalo ‘to kay Valeria Vazquez. 😦

    She sounds quintessential MUSA. She doesn’t feel Filipina at all.She could quite probably put in a higher placement than Steffi at MU. Either way, that’s still better than Rabiya’s. 🙂

    I suddenly want to review~revisit Luigi. Imo, she’s possibly Steffi x Katrina, best of both worlds. But how A&Q can strategize her rally in such as way as to overtake Maureen remains to be seen.

  4. Yes ! That is it !!! … MU org will be very lucky if they choose her as brand ambassador for the MU brand , and not to mention an experienced communicator and will be a valuable spokesperson!

  5. Katrina is currently my winner… with Steffi as a close second. Everyone else is a distant third and so on.

  6. Thanks for featuring Katrina! Her interview with Luis just solidified her position as the one to beat! Her great mindset would help lead her path to Israel!

    There are only a few things she needs to do to win the crown like making sure she has a standout EG and consistent styling plus a stunning pasarela. She’s so natural with the Q&A so no worries about this segment.
    I hope she kills it for the next MUP challenge so she’s able to place higher with the votes. Love from Seattle!

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