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  1. dami ka artehan ng MUPh

    hindi naman ganyan format ng MU

    wala na kayo panahon ihanda kandidata nyo para sa Disyembre

    sana nag reality show na lang kayo

    • MUP must have been inspired by the MU Malaysia Organization. They’ve been using the reality show format for some time now – though I’m not sure if it continues to this day. It’s a sponsor-rich format spread over many episodes 😁 and understandably pulls in necessary funds. (Do some Latin American countries do the same?) It’s a less than regal format as we know that pageants are not reality shows – as yet. 🤭


  3. Will the Miss Universe pageant push through this December (in Israel)?
    It seems like the situation in the Middle East has given advantage to the the Talibans in Afghanistan, and the Middle East might not be very peaceful for some time.

    • There’s more than 1,900 miles distance between Israel and Afghanistan, but yeah, the region is volatile. I would be more worried about extremists coming in from Egypt or Gaza because of their proximity to the host city of Eliat.

    • The international jihadist movement has been reinvigorated and inspired by recent events so anything would be fair game, especially vulnerable targets. And we know that there is no room for empowered nor uncovered women in the Taliban/jihadist agenda. Just sharing. 🕊️

  4. omg, undeserving girls making it to the top just because they have millions of minions.. 🙄😏 there goes MUPH.. down the drain!!! Sad… ☹

    • It’s a popularity contest anyway, not a beauty pageant anymore 🤣😂🤣😅😆

  5. I just hoped that MUPh didn’t settle on popularity vote. We are missing on the more deserving and truly qualified girls. 😦

  6. Top 2 deserved it. I cant say the same thing for the Top 3 kasi artista sya? at dilawan daw?

  7. Reasons that may hinder Steffi from winning the MUP title:

    1. She belongs to the rival camp (& concerns/issues on contracts/management, etc).

    2. Her political alignment (she should be very careful on her statements and in Q&A). Kung maraming pro, marami (millions) din ang anti.

    3. Baka uungkatin ang kanyang pagiging former car show girl.

    Good morning to all.

    • Anong masama sa pagiging Car Show Girl? Ni hindi nga masama ang mapa bilang sa Love Island diba?

  8. Aberasturi has the KF vote. She probably has the ‘Vis-Min’ vote, as well. When it will matter most, these forces will ally to keep her afloat.

    Kirsten and Rousanne’s followers will probably join under Maureen’s flag; Wroblewitz is now A&Q’s BIG gun.

    There is no Luzon bloc, apparently. Folks here will go any which way, no clear majority.

    Bautista’s and Dimaranan’s will, even if they combine, probably (still) fall short. 😦

    Happy to see Telle in the Top 10 at last! As Justin Timberlake said in his single, ‘Sexy Back’. 🙂

    • (Cont.)

      As at MPE, Mindanao seems to STILL find it hard to get firm traction. 😦

      Doloriel, Falconer, Korinihona, Framil, and Digal, just to mention the more prominent ones.

      Last year, Malinao and Veronilla managed semi’s. At BBP 2021, Cinderella was ‘fanned’ through.

      What factors came together in MisOr’s favor last 11-7? The island cannot content itself with mere placement. THEY MUST WANT TO WIN.

  9. Congratulations to Steffi, Maureen, Katrina and Leren. Believe me, just add Victoria and Bea and that will be a powerful, CREDIBLE top list. The eventual MUP winner SHOULD only come from this list.

    Now to the MUP Organization, please answer: What sorcery is this when # 3 (who can not even do a decent walk if her life depended on it) and #4 (she whose face can launch a thousand sheep) would even make it to Top 5? Come on! The credibility that took years for Mdme Stella to painstakingly build, you have managed to wipe out in just two years. Congratulations! That Jonas G, who looks and acts naturally greedy and pretentious can be forgiven. But you, Shamcey? Why have you allowed yourself to be part of this farce?

    World Peace.

    • @ THOMAS P’re, may I kiss you?

      1000 is a HUGE herd. No seasoned herder even with help from dogs could manage that… 😦

      Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g mga tupa’ng local, sa bukid lang, pinabayaan. Ang dungis. Maaawa ka, po.

      • Which worries me because those two underserving girls have been topping these so called pre-pageant events. Can anyone answer me if MUP is earning anything from these so called votes? They have been milking this dry.

        People are being conditioned that these two ersatz girls are top-gun, cream of the crop, class-A contestants, when truth be told, are not. I am sure these two girls are decent girls, at sila mismo dapat kilabutan in the results, knowing that there are more deserving, with no fan base girls.

        World Peace.

  10. Ambot sa lubot pasok pa din ang patagilid angle sa top 3 sa challenge na ito ang kabalbalan yan? Hahaha

  11. Wth??? No VVV, Princess, Khesha, Jasmine and Beatrice, just to name a few? Far, far more deserving!

    Yes, is this going to be a popularity contest throughout the competition?

  12. kisses and bernous topping than leren, katarina and others.. are you insane… tgnan mo nga sa blogs ng mga know pageant experts kong andun sila…

      • Isa ka sa MGA KNOWN pageant expert angkol? Nakalimutan mo na ba? Ano ba yan! He, he, he… How is summer in New York kol?

      • Bongga ka Kol! Wala namang wild fires dyan sa Montana no?

        Basta kol HUWAG kang PATATALO sa mga friend-commenter mo rito na may mga aning2x. he, he, he…

  13. This MUP organization continues to disintegrate into disorganization and embarking into chaotic oblivion. There’s no comparable class, prestige and connectivity to it’s original, internationally well known brand. They’re trying to make this MUP “up – to – date” and “millennialish” but it’s becoming an embellishment of superfluous flackery delusions (Phenomenal Woman) that in the long run serves no positive outcomes.

    They going down the drain, and pretty fast too. Shame.

  14. I hope and whisper to the heavens above that the Finals night will not be virtual …

  15. I have nothing against kay Kisses and the TIKTOKER… and alam kong popularity contest ‘tong nangyayare lately pero mukhang naligaw sila sa TOP 5. Mukha naman silang mababait n mga nilalang pero ndi tlga sila pangMiss U… training pa siguro sila and Kisses could join Miss Intercon or kahit pa Miss World siguro. Rousanne could probably be the “Jeannie Mai” of MUP. ‘Yun lang… sobra n kasing naabuso ung salitang “inclusivity”! This needs to STOP!

      ****NEXT SCENARIO???

    • I agree. Come Top 50 sana wala ng vote thereafter. Kawawa ung mga wala machinery to garner votes from the public

  16. Ridiculous!

    Paki explain nga sa 3 pages ng yellow pad back to back single space kung panong nangyari na ang pasarela ni Kisses Delavin is far much better than the pasarela of Leren Mae and Katrina D?

    I have no complain about who’s on the Number 1 Spot because she deserve it! And Kudos to her for promoting the newly constructed bridge of Cebu!

  17. Yaasss!!! Finally, Steffi has started to make a mark, and MUPO is definitely liking it. She is bringing noise and clamor from the fans, in a good way. Unlike the others who obviously are not fit for MUP but pilit na pilit pa din. Good thing napatalsik na din yung undeserving. Her fanbase are starting to become toxic on socmed na lol. Buti nagising ang MUPO lol. Congrats Steffi!

  18. parang it’s not fair to be unfair sa iba. ay ambot it’s ok to be not ok na lang sa ibang candidates. vote MUP challenge pa more.

  19. Steffi’s runway challenge in a bridge. I wasnt even surprise. Plus the walk. Killer.

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