7 comments on “CNN Philippines to air Miss Supranational 2021 on August 22

  1. Wow. This will be the first time that CNN Phil will air a beauty pageant live.

  2. This could be one of the reasons why the Supra org gave the franchise to MWP. BPCI couldn’t find a local channel to air the finale live.

  3. Well, at least now it can be caught on the telly. Back then, it was streamed; too bad for you if your Internet suddenly decides to be uncooperative.

    ‘Yun’g boys, 22 ng gabi du’n, madali’ng araw ng Lunes (23) sa ‘tin. That one, dili na keri ng CNNPhl?

    I want to mention Venezuela. She was MTUSA-Vermont nga ba? She did quite well in her SupraChat. She was asked, ‘if ignorance is bliss, why do we pursue knowledge’? She answered, ‘ignorance is not bliss’! Then, goes on…

    Medyo tanders lang ang fez, but Estefania Soto was able to shake off similar criticism at MU 2020.

    Her red asymmetric dress was, imo, very stunning in a Cannes Film Festival kind of way. But maybe Poles find blondes plain Jane, blonde being common in their part of the world.

    With placements in SupraChat, Elegance, and Influencer, Dindi is a reasonable Top 10 placer if she stays consistently sharp to the end. Top 10 ain’t bad for a maiden effort by MWPO. It leaves room for growth! AS EARLY AS NOW, Boss ALV & MamaRu need to begin scouting for ‘materiales fuertes mas’. BETTER KUNG FRESH FACE (read : not a cross over).

    Qualifications : 1) A tactful moderator on on-line fora (ie, SupraChat), 2) onstage grace, & 3) natural beauty!

    I was pleasantly surprised that Eonna Constanza (DR) wore Hakkenson’s Louis Pangilinan MUP 2020 Prelim evening dress. The thing looked even better the second time around! 🙂

    (Her Finale was the ‘chartreuse peacock’ version, no? I MUCH PREFER THAT ONE!)

    And Patrick Isorena lent SamBer’s ‘pearly warts’ NatCos to the dusky beauty. Even in fittings, it already looked as though it was made for her and maybe it was destined that SamBer was not to be its rightful ‘owner’ in the end.

    IF DINDI DOESN’T PENETRATE INTO THE FINAL 5, Dominican Republic can be?

    I have, too, in mind Swelia of The Netherlands. The token ‘woman of color’ if not Eonna…

    My Cinco Ultimo in ascending rank is, for now, Venezuela (otherwise Dindi), either DR or The Netherlands, the best European whoever she may be, Peru, and Indonesia (crown).

    Alice Li of China can be good for Top 10; from her I’m getting Chanel Olive Thomas BRIGHTNESS.

    PS. Kung December mag-re-resume ang MWP for their Finale, puwede na rin’g mag-crown ng MSupraFilipinas 2022 dahil usually 1st week of December naman talaga ang Supra. Now, kung sina Nava-Paton-Campbell pa rin ang options, I’d rather with… Campbell. Pero kung good-for-all ulit, at pasok pa sa age ceiling, Pangindian, Martinez, or… either Babao or Pascual. If Lewis will get Eco-Teen, I want my Miss Kuyamis to be included for consideration, P-L-E-A-S-E.

    • (Cont.)

      So, if the best European happens to be Swelia, then pasok sa banga si Eonna! 🙂

      Back to MWP 2021,…

      Eco-Filipinas, OF COURSE Dr. Rezk will be accorded the honor of selection. From the Top Model 10, and I’m not too keen on a second crown anytime soon tbh, either Paton or Perez should be able to put in a reasonably decent finish, kung ako ang pipili.

      Environment International, I can sense could be assigned to Arceo.

      I’m considering Martinez for ReinaHispanoFilipina. Her regal bearing and semblance to Charlene Gonzales might work in her favor.


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