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    • @ Jonalyn Hernandez I would like to share now what Mademoiselle said of gay men, prompted by the thread below with @ Will Yam.

      “They compete with women… Ruin women’s reputations… They want to become, but they are awful women”. (Similar)

      Of course nowadays, there are increasingly more fields and fora where gender is become a non-issue. And where there is only one position vacant, only the very best gets the job. As in fashion.

      But where traditions endure, basic decency dictates real men only ever challenge each other. 🙂

      • (Cont.)

        So now we have male seamstresses (-‘stressors’ sounds weird) in Parisian couture ateliers.

        It’s a GREAT way to learn! To be in an environment that squeezes you dry of your professionalism and where the slightest gesture reveals-betrays a business secret. You never let your guard down.

        I recall April May Short received a Rocco Barocco job and internship with a Rome agency for her participation in World Top Model. I hope Supranational organization in Gerhard’s guidance can offer similar incentives to both female and male candidates regardless of placement. Surely there are a few that show interest and could relish an extended stay in Poland to know of the country’s creative competencies, in turn sharing that back home. 🙂

    • Ah talaga ba? Bakit hindi ikaw ang ipinadala, aber? Kulang sa validation tong si bakla ng mga taong mahalaga sa kanya kaya kung makakuda sa iba eh ganong kadali. Magmeditate ka sis. Maganda ka in your own unique way. Hindi nakakaganda na pakiramdam mo mas maganda ka sa iba kasi nakakaego to leading to disaster. Check your birthchart para mas aware ka bakit ganyan ang mga cjallenges mo sa buhay. I wish you well! Mwahhh

      • im straight… i learned to view this blog when my relative joined bb pilipinas, and won one of the titles…

        lot of curves are posted here that kept me interested to follow..🙏

  1. Asa pa kayo na manalo? ang Chupra at MGI ay iisa ang layunin to oust MEarth at dina magawa-gawa kya pang runners up na lang tayo forever at fillers para sa mga uhaw na fans.

    • Oo baks, umaasa kami kay Dindi at John. Ang kausapin mo eh si Arnold Vegafria para malaman niya yang naiisip mo na magiging malaking ambag sa MWPO! So ano pa hinihintay mo baks…para atleast magawan pa nila ng paraan na mapabackout sina Dindi at John. Go Priyanka! Kahanga-hanga yang mga naiisip mo. Isa kang pantas!

    • @ Priyanka Chupra MGI, I get. Kasi ay dahil sa GB. But Supra, how? The CNN Philippines deal is something that would surely delight Boss Gerhard… Are ‘ASEAN’ neighbors conspiring against us in Poland?

      Una’ng-una, in general Filipinos are quite well-entrenched in that part of the world. And the assistance our designers extended to Eonna Constanza is surely not unrecognized at least. 🙂


      Give both Boss Gerhard and Angkol their greatest wish – STAND-ALONE Philippines Nationals!

      Interested parties may get in touch with… Ungkol Norman, ikaw na bahala, ha. Kaya niyo ‘yan!

      • You mean to say na di dumating sa yo ang news na ang Chupra isa sa dahilan yung issue na korupsiyon sa ME kuno?

        Nong mag-away away ang mi ari ng Chupra don lumabas ang katotohanan. Naging dalawa pa nga version ng Chupra dahil sa away nila diba? Tapos nong time na yun para tuloy pinanalo nila si Mutcha dahil para malipat ang attention ng pinoy sa Chupra kesa ME. Tapos the year after nong nagkawatak watak ang Chupra at nagbalak ang isang mi ari na gagawa ng indi-based Chupra pero di natuloy tapos ang orig na Chupra pinanalo si India. Doon sila sa socmed naglabasan ng baho.

        At dahil madali naman masatisfied ang pinoy… a runner-up finish would suffice parang Miss Globe lang rin na kahit halata ng pinagloloko tayo ay todo support parin ang mga faneys dahil uhaw sa recognition ang mga hamog na pinoy.

      • Pero kung nagbago na nga ang Chupra makikita natin yan. Kung magkatotoo ang hula ni Rudy Baldwin baka ito iyong hula na na magback 2 back tayo sa international pageant. Baka mananalo tayo sa Mr & Miss Chupra 2021

  2. The host in red is also elegant, I like her gown and the contrast to her skin. I also love her voice. I wish she’lll be the host in the main program.

  3. Great presentation by Dindi. Congrats.

    Limber a bit when on pose. You can see that when you are on the video when you were called as Ms. Elegance 1RU. But when you walk, everything is super fine.

  4. Mga Baklesh! Mali ba ko sa suggestion ko na clean lines ang bagay sa kanya?

    Diba nag-stand out ang Ate niyo?

    Josketch! Ang sine-send ng Dominican Republic iisa ang template? Hindi ma-distinguish by description sa rep nila sa MU na nag-runner up?

  5. I thought the Top 3 should’ve been Philippines, Dominican Republic and Nigeria – any order. They were head-and-shoulders above everyone else.

    Love how Dindi made her self standout by presenting her sash differently.

    • Sorry I meant, NETHERLANDS not Nigeria. Philippines, Netherlands and Dominican Republic were the best three!

  6. I saw a ~10-minute clip of this (Pageant of the Universe). Taken from a phone but at least I do not have to endure the entire 50+ minutes (here, above) and we can focus on the Top 10. 🙂

    From that vantage, we see that this event was at around 1830H. MALIWANAG PA; parang 1700H lang sa ‘tin, kasi nga Summer du’n ngayon.

    I’m liking the fuller-if-more-billowy dresses (Rwanda, Philippines, & Belgium). The more body-skim and asymmetric silhouettes are begun to get weary in my eyes.

    ANG GANDA NI QUEEN ANN! The tan, hair color, and jewel-tone dress. 🙂

    Pink is a color more associated with Spring. Nonetheless, crowd reception seems to have been OK.

  7. I’m sorry. Dindi should have won this round. Miles away in projection, impact, and gown itself. RP should have won instead of PR.

    The rest of the delegates look like remnants of their respective country’s second rate pageants.

    World Peace.

  8. Dominican Republic’s gown looks similar with Billie’s prelim white gown in MUPH2020 by Louis Pangilinan.

    Congrats Dindi 👏

    • Yes, first thing I remember when I saw it. She carries it well though and looks like young Lu Sierra.

      • @ Closer2Fame YAA-AASSS.

        The gold preliminary, here. Then, the white ‘terno’ in the Finale.


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