30 comments on “Maureen Wroblewitz reaches 1M views on her Runway Challenge video

  1. Eastern European Vibes but look washed.

    Something wrong with that hair. It makes her look weak.

    It is nice to experiment but this doesn’t suit her.

  2. A runner up finish would be good for her and the Philippines!

    She’s facially gorgeous but remember MU will be held in Israel!

    A “Wroblewitz” last name may not sound so good in that country for it is going to bring harsh memories of the past!

    • @claiRe: Harsh memories? So do you also mean to say that Miss Germany, Austria or Poland won’t stand a chance of winning in Israel because of their nationalities and what happened in World War II? I don’t agree.

      I realize Maureen’s dad is German, but according to my Polish friends, the Wroblewitz surname is derived from the Polish word “Wrobel” meaning “sparrow”. Similar surnames are Wroblewski and Wrobleski, which can sometimes be found among jewish people of Polish and German descent. “Wroblewo” also refers to several regions in Poland.

      These new photos of Maureen are stunning! She’s definitely a top contender.

      • Oo miss austria and germany won’t stand a chance. Bat nasali poland? The jews lived in poland for centuries in harmony. Learn history. It’s only Hitler who stirred the pot and nag divide and conquer. 🙄 🙄

  3. One thing that may come into play is branding. In this case, brands MUO wants to ‘mingle with’.

    I’m not sure which party in the USA owns the ‘(wherever)’s Next Top Model’ brand. But if it isn’t IMG and turns out to be a competitor, even if Maureen is no longer a titlist, you don’t want your rivals’ ‘used goods’.

    I don’t think MU-Jamaica Miqueal Symone-Williams, a former SELECT ward, got much traction at MU 2020… It might happen here, again, if Maureen represents us in Eliat. 😦

    Oh, yeah! One more thing. Important. Since TELEMUNDO still holds sway, make sure if it’s Maureen that Latin American pageant fans like her. 🙂

    (Kasi, at Supra, I get the impression Latinos like both our Miss and Mister above other ‘chines’.)

  4. I don’t see a crown in her head. Right from the very start, she was not serious of it. No passion at all. I might be wrong, but there are a lot of more gorgeous ladies in her batch than her to choose from. It’s not like, cya na lang kasi wala nmn iba na.

  5. I said it before and I’ll say it again, the MUP should only come from this list:

    1) Steffi
    2) Maureen
    3) Katrina
    4) Victoria
    5) Leren / Bea

    World Peace.

      • Leren , top 4 ! ( she is very experienced and that really works at MU ! )

  6. Maureen’s frizzy hair is reminiscent of (Gal Gadot) Miss Israel’s hair when she competed in Miss Universe 2004.

    On the height argument, the shortest MU winners in history were Miss Universe 1958, Colombia’s Luz Marina Zuluaga, and Miss Universe 1965, Thailand’s Apasra Hongsakula, both at 162 cm (5’3”).

    Maureen stands at 5’6”. If 5’3” Miss Australia was able to penetrate the Top 10 at this year’s Miss Universe, Maureen definitely has a chance to be a spoiler if she bags the MUPh crown. I still have to hear her in an interview though. Also, the road to the crown isn’t going to be easy. There are very strong ladies in this batch eyeing the prize.

    Some of the ladies that are showing gravitas:

    There are unknown ladies with gravitas bubbling up in my list. I do hope they can penetrate the semis.

    • Height is still important as a beauty queen. We have to send somebody who is 5’8″ at least. We should not be contented to be just among the top 10. We should always aim for the top spot!
      Recent short winners are Olivia Culpo and Demi Leigh Peters who are both 5’7″, I think.

  7. Pang Miss World talaga ang beauty ni Maureen. MW (Maureen Wroblewitz) for MW (Miss World)!

  8. So Ok, I will put Maureen as the closest competition at the present time to #Dimaranan all the way

  9. Reasons that may hinder Maureen from winning the MUP title:

    1. She does NOT have the vibes of Catriona Gray and Pia Wurtzbach. One should be effervescent, charming, relatable, etc. Maureen is very similar to Balagtas, Balingit, Barrientos (3Bs) – boring personalities. She lacks social skills.

    2. Though very facially stunning (the first two pictures have similarities to Melanie Marquez), she lacks the competitive height for MU. MU seldom crowns short girls.

    3. I have doubts on her knowledge bank and communication skills. Can she answer/handle difficult questions? Example: How can we address the growing threat of violent extremism in the Philippines? Or even – “When it is okay not to be okay and when it is not okay not to be okay.” He, he, he…

    Good Sunday to all.



  11. Mau has that natural charm, pleasant personality, humble confidence and universal beauty. She will do very very well in MU.

      • @ Marvin1978 & @ Jonalyn Hernandez Honga. Dili man harsh. Nag-‘po’ nga, ‘eh. 🙂

        (This sudden fixation with frizzy hair was probably the doing of Emma Tiglao. She had one such apparition just before 11-7 that was GODDESS. Then, Hannah’s ‘diwata’. Chella followed suit. It only seems to work well for ladies who are fair-skinned Western-biracial. Does it conjure ‘medieval’? Watch the Dior 2020-2021 Fall-Winter HC and then consider this new trajectory.)

      • Matanda ka na baks…late na din para mag pills ka🤣🤣🤣..I wish you all the best in life

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