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  1. i think hes the coolest badass nice guy we have sent. His smile is definitely a killer. Hes not shy at all and i think he would do well in supra. Expect a win? i dont know …if they prefer a less bulky charming asian then i think he can….

  2. @ Fabian Reyes, @ Lily, & @ Jonalyn Hernandez

    The hot man to John’s right (left in the photo) is Varo Vargas of Peru.

    Check out his predecessor (2019), Alonso Martinez (2nd RU). Even better! 🙂

  3. He looks very manly with his arrival outfit. He is the most gorgeous in the group in the above photo.

  4. Scholars look at musculinity and femininity in terms of the extent to which a society stress achievement or nurture. Masculinity is seen to be the trait which emphasizes ambition, acquisition of wealth, and differentiated gender roles. Femininity is seen to be the trait which stress caring and nurturing behaviors, sexuality equality, environmental awareness, and more fluid gender roles. Given these, and in the context of MS’ newly-launched brand slogan “Aspirational. Inspirational” and “From the Ground Up” advocacy initiative, do John and Dindi measure up as the organization’s role models? From what I know of our two reps’ traits and achievements, they both fit the MS template of aspirational and inspirational young men and women.

    • Is that Greece in the far right of the that group photo making the peace sign with his fingers? Whoever that is, he’s the obvious standout in this group. Sorry, as sweet as John-John is, he just blends with everyone else in the group.

      • This is supposed to be it’s own comment — and not a reply to scorg’s. Sorry scorg.

      • @ Lily Honga, no… Spyros Nikolaidis!

        At first, I thought it might be Varo Vargas (Peru).

        Pero, malamang the Latinos will come in together, on common flights as they’ll probably have similar connections and surely their ND’s will coordinate efforts…

        Speaking of ‘John-John’, with his maxed-out smile, here, he does bring to mind a jolly Chinese ancient emperor. 🙂

      • @Lily

        Nah.. you are just totaly whitewashed as in brainwashed by white supremacy…. The greek dude looks ordinary in Europe…. Only reason why he standsout is because he is the palest in the group… That’s about it…

      • @ Closer2Fame Ja, that’s a valid point…

        Guwapo’ng-guwapo tayo. But to those there, maaari’ng ‘plain Jane’ lang.

        AND TO DATE, MR. SUPRANATIONAL HAS NOT CROWNED A EUROPEAN. Kung sa bagay, fifth edition pa lang.

        (Though they’ve had Europeans in the Cinco Ultimo, they often are dwarfed by the non-European winner. Pero nemen, mga uber-Y-U-M-M-Y.)

        I personally find this year’s crop of Europeans inferior to previous editions. Imo, mas magaganda pa ‘yun’g mga sa Manhunt in recent years… 😦

      • Yeah, sure whatevs. The same can be said wherever you live and what you are used to. Here in Hawaii, so many guys look like John-John. If the likes of Mister Greece is what’s abundant in your neighborhood then good for you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To each his own. But for me, Greece stands out in this group… followed closely by Poison Ivy in the background.

      • I agree with Lily!!! Kanya-kanya kasi yan. Wag nga kayong basag trip. Kung yon ang bet niya eh di go…at kung iba naman ang bet nyo eh di go din. Hindi yong pagnaiba sa paniniwala mo eh kalaban kaagad. char!

      • @Jonalyn Hernandez – Thank you, gurl, for stating what should already be the obvious to folks but apparently not. To each his/her own, diba? “Kanya-kanya” nga like you said.

        Besides, it’s funny to see folks comment on “whitewashing” and put down “pale” people when many of our very own international pageant reps, our last two MU winners and even many of the frontrunners for MUP every year fall in this category.

  5. Parang medyo tutok ang coverage kay Jose compared to Dindi…

    Don’t tell me, pati ‘John goes to the washroom’ ‘eh, i-stre-stream (pun intended).

    Happy suweldo weekend, guys! Sa mga sa Lunes pa su-suweldo, maglaga muna ng talbos. 🙂

    @ ClaiRe IbbeTson is right. And in this regard, my Panama got an early lead. Queen Ann is so lucky and I’m so jelly… 😦

    We’ve sent two six-footers to Poland (2016 & ’18), but meh apparently due to tepid persona. We sent shorter ones (balance), one adept at Q&A and the other while street smart seemed to have registered too full of himself. Both also meh. From these, our bet can get hints on how to conduct himself there. BUT ALWAYS, TREAT THE QUEEN RIGHT (also true at MW). Don’t be fresh.

    • (Cont.)

      IF WE WANTED TALL, WHY DID WE NOT SEND THAT 6-FOOT FIL-FRENCH DUDE WHO WAS AT THE RECENT CTS and now starred in two ads (one for a pain reliever, the other for a residential condominium)?


      Hangga’ng 30+ naman pala ang MrSupra… He’s a nephew of that Magalona rapper MC (+).

      Anyway, I’m hopeful Boss Gerhard will again buck the trend. In 2019, he crowned their first smooth-faced (no facial hair) king. May he consider a shorter guy this time. 🙂

    • (Cont.1)

      Most of them seem to be there already. Tour bus photos, malamang si Pawee Ventura kumukuha.

      Look in Missosology, guys. 🙂

      Medyo overdressed ang mga koya natin, imo, considering its Summer… May mga naka-sweater at naka-suit. 😦

      May shoot na ‘ata for the Formal Wear Glam. Hope we’ll see those soon.

      As usual, SHARP ang wardrobe ng Thailand at India. LOVE the former’s two-tone jacket!

      Nepal isn’t as fair-skinned as in pre-arrival photos. But ja, pogi.

      Venezuela looks unreal, talaga. Parang dri-nawing mukha niya. Makes me feel uneasy… Parang may something.

      Every year, there’s always in the Cinco Ultimo faces you remember forever. In 2016, it was Sergei Bindalov (Belarus) and Catalin Brinza (Romania). In 2017, it was Mateus Song (Brazil). In 2018, it was Ennio Fafeannie (Netherlands). And in 2019, it was Alonso Martinez (Peru). This year, it may be one from the Latino Holy Trinity of Pageantry – Venezuela, Mexico, or Brazil. Colombia, idk..?..

  6. I hope you win JE…Ang cute cute mo.. sayang straight ka… regards nalang sa sister mong konsehala… I would vote for you next local elections… I love you… char! Actually, hindi yun joke… Crush talaga kita matagal na, ayaw ko lang makasuhan ng child abuse… char!… (Ok that last one was also not a joke) Sana mabading ka sa mga co-candidates mo dyan para pagbalik mo me chance na maging tayo… char!

  7. Miss Supranational Elegance 2021
    Winner – Peru
    1st RU – Philippines
    2nd RU – Dominican Republic

    Congratulations Dindi!

  8. Mga Baklesh! X-factor ang labanan sa mga lalaki!

    Kailangan confidence level mo stand out sa mga babae!

    Kaya huwag kayo mag-expect ng magagaling sa QnA, bonus na lang yon! In fact mas turn off kung highly cerebral ang lalaki dahil hindi naman politics o investment banker job ang titulo!

    Tama ginawa nila Mama Ru at ALV na siya ang i-send! Sana maka-1st runner up lang siya dahil mas bet ko siya for Mister World !

    Yung body bag na suot niya sa departure ka-parejo ng Prada bag ko! But I think that one was from Bragais kasi nasa labas yung tahi!

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