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  2. I remember pageant coach Lu Sierra saying she would never make her candidate trainees all walk a certain way because each of them have different body types. She advises candidates not to copy a walk because it is trendy; do a walk which is comfortable with your physique and one which doesn’t accentuate a “flaw”. 🚶🏼‍♀️👑💐

  3. Please don’t get me wrong…i like VVV, she is TALL. I go for taller candidates. Pero parang may mga pics sya that are not flattering? Baka kailangan improvement ng styling? PEACE PO.

    • @ Ramon Lua OR, not bother with all the ‘try to find the right style’ and simply be herself so that if she wins, she does so precisely for who/what she is and not what others insist she should be.

      Hannah said as much. That on her first BBP attempt, she really wasn’t getting the ‘fierce b_tch’ persona folks were saying she should morph into so she could win MUP. In one of her post-win interviews, I think it was that one with CNN Philippines but you could check… 🙂

      And anyway, we see now that ‘fierce b_tch’ doesn’t sell at MU.

      Here’s the thing. It’s weird, but I think VVV would have had a really good chance in MU ‘back in the day’ (not this IMG era). Her slower-gentler walk would have fit in nicely, perhaps, late ’80’s~early ’90’s.


      I would like Ms. Victoria Velasquez Vincent to be the liquor calendar girl for 2021. Or, whichever calendar MUPO will put out this year. I don’t think it’s Downy, though. There’s CreamSilk…Hhmmp.

    • Here it is:

      – Noelyn is 23 years old from San Jose de Buenavista, Antique
      – She stands 5’10” tall
      – Graduated with a Degree in Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Management – Major in Travel & Tourism Management at De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde
      – Former part of the Philippine National Team and represented the country in the Asean Taekwondo Championship
      – Most Valuable Player for the National Collegiate Athletic Association Philippines
      – She had conducted sports clinics to children in the remote areas
      – An Advocate for Sustainable Tourism

      Noelyn is going to give a fight from the front-runners.

      • Quite impressive, isn’t it? I’ve seen her intro vid and her speaking voice sounds really pleasant with a good command of the English language. If only she has a team like the front runners have. I have a strong feeling about her making it very deep into the competition.

    • I tolally agree. Without blogs of Sir Norman that give space to everyone, we wouldn’t have a chance to know the less-hyped candidates who are just as remarkable and can potentially snatch the crown on a come-from-behind- win. I can spot a few more. I hope they are given the right exposure.

  4. Albay really performed well in this segment plus great editing. I’m glad Antique also got noticed. Some of the frontrunners did not live to the hype.

  5. Without this narrowed down list, Doloriel of Camiguin’s exeptional video would remain buried under the hyped and overly produced videos of so-called frontrunners. Hers is simple that kept its focus: on the girl walking straight to the camera. It does not matter whether the girl walking is drop dead gorgeous or not. Her catwalk skill remains front and center.

    • I agree with Camiguin. Same is true with Antique…and Capiz which was not shortlisted.

    • Agree with Camiguin. Same goes with Antique. Lesser known candidates but delivered quite well. Way better than the other so-called front runners, matter of fact. Another one who’s not on the list worth checking is Capiz.

  6. I just visited a handful of videos, for me – VVV, Seffi, Maureen, Leren, Janela, Kesha, Kristha, Mirjan, the 2 KDs (1 didn’t follow the brief, the other 1, never mind)

  7. Wag na ipagpilitan yung Leren na shungaers at walang personality. Ayun sa kabobohan niya di niya magets na waley siya chance sa MU. Magaling sa rampahan pero hanggang dun lang kayang ibigay. Beauty and brains please!!!

  8. Leren even sovereign numero uno
    Vvv barbie
    Though I’m expecting a katarina win come sept
    Steffi was supported by jam magno is not helping. Paramg ginawang sacrificial lamb si steffi my 2 cents ha Wala akong kulay pero Sana wag ihalo sa pageantry

    • Ahh ganun ba?!🤨..
      You gave me a great idea…
      Jam Magno should support 3V… 😁

  9. Steffi obviously killed this…
    She got this in the bag….

    3V is ok for a 1st timer… She is obviously being hyped by her camp… But I need her to pull-off a Catriona 1st before she could squeeze into the TOP 4 since there are several Filipina girls born and raised locally who are far more desserving.

  10. My number 1 is vvv. Those long legs and I like her nice girl demeanor in her interviews reminds me of miriam of thailand fahsai runner up Yung alam mo na talagang mabait sa demeanor pa lang
    I used to like another girl kaso she was overheard saying wala syang ka level sa contest na ito .I know they were trained to be confident but not to that extent 74 na girls remains don’t tell me all of them.cannot hold a candle beside you

    • @Bonsaihater

      Really?!🤨 Black propaganda against the frontrunners to hype your foreign-born&raised inexperienced bet? I have nothing against 3V but if her supporters can stoop this low then 2 can play that game.. 🙄😚🤪

  11. Agree with your choices Norman.

    So if it will be simple mathematics and the TOTAL SCORE will be the aggregate scores for headshot, video introduction and runway/pasarela, these will be the top six (according to my personal choices so far):

    1. Steffi A.
    2. Maureen W
    3. Leren B. / Katrina D.
    4. Victoria V.
    5. Bea G.

    Believe me, if the judging will be fair (and not based on popularity and fan base) the eventual winner will only be one of these six ladies. Anyone here willing to bet otherwise? Hehe.

    World Peace.

    • Let me insert janela and jasmine on your list and that will be a formidable and impressive top 8.

  12. I agree with your choice of Steffi tito Norms, that is a RUNWAY. Happy Birthday.

  13. kodus to you sir norman for shortlisting my top 2 picks, steffi and luigi (both have distict and universal appeal)❤️

  14. Wow! Food cooked from the heart will win a war. Belated… 🙂

    So, this in in descending order…?… Antique is the least liked among the liked…

    Leren Mae, ‘Laguna’, was the favorite of The S___n. She picked Cartasano ‘at the other contest’. Both ladies TOOK THEIR TIME, JUST ENJOYED~SAVORED THE MOMENT/PROCESS.

    Cuaton is my favorite for this challenge. PLAKADO. PULIDO. PRO.

    VVV, all about the L-E-G-S. Kung maliit rin lang ipadadala natin sa MU, tell The Camp to release her from contractual obligations once this is over and done with so that she can try for either Boss Gerhard or Mr. Nawatt… WITH HER CLOUT NOW, SHE CAN ‘INDEPENDENT’. OR, WITH THOSE LONG LIMBS OF HERS, SHE CAN BECOME THE NEXT BRAGAIS MUSE (and we know what that translates to).

    Now, I’m hankering for Doktora Adee. Any reason given as to why she withdrew from MPE? Had she proceeded, she could have easily replaced one in the 2021 Elemental Court. 😦

    Naalala ko nu’ng fi-neature siya ng Ashties; nakasabay niya si Mitch. Naiyak siya dahil na-overwhelm daw siya’t first time niya mag-pageant at napakarami’ng dapat matutunan kaagad. If that episode is still out there, I encourage this year’s pageant-wherever noobs to watch it.

    • @ Flor Tula, Antique being on the list is already a feat for a lesser known candidate. Making it on Tito N’s shortlist will make others curious. Slowly she is getting traction. Camiguin is another one. Albay really performed well in this segment.

      • @ Crystal Bell Sherlyn Doloriel is a former (I think, Philippines’ first) Miss SCUBA International.

        She’s a freediver. You should watch the 2019-2020 episodes of Finn Snow (and maybe a bit of the 2018…). KUNG MATANGKAD-TANGKAD LANG ‘YAN’G BATA’NG ‘YAN, VS MODEL DAPAT.


        She also participated at the last (2020 virtual) CTS, along with Kathleen Paton, Keylyn Trajano, and Samantha Lo. I don’t think she placed…?… Let’s be happy that MUP 2021 has brought under one roof a truly stellar cast of veterans. 2020, in hindsight, was really all about noobs – Rabiya, Bella, Sasha, Caroline, Paola, Skelly, Perlyn, Adee, Jan, Chiara Lyn (even if she withdrew), etc.

    • (Cont.)

      Princess Krista Singh, facially, is like Ganiel Krishnan… And that’s Tanghalan’g Pasigueno!

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