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  1. True, in these trying times, it really is great to be alive!


  2. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Tito Norms. Sana all may nagfertilize. Inggit lang akez na based on your post x years ago, mukhang nataste test mo na si Papa A. Char!

  3. I couldn’t let the day end without dropping by to greet my fave pageant blogger happy happy birthday!

    Thank you for giving us something to look forward to everyday. There might have been some misses but most of the time, your posts have been a joy to read and you’re always right on the money.

    Thank you also for giving us a forum where we can exchange thoughts, ideas and opinions, where we can agree to disagree and where we can exchange friendly banter and where we have found friends.

    My endless gratitude. Daghang Salamat.

    Keep safe always.

  4. Happy birthday Kuya Norman. We have the same zodiac sign and you have the same birthday our oldest sister, My wish for you is more success and good health. To keep doing what your doing as long as it give you fulfillment and enjoyment. Maligayang kaarawan

  5. Happy Birthday idol!!!
    Thank you sa lahat ng informations and updates about pageantry.
    I wish you all the best, more pageant updates… God bless you and ingat palagi.
    I love you!

    Parehong August ang birthdays natin, and we have to celebrate under ECQ.
    Leo po ang inyong Zodiac Sign?
    Stay safe and healthy always!
    God bless po and looking forward to your pageant news and update

  7. Happy birthday Norman. Indeed there is so much to be thankful just to be alive. Our lives are just borrowed from God who made us his stewards. Your life is a gift from God and it becomes more meaningful because you share that gift to us by providing us the entertainment we need especially during this time of pandemic. Cheers to a life full of passion and hope.

  8. Just dropped by for a quick hello and Happy Birthday Norman from my side of the planet. Here’s a virus-free virtual hug for you. And to ride on the quip from @THOMAS, let me say “you can also self-fertilize” haha. I haven’t been commenting for a while (my interest lies solely on MU-related output that are professionally done) but rest assured, I’ve been quietly reading your posts whenever I can. Here’s to a good life!

  9. Happy birthday tito Norms, wishing you more ventures beyond blogs/vlogs and more friends added in the coming years.

  10. Happy birthday Tito Norms! I wish that you become healthier in order for you to do the things that you love most! Enjoy!

  11. Happiest birthday to you, Norman Tinio! There’s nothing more I could wish for you but peace and happiness! And more profit for your blog and vlog!

    Naloka naman ako sa answer sa provocative question of Thomas!

    I must admit that at one time I got jealous of you when I saw your picture posted by the “gwapulis” in IG! As you notice on my comment here, matindi ko mag-criticize sa mga “pageant kings” but that guy is an excemption! Bet ko siya! Napaka-yummy! Bihira ako magka-gusto sa mga locals! Usually foreigners ang gusto ko! But of course, years past and marami na rin naman ako na-meet sa dami ba naman ng mga groups sa FB!

  12. Happy birthday Tito Norman, may the Lord give you all the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.

  13. In case the titillating response of Norman to my question gets buried among comments, I am reposting here as a new entry:

    “Without the pandemic, I get fertilized AT LEAST every other week” – Norman

    Wow. China oil. Lol.

    What can be deduced from your statement is that: you got fertilized regularly by different playmates. Not that there is anything wrong about that. Lol.

    Kasi, kung one and only regular, trusted f. Buddy mo lang sya, even with pandemic, you should not be worried being fertilized by that one person.

    Haaay. Sana, matapos na pandemic. Lol.

    • Hi Thomas, did you know that Tito Norman is a former seminarian? The priesthood’s loss is pageantry’s gain. And another trivia: Tito Norman stands 5’9″ tall with legs that go on for miles and miles.. Cheers for Tito Norman

  14. Happiest birthday Tito Norms! Been a silent follower of yours for the past 8 years. I visit your site everyday. We love you! ❤ To more blogs and years of life 🙂

  15. Happy Birthday po Tito Norman! God bless you more and more po! ❤

  16. Maligayang Kaarawan, Sir Norman! Maraming Salamat sa pagiging bahagi ng bawat umaga at bawat araw ng pageantlandia. Tandaan, isa ka sa nagsimula ng lahat! Take pride of it!

  17. Good luck, good health, God bless you… yes, in these trying, uncertain times, a birthday and the simple joy it brings should still be celebrated.. more blessings to our blogger.. 🎂🎁☺ HAPPY ..th BIRTHDAY!!!

  18. Speaking of,…

    1) Ba’t nga ba mga bata ngayon, dami’ng opting for a jowa-free EXISTENCE? Is that the secret to eternal youth? If it will whiten skin, count me in, po. 😦

    2) Gradual return to (international) travel. Tio, ang VISA? Status? Latest advise from Mdme. Pilar? October ba ‘yun? Baka manageable, idamay mo na rin ‘yun’g kay Cinderella sa Sharm El-Sheik, siguro naman kahit paano may connection from Tirana to Cairo…Would squeezing in Scandinavia (kasi sabi niyo gusto niyo pumunta du’n)?

    So, ka-bday niyo si Aga Muhlach? You’re both in your fifties? 🙂

    Have a nice day!

  19. Happy birthday, Norms! Your blog is a home for many of us. God bless you.

    Yeah, we almost have the same situation. Minsan nga naiisip ko na tsamba na mabuhay ngayon. Hahahah. We must be very lucky.

  20. Indeed, it’s always great to be alive! If there is something positive this pandemic brought to all of us is the realization of the value of human life and living. I admire you for spreading positivity in your blogs, maintaining an even keel despite tirades and destabilization by some commenters. That’s professionalism and stable moral compass. You maybe GenX but your heart, mind and work ethic is GenY and GenZ. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  21. Happiest of birthdays to you!!! I will return home sometime in February, I’ll take you out to lunch or dinner for a belated birthday celebration! May you be gifted with many blessings. You deserve the best!

  22. Happy Birthday Norman.

    Some phone in questions:

    1) Are you nearing 40 na ba?
    2) What has been your greatest regret so far?
    3) Why is your skin dry in that photo above ? (Lol)
    4) Absence of love life does not mean absence of sex life. Yes or No. Explain.
    5) Among all the queens or even just candidates you have met/ encountered, who are the three closest to your heart?

    Finally, when you count your blessings may you always have three: Money, Luck, and a reader like me. Mwah!

    World Peace.

    • 1) Way way beyond 40
      2) Not accepting an opportunity to work in Canada after college
      3) my face is oily, but let me do something about my skin
      4) during the pandemic, sex life is zero. But without the pandemic, I get fertilized at least every other week haha
      5) Right now, Rachel Peters, Mafae Yunon Belasco and from MWP, Candidate 27 Trisha Martinez

  23. Happy birthday Tito Norms! May the good Lord continue to bless you and your family! 🥰 All the best

  24. Happy Birthday Norman! God bless you more abundantly. Cheers!

      • I have already figured out who is the most desserving to win MUP…. and if MUP org is smart enough to pick this girl, she could return their investments by winning Miss Universe para libre ang next year’s expensive franchise fee… plus a chance for the Philippines to host again for another year… because the government would make sure of that by possibly maybe even our president visiting our representive at the Miss Universe pageant venue to wish her luck.. 😁

  25. Happy birthday, Tito Norman! Many more birthdays to come and candles to blow!

    Thank you for sharing your love of pageantry through your blog. It’s always been fascinating to see and hear Filipinos adore beauty pageants. There’s always that sense of excitement to see who’s going to be the new queen. Thank you for keeping this culture alive.

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