4 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2021: Runway Challenge

  1. Pansin lang. Hindi ba na brief si Katrina.
    1. Headshot. Lahat tone down ang accessories para focus sa face. Sya naka big papaya earrings
    2 Runway. Lahat on black sya shade of pink.
    Kamustah naman? Hindi maganda yan.

  2. Ingrid Santamaria- Wow she looks gorgeous…. She is looking so modelesque.. I’m just bothered by the her swaying arms.. is it because the gloves are distracting or her arm movements are a bit too choreographed? But again… gorgeous symetrical face…. I love it…

    Christal Abello-She looks well improved..

    Mirjan Hipolito- Her walk reminds me of Rabiya… I’m just bothered by the asymetry of her skirt where in the ruffle on 1 side is bothering her arm… Her make up looks a bit too plain as well but she still looks gorg..

    Katrina Dimaranan- That walk is gorgeous and she looks stunning!… I just hope she tapes her boobs higher cause its looking a little saggy like hanging deflated punching bags…

    • Nope. A big no for Dimaranan on this one! She looks tranny-ish here. Plus, what’s with the magenta colored outfit? Hindi ba sya nabrief?

  3. Hindi ako candidate pero na-touch ako sa linyang ‘to,

    “I also want to insert the familiar ones among the relative unknowns so you can also check out their efforts.”

    Love you, Norman!

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