145 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2021: Runway Challenge Part 4

  1. Flor dito lang ako magko-comment (kahit about supra) dahil parang tayong dalawa na lang ang nag-oopen at nagbabasa rito.

  2. Ang daming comments dito!

    Papasok kaya sa top 5 si Dindi Pajares? Please share your thoughts. Thanks a LOT.

  3. Naku ha! Nakaalis na ang ating boy-kargador papuntang Poland. Good luck dong sa imong participation sa Mr. Sup…

  4. I also prefer listening to non-Filipino pageant analysts because I get fresh insights on pageant preferences. It’s also good to hear things from a different perspective. 💕

    • Like The Sovereign (Davonna Finley), Dani Walker, Hector Portelles, Hector Cermeno, Pageant Empress, etc.

      • Si Siera Bearchell nawalan na ng ganang mag-pageant vlog kasi kahit ano pa man ang sasabihin niya ang dami pa ring namba-bash sa kanya. He, he, he…

      • @ paul ! Buenos dias… Soy Pipe. 🙂

        ‘Pageant Empress’ is George. Don’t you think he’s RJ Ignacio’s long-lost twin?

      • Seguro Flor. But George is FAR better than RJ Ignacio. Ano ba yan RJ? Nay naku!

        I like Soy Pipe Flor.

        Thanks a LOT my dear. Maayong udto nimo diha.

      • @ paul ‘Soy Pipe’ means ‘I am Pipe’ (referring to Pipe Vlogs). It’s always in his intro.

        If you followed the Thalia ‘telenovela’ craze, she sings, ‘Maria la del barrio, soy..”. I am Mary… 🙂

        Du’n ka sa Supranational post/s mag-comment about Supra. You’re clogging up the MUP post. If any of us want to review an earlier comment, we encounter difficulty in re-locating it. 😦

      • Pasensya na Flor kalimot nako sa akong Spanish 1. Pasang awa lang ako dun. Better ang grade ko sa French 10. Echos! He, he, he…

      • Davonna is frank but very magaling. George is nice (mabait) and charming. Siera nag-quit na yata sa pageant vlogging. He, he, he…

  5. Maiba naman tayo this afternoon. Rachel Peters is pregnant and so is Katarina Rodriguez. Both are still very beautiful (with their pregnancy) and soo… happy. Congratulations girls and good luck to both of you, 2017 Bb. Pilipinas alumnae.

    • Katarina and Nelda Ibe were the best performing girls among the 2017 Bb. Pilipinas titleholders. Both were 1st runners up in their respective pageants. Actually the two were more deserving to win the crowns than the eventual winners.

      Elizabeth Clenci was 2nd runners up in Miss Grand International. She deserves her placement.

      Rachel and Chanel made it to the Top 10 of their respective pageants. They even deserved to be in the Top 5. But luck was not on their side during finals.

      • Rachel and Katarina soon to be mothers this year. Or Rachel will be mom early next year? Congratulations girls.

      • Vincent to Bb. Pilipinas next year. Aberasturi to MWP. Umali at Hipolito sa BPP din. Wroblewitz to Mutya Pilipinas.

  6. steffi is natural and oozing with universal appeal fit to wear the universe crown… luigi gomez is my alternate..

    • You are a big fan of the Cebuanas. One is a D___ and the other is a L ___. He, he, he…

      • Venezuela’s body was killing with unique and distinct beauty, and beyond par with her Q&A, that’s why she won… spain was clear second😊

      • Na-tsismis na siya ay L___. Donald and Paula were NOT yet ready for an L___ MU winner that time. Today, maybe not yet also. Baka makapasok siya sa Top 10. Tulungan mos siya. He, he, he…

    • Spain was represented by a self confessed L _ _ _ and won first runner up in 2013… let luigi gomez follow..

      • Spain could have been the MU winner. Pero natunugan ng MU org., kaya 1st runners up lang siya. Several months later – confirmed. He, he, he…

  7. My runaway challenge winner is VVV
    But I still prefer Dimaranan because of her experience and strong Filipino roots
    Steffi is ok too but her presentation may appear too ‘kontesera’ vs the cool vibe so far shown by Maureen W
    Cuaton is a revelation . She just looks amazing

    • Yeah, Katrina did a great job representing the USA at Miss Supranational therefore Filipinos should gear up our toxic Filipino pride and colonial mentality to claim her as our own since we have proven how loyal she is to our country! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • She’s Filipina in her heart and has always wanted to wear the Philippine sash eversince 2012 but her international pageant didn’t push through. In spite of being raised in the US (she was born in the Philippines), she is very fluent in Tagalog and has been a TV host for TFC. She’s close to her mom who lives in the US so she chose to live there too.

        She was appointed by a Filipino pageant trainer to represent the USA at Supranational so she went to Poland. She has dual citizenship so it’s not illegal for her to compete at MUP.

      • Katrina is still the best girl for MUP this year. Complete package and well experienced.

    • Kol anong balita kay Bella? Mahilig ka talaga sa taga-The Camp no? Pe, he, he…

    • Two reason that may prevent Steffi from winning the crown – being from the rival camp and her political alignment.

      • May dagdag pa – baka maungkat din yung kaniyang pagiging former car show girl.

      • @ paul Sweetie, have you ever been to one of those ‘guy’ trade conventions – cars, guns, cock fighting, online gaming, or construction/engineering/HVAC (last 3 a bit more with feminine touch)?

        (Kasi nga, marami-rami na rin naman ang babae’ng gamer or inhinyero/arkitekta… Megan & Shamcey.)

        The (male) visitors are on their best behavior for the most part. Yes, it’s tiring work to be on your feet all day, all dolled up, regaling customers… But, the ‘worst’ it got was a photo-op ‘with chicks’. Worst place to get fresh! The booth locators’ big bosses whiz past incognito, and watch over their ’employees’ like eagles. Without asking, you could tell most men there are responsible, happily-married types or at least with girlfriends of long-standing. THE BOSSES DECIDE WHOM AMONG THEIR MALE STAFF CAN BE ‘ENTRUSTED WITH THE TASK’.

        I’m sure that if it were an issue with MUPO’s Screening committee, Steffi would not be here now. And we can be sure they know about that. 🙂

        I saw you were referring to the Lesbian. Which made me wonder what became of the transgender ward of The Camp… 😦

      • Ikaw na talaga Flor ang source of all information. Thanks my dear.

        Good evening to you.

  8. Pakiboto nga pala si Cory Abalos…
    Dahil inendorse sya ni Kris Aquino…

  9. Leren is a dumbie. Tanungin mo yan about complicated issues like inflation at kung ano ano pa wala yang masasagot. The tourism title is actually 3rd place. Globe is like 5th place. And leren joined when she was 26. Kung sasali sya NUNG 18 sya mananalo kaya say?.Fyi Katrina lived her first few years here attending at a local school. She and fer family migrated when she was grade 2. And FYI she was raised in the bay area, the most filipino part of USA. Si Catriona was raised in Cairns a very white Queensland place 😂 😂

      • Foul pero may katotohanan ang sinabi niya. Leren’s major weaknesses – communication skills, intelligence & knowledge levels, and needed personality apt for MU)

  10. I have been waiting for weeks to figure out who to root for among these girls and finaly one girl made a grand gesture to help me make that choice….

    I now have a MUP WINNER, someone I would root for to win Miss Universe… A Spanish-Waray & English-Australian-Bisayan Filipino… STEFFI PEARSON ABERASTURI…. a girl who seeks to unite, & not to divide… bestfriend pala nya si Cynthia Thomalia… and I now understand their shared opinions about uhmmm… life.. which explains a lot why they never joined BBP… You now have my full support. I am rooting for you!💕❤💕💕💕💕💕

    While Leren Bautista is my 1st RUp, kasi nakafocus ka lang masyado sa pageantry and I never heard you speak to unite our people for the greater good of anything bigger than pageantry. If only you are more passionate & vocal about creating the greater good for the majority then that majority would be rooting for you… just saying. 🙂

    Sorry Jasmine Umali, you are only my 2nd RUp… because I have read your past FB posts before you locked your profile…. it’s the only reason why I’m not rooting for you for the top spot.. My special Assignment for you is learn the history of your ancestors and what they fought for… Hopefully that would help you see the bigger picture and understand the purpose of gainning a huge platform. Yun lang. Ok na yan for a 1st timer.🙄

    As for Katrina, Maureen, Bea, Kisses, etc… maglaban-laban nalang kayo sa 3rd and 4th RUp spots…

  11. For this challenge, its Steffi, Maureen and Leren Mae for me.

    Please, pag back-outin nyo na si Delavin, masasaktan lang fans nya sa finals. Hahaha

    • I think MUPh will give her a token award, like BBP giving Francesca Taruc BB Silka & Miss Araneta City.

      MUPh will earn money and marketing mileage with Kisses so whether we like it or not, Kisses is getting into Top 30 and who knows, maybe even Top 5. Given her shoo-in stature, sana nageffort man lang to train and work out for a year before joining ‘di ba?. But what can we do ba as pageant fans? Accept na lang the business side of pageantry.

      Are we also not bothered by Rabiya having dinner with 3 GMA artistas? Parang they’re cooking something for next year. I think it’s Gabbi Garcia, Sanya Lopez and Bianca Umali. It’s either Rabiya entering showbusiness or these girls getting recruited to join MUPh next edition. Jonas Gaffud channeling his inner Arnold Vegafria LOL.

      Wise business decision, I must say. I just don’t know if this is good news to Philippine pageantry.

      With more artistas joining pageantry:
      1. More commercial-looking standards of beauty for Pinay beauty queens (less exotic/polarizing/questionable beauties: Hi, Paul!)
      2. Bigger fan base for voting in international pageants
      3. Wider reach of advocacy platform

      1. Kahit sino na lang LOL. Pia Wurtzbach, Megan Young, Ruffa Gutierrez, Wynwyn Marquez were already tall or queenly or performers talaga prior to joining pageantry. With these random artistas joining just because they’re “tall” by common Pinay standards (5’4) or Pinay beauty daw (morena) or whatever, we are probably going to see shorter and shorter Pinays on the international stage.
      2. Artistas tend to be dumb. There are a few exceptions, FEW. Most do not have college degrees or high school diplomas. We don’t need queens to be physicists or lawyers, but we need critical thinkers with social awareness and winsome conversation skills. Looking at these artistas’ social media captions and tweets, mapapafacepalm ka na lang talaga.
      3. If we are already ashamed of our Baklang Kanal warriors on social media bashing queens from other countries, imagine the embarrassment we’ll have to endure from Baby Bra warriors and Marites fans of these artistas. Bashing will increase tenfold.

      These things are unfolding before our very eyes, courtesy of Kisses. Many artistas have come before her, but Kisses is the first to be short, stocky, untrained, and awkward. Chanel Morales did not have the same fan base, and she joined MW so it’s forgivable and forgettable. Kisses is opening the gates to more artistas joining pageantry. I hope BBP keeps their standards high. BBP remains our last stronghold.

    • Kailangan siya sa Top 30 para sa dagdag na kita ng MUP org. Example – may voting sa Miss Photogenic, Best Smile, Cute Face, etc.

  12. Parang sasali sa Little Miss Philippines si Kisses.
    Wag sana magalit fans nya pero meron tayong tinatawag na self-awareness. Di naman sinasabi na wag sya sumali sa MUP, pero parang hinde pa time. Mukhang syng putot na bunga, hinde ng sstand out, lalo sya magmumukhang Neneng pag ngkatabi tabi silang mga kandidata. MU is looking for a woman na malakas ang dating, tumatatak ang personality, she does not have that yet.

    Salamat sa mga fans nya, kung wala sila, I dont think mkakapasok sya sa top 10 ng challenges.

    Di na ako mgtataka kung mg number 1 ulit sya dito, maraming followers eh, but we all know that she is not

    • Hayaan mo na sya sumali…bakit b g na g ka…hindi nman voting sa finals night. May mga judges nman kung umabot man sya sa finals because of voting wala tayo magagawa dun. Di nman kasalanan ni Kisses na marami sya fans.

      • Kailangan siya sa Finals Night para DAGDAG kita sa MUP Org. Probably voting system sa Best Smile, Cute Face, Miss Telegenic, etc. He, he, he…

      • Kailangan din si Kisses for higher viewership number on social media and TV rating/s.

  13. dati inaabangan ko si steffi kasi kahawig ni Catriona pretty steffi but i noticed that she is not blessed w the coveted proportion of jehza huelar. hindi mahaba legs in short. whats her real height?
    dimaranan looked more ready in supra. this video reminded me of fahsai styling. nagmukhang chubby si katrina where im thinking that katrina is supposed to be one of the best bodies.
    maureen face is really beautiful but im thinking bakit puro likod pinpakita
    leren na siguro pinaka complete package sa mga nakita ko pero wala ako gaano makitang snippet w her q and a
    vv can be a future supra but she is palaban even as a newbie isang hakbang edsa na kala ko dati photoshop legs nya pero totoo pala mahaba biyas even in motion biyas mapapansin mo i wonder what parental genes side she got that body

    • You can root for VVV pero kung siraan ng kandidata lugi sya. Why? I don’t mind that VVV looks like Vico Soto transitioned into a woman… I’m more bothered that she was born & raised in New Zealand w/ no pageant experience… There can only be one foreign born girl in the Top 5 and VVV is competing w/ a former Miss Supra 1st runner up and a former Asia’s Next Top Model for that slot… On top of that, all the challenges are popularity contests…. I don’t see her even reaching the top 5 in any of those… Only way she could penetrate the top 5 is if both Maureen and Katrina falters in the Q&A… Goodluck!

      • @closer I’m just saying my observation that I’m expecting something big since Catriona level yun isa maigsi pala butas, Yung supra ru tingin ko mananalo though I find her not fit this time. Pakibasa uli I find leren the most complete hahahaha you are welcome to give your thoughts naman parehas lang naman tayo citizen ng Pilipinaskong mhal and make this closer blog not Tito norman blog now sabi mo I’m rooting for vvv for admiring a body hehehe I find vico gwapo though. Maureen face ang gandah pero di ok photographer shots pero yun vvv talaga napansin mo wkwkwkwk assuming much Sino root ko wahhhh
        naging psychic blog na pala ito good luck na din sa pag gawa ng blog parawag mo angkinin yun blog

  14. Pang Miss World ang beauty ni Maureen. MW (Maureen Wroblewitz) for MW (Miss World)!

    • Tama. Parang better chances in MWP dahil sa dami ng titles offered by ALV. But not necessary the MWP.

      • @ paul Good Thu, dear.

        Maureen just signed a contract with canale 2… How to harmonize with ALV’s links with canale 7?

        It was Sir Gerry Diaz that convinced her to join A&Q. He should be the best person to ask as to the trajectory of her engagements for the medium-term, pageant-wise. 🙂

        Again, Mdme. Julia, as one of us said before, is looking for a Lady Diana Spencer, while herself the true queen commanding the wind. If Ms. Wroblewitz is cool with that inspirational-aspirational glamor puss work-role, g. I don’t find it particularly empowering… (So ja, maybe not MU?).

      • Hello Flor. Problema na yan nila ang mga kontrata. At sabi ko nga hindi siya bagay sa Miss World. Pwede siya sa Miss Multinational kung meron pa. He, he, he…

  15. Dimaranan’s walk and turns are disappointing or maybe I was just expecting too much.

    • Let’s (patiently) wait for the Top 30 and the finals night. The runway challenge is just one of the bases. There are other equally important factors – intelligence & comm. skills, packaging & styling, personality & attitude, experiences, etc.

      • I think Katrina has an edge over Steffi in terms of communication and Q&A skills. It is not all pasarela. Besides, it is easy to improve Katrina’s runway skills apt for MU.

  16. Randomly checking the videos, I super like the production quality of Ilocos Sur. Galing ng transitions 🙂

  17. Si Leren Mae Bautista ang dapat at karapat dapat na maging susunod na Miss Universe Philippines! ❤

  18. Steffi, Katrina, and Leren.
    I would love Steffi to represent us on the int’l stage, Katrina and Leren have proven their worth. Pero kahit sino sa kanila pwede.

  19. After the unique runway challenge videos of Princess Kristina Singh and Steffi Rose Aberesturi, I wouldn’t be surprised if may maglalakad sa pilapil in 2022. Something about Katrina that’s not MU level, more Love Island level. Kisses must have borrowed that corset from Tito Boy (yes, isolate that neck, girl teehee). Loved her pa-side exit walk ala little crab, with matching kiss(es) goodbye to the cam. teeheehee.

  20. My top 2 in particular order
    1. Leren Mae Bautista
    2. Steffi Aberasturi

    After this challenge, I have reservations about Katrina Dimaranan. Meron syang kilos at emote na nakakainis. I would replace her with Maureen W.
    Kesha was a surprise for me but Im not sure if she’s for Miss Universe.

    Leren Mae is the only one who can compete right away if MU would be held next week. She is simply a pro.
    That’s all for now while I wait for the top 35.

  21. Special mention to Megan Roa Digal…

    Wrong dress, wrong shoes, wrong make-up….
    And that walk is Pedestrian level compared to the front runners…

    Piece of advice… get a stylist…. or better yet… get a whole glam team…

  22. Maganda rin tong naisip nila Jonas na mga challenges! Because you will be able to see who has the potential and who is still raw!

    Don’t tell me na magta-Top nanaman dito si Kisses Delavin?? Please! Para siyang tumatawid sa putikan!

    Unti-unti may napipisil na ko! We really need someone who is ready to fight given the short duration of the preparation!

    The thing with runway or pasarela or catwalk is hindi ka lang lalakad na as if lumalakad following a straight line! Based on comments sa FB marami nagsasabi na best catwalk in MU si Ariadna Gutierrez! Catriona says that Stephfany has the best walk during her time! Ano ba yung common characteristics nung dalawa sa paglalakad kung napansin niyo? Anyway, chaca ko na lang sasabihin kapag may Top 35 na!

  23. My top 5 best in runway challenge:

  24. T2 Tinio, good Tue PM.

    Will the Ring Light serie this time be anything like SupraChat?

    If so, I WANT (Michelle) GUMABAO TO HOST, po. P-L-E-A-S-E. Tia! 🙂

  25. I don’t know. Many girls seem to have been trained to walk a certain “pageant walk” mostly attributed to a winner or some pasarela trend. What I noticed was that many of the “runway” videos made the candidate walk a certain way which was very uncomfortable to look at. More importantly, their body types do not fit the walk, i.e. either they have neck, shoulders, torsos, hips or legs which do not agree with the walk they’re presenting. 🤭 For example, one frontrunner’s video was so excellently made but upon closer scrutiny she had a very uneven walk, in spite of her confidence. Many of the videos were very uncomfortable to look at mainly because it’s no longer elegant nor stylish. It looks rather painful for the candidate to contort her body in “fierce” poses and angles just to declare that she knows how to walk like a pageant girl. Just my opinion. 🙋🏼‍♀️🕊️💐

  26. The usual suspects as the top contenders:

    Steffi Aberasturi
    Leren Mae Bautisa
    Maureen Wrob
    Katrina Dimaranan – Remains to be in my Top 5 (but yes, not so impressed with her video)
    Bea Gomez

    One of them will take the crown , if there is justice and fairness in the world. =)

    Kesha – a surprise since she has never been included in my top list

    Victoria is giving off A Vico Sotto trans vibe. Lol. I dont know if that is good or bad.
    Rousana Bernos – overrated. A girl with no chin. Ordinary face. I have seen more beautiful SM Megamall sales ladies. She has just followers.
    Kisses D. – Again, pretty (not beautiful) face. Short, stout legs that no heels can compensate for. She’s just a girl with many followers. But please, don’t make her win just because of popularity.
    Abalos – Pretty on photo. Disappointing in motion. ordinary face, bad pasarela.

    World Peace.

    • There are two things that may hinder Steffi from winning the crown – being from the rival camp and her political alignment.

  27. ‘Ito’ng installment na lang na ‘to panonoorin ko. Tamaditis me… 😦

    I like ‘un’g dress ni ‘Batangas Province’, the one she wore at the freeway. STAR Tollway ba ‘yun?

    And while we’re in the subject, itigil na ‘yan’g mga hapit na mini-skirt. Pam-pokers ang arrive.

    Doloriel’s video was exemplary. Straightforward sustained walk on a literally straight road. 🙂

    ‘Best Locale’ award for the year I give to MPE, for that virtual Swim pasarela at an abandoned ship yard in Sual, Pangasinan. Very ‘Mad Max : Thunderdome’!

    (Hhhmmm… ‘Thunderdome’ was also a night club on Timog Avenue, Quezon City. Now long gone.)

    May sala si ‘Baguio City’. That ain’t… That’s… Capitol Commons. Krista Singh should have been!

    • It doesn’t mention the maiden surnames of her Paternal and Maternal grandmothers…

  28. Kesha Ramachandran – gave me goosebumps. powerful walk. commanding presence. I know she’s an athlete, but since this is a pageant, she needs to downplay her strong shoulders/arms a bit para model/queen ang aura and less basketball player/glamazon warrior.

    Kisses Delavin – cute. her face can be fierce naman pala. her body though. perhaps get a stylist to make her look long. wrong choice of footwear. limbs are a little to thick and short-looking. walk is stiff and unnatural.

    Maureen Wroblewitz – pretty face. natural walk.

    Rousanne Bernos – suprisingly good. love the confidence. still not a fan of the face or the body, but she’s starting to be less annoying. I was actually expecting her to be as awkward as Kisses, but she was the most confident among all the girls. Fine, give her the token top 5 placement for inclusivity ek ek. I won’t complain.

    Beatrice Gomez – wrong choice of outfit. clean lines sana. all the ruffles and feathers and whatever made her body shapeless.

    Steffi Aberasturi – amazing as always. I just don’t know if the video was sped up or she really walks that fast.

    Victoria Vincent – hilaw pa. her face is fierce pero she’s shy and dainty pala talaga in motion.

    Leren Bautista – pro as expected.

    Jasmine Umali – sexy.

    Ingrid Santa Maria – looks better without makeup. her features are more on the cute/girl-next-door/quirky/Ala Paredes type so fierce and dark colors and sexy are not for her.

    Kat Dimaranan – matronly. but so is Andrea Meza. so idk.

    Janela Cuaton – is gorgeous locally, I just don’t know if she will be appreciated by foreign judges. performance was superb though.

    Princess Singh – OMG. this girl. I don’t know if her strong resemblance to Pia will help her bid or not, baka people will say, Oh look the Philippines is sending another Pia. But goodness, this girl is jawdroppingly beautiful.

  29. I just find Capiz’s feature geared towards modeling type. I find her face too strong for pageantry.

  30. Current TOP 13 in random order:

    Steffi Aberasturi- She has proven that she is indeed the frontrunner in this competition…. that walk, music and location… She is definitely the one to beat.

    Jasmine Umali- I always knew she has the potential…
    She is naturaly poised and effortlessly stunning… w/ brains to match…Confidently Beautiful!

    Leren Bautista- a sure TOP 5 without a doubt…gorgeous in almost all aspects.. Let’s just see how she places side by side with all these other front runners on the speaking challenge….

    Katrina Dimaranan- I don’t know how to react.. she is clearly a frontrunner… but based on this challenge alone.. she’s falling behind…

    Maureen Wroblewitz- the video was so simple… Did not exactly showcase her runway skills but her beauty and charm made her standout… but I do wish to see more effort from her…

    Beatrice Gomez- those wardrobe choices did make her standout but not in a good way.. I wish she showcased her lean body… those proportions and her killer pasarella… I did not see any of those…

    Kirsten Delavin- pretty, gorgeous, charming… She’s almost the total package… if only she wasn’t a midg.. er… “little person”…

    Janela Cuaton.. Waist up.. gorgeous.. waistdown… pedestrian… can’t wait for the speaking challenge . I want to see how she improved…

    Ingrid Santamaria- Beautifull, modelesque… that walk nèeds some work though but that can easily be improved… She has what it takes for a 1st timer..

    Mirjan Hipolito- needs to work on her pasarella but I see her potential and she would always be beauty and brains.. i just need more from her to make her really standout.

    Kesha Ramachandran- naturally statuesque and modelesque.. I just need a better facial expression from her.. And I want a more powerful confident movements from her…

    Christelle Abello- well improved…

    Corazon Abalos- shes giving me girl next door vibes… a tad bit mediochre but enough to be ranked higher than the filler girls…

    • OK sana yung kay Steffi. Pero feeling ko naka 1 or 2 times faster yung video. Maski yung hampas ng buhok nya sa hangin ang bilis. Kung naka normal yung phasing mas maganda pa.

      • @B

        I know but her video is still way better than anybody else… tell me who did better than her????

        I know that they should know when to peak… but staying consistent at the top is way better than just being dynamic..

  31. I have finaly seen Beatrice Gomez’ video…
    1st outfit meh… 2nd outfit… another meh.. I’m bothered that she chose these dresses that are too colorful and distracting… I ddnt even notice her walk, face and body… I saw too much of the dress and shoes… and both did not fit her well nor at least showcased her proportions…. I’m just left disapointed…

  32. Lo and behold..oh my gully…there are some huge changes with my favorites after this segment.
    I have narrowed down my choices from 75 to 42 ladies. Some were way under the radar to a revelation.
    The 8 candidates who were I completely ignored were the Eastern Visayas reps: Nepheline Dacuno * of Tacloban City, Mystymyles Zaragoza * from Leyte, Kristina Rodriguez * of Baguio City, Allaine Dolera * of Calamba, Laguna; Noelyn Campos * of Antique, Shyrla Nunez * of Caloocan, Anne Sanglay of La Union, and Farizzha Diro ** of Tarlac.

    So these are the remaining 34 from the Top 42 I have selected, in random order: (The shoo ins for the crown with 3 stars ***)
    1. Maureen Wroblewitz **
    2. Camille Eisma *
    3. Grace Vendiola **
    4. Chella Falconer **
    5. Maria Corazon Abalos *
    6. Kirsten Delavin **
    7. Steffi ABERASTURI ***
    8. Jasmine UMALI ***
    9. Leren BAUTISTA ***
    10. Kaye Ramanchandran **
    11. Beatrice GOMEZ ***
    12. Jedidah Korinihona *
    13. Pamela Framil *
    14. Sherlyn Doloriel **
    15. Jane Genobisa *
    16. Victoria Vincent **
    17. Katrina Chavez **
    18. Mirjan Hipolito **
    19. Gianne Asuncion *
    20. Janela Cuaton **
    21. Sheikha Calapatia *
    22. Hershey Dacera *
    23. Christelle Abello **
    24. Joanna Rabe **
    25. Christiana Yeboah *
    26. Katrina Dimaranan **
    27. Peach Resurreccion *
    28. Jane Minano **
    29. Princess Singh **
    30. Rousanne Bernos **
    31. Maria Ingrid Santamaria **
    32. Xyrille Caluya *
    33. Gliyam Cundangan *
    34. Vincy Vacalares *

    • I agree with Antique. I’ve read that she’s an athlete and is in the Philippine Teakwondo team; Her height was listed at 5’10”. Seen a couple of her videos and she seems to have a good command of the English language.

      Another girl who’s not on the radar is Capiz. She gives me a Pia W. vibe.

      • @ Crystal Bell Yup. Both Campos of Antique and Flejoles of Capiz were outstanding in Head Shot. 🙂

        Campos was among Tito’s 15 favorite Introduction Videos, too.

        @ mik Sanglay of La Union looks like somebody… ‘Di ko maalala ‘yun’g sinabi ko dati. 😦

      • I just find Capiz’s feature geared towards modeling type. I find her face too strong for pageantry.

      • @ mik OK. Now, I remember. Anne Sanglay looks like Asha Gutierrez. 🙂

        Parang karaniwan na ‘yan’g ‘hawig ni Pia’ complement. Even Steffi… If it’s any consolation to Ms. W, it only goes to show that despite German extraction, she STILL LOOKS PINAY.

        ‘Di kaya baka lang medyo matapang timpla ng make-up ni Flejoles? Kung magpa-tweetums kaya?

      • (Cont.)

        Noelyn Rose Mabuhay Campos of Antique.

        My ‘gurl crush’ for MUP Class of 2021. 🙂

        Serving Kim Crizaldo x Caroline Veronilla fraiche-ness. M-WAHH (a kiss)!

        Was recently reported that amethyst was found there. Will take that as a harbinger of hope.

  33. Kesha Ramachandran- looks the most statuesque

    Corazon Abalos-Looks like a regular girl next door… I like when she shows her personality but her walk needs work..

    Kirsten Delavin- waist up gorgeous
    … neck up… she’s giving me Megan Young…
    If only Kisses wasn’t a midget…

    Where is the video of Beatrice Gomez????
    Did she pull out of the gane this early?

  34. OMG I love the song in Leren’s video…. The veterans turned up the heat for sure but I do feel for some of the ladies who do not have a strong support system to put a glamorous production compared to the established ones. But great presentation overall… I wonder what the next challenge is.

  35. I got glued with the presentation of K Ramachandran(Iloilo city). I think she has the best walk in this batch.❤️👍

    If there’s an Olympic runway challenge for the “Degree of Difficulty” I’ll give that honor to Maica Martinez(Nueva Ecija) for walking on uneven pavement, literally walking on Toes! 🤗

  36. Watched all the videos and I just wanna say that this challenge brought out the best from the pageant veterans / seasoned runway divas! They were on fire, they didnt care about the other ladies eating dust behind! Well if thats how Jonas and Shamcey wanted things to happen, so be it. Hope these ladies felt that necessary boost to catch up as frontrunners in this race!

    Top 3:
    1. Leren Bautista
    2. Steffi Aberatsuri
    3. Janela Cuaton

    Honorable Mentions:
    Jasmine Umali

    Kat Dimaranan – gurl got a tranny-ish round face! Wtf? A big NO for this one. Plus whats with the magenta colored outfit? Nasan ka ba at di ka nainform? Sorry but it really says a lot for someone who doesnt know how to follow instructions.

    • Kesha Ramachandran- looks the most statuesque

      Corazon Abalos-Looks like a regular girl next door… I like when she shows her personality but her walk needs work..

      Kirsten Delavin- waist up gorgeous
      … neck up… she’s giving me Megan Young…
      If only Kisses wasn’t a midget…

    • Katrina’s video is an old video. She wasn’t able to do the actual runway challenge because she had to do a 10-day quarantine upon arriving in the Philippines from the USA. After her quarantine, she said that she’s busy preparing for the contest with her team.

    • Fyi Katrina is still under quarantine. Kahit anong lait nyo sa kanya she is the most decorated girl in that batch. Bb Pilipinas tourism, 1st runner up miss supranational. The other girls??? No
      And she’s just 18 when she won bb. So bye

      • No one is making lait to your Katrina, dear. Purely stating observations based on her submitted video.

      • Shunga kaya nga pangit ang video nya dahil she’s under quarantine. JUSKO rooftop ng hotel nag film. Anyway let’s see sa coronation night. Wag lang Silang magcrown ng Rabiya 2.0 na drastic ang transformation. At wag magpadala ng 5″6 below sa Israel. Yun lang. So bye Corazon Abalos

      • @Namrata

        Yes, she was BbPilipinas Tourism at 18 but it was highly desputed that she was given that title since BBP was already informed that there would be no international pageant… Plus, because of that she could no longer join BBP again… On top of that, I am already bothered that she was raised abroad even if she has both Filipino parents.. Therefore, I don’t think her as an appointed representive of the USA and winning 1st RUp at Miss Supranational is something to be proud of as a MUP contestant…. Meanwhile, although Steffi has never competed in the Nationals, She has multiple wins of regional pageants in the PH… while Leren already won a regional title(Miss Laguna), A National Title( Mutya ng Pilipinas) and International Title(Miss Tourism somethin) before joinning a more competitive batch of BBP where she landed as Miss Globe Ph which is a higher tier than Miss Tourism Int. of Katrina and landed as 2nd RUp representing the PH.

        So technicaly it is Leren who is the most decorated contestant this year not Katrina.

      • @Closer2Fame she was raised in the USA in guess what place? The Bay Area. The most Filipino part of all the USA. Have you been there? JUSKO si Catriona nga was raised in Cairns, a very white Queensland place. VVV was raised in NZ.

      • @Namrata

        Yeah Katrina is so Filipino that she chose to represent the USA at Miss Supranational… therefore it’s time for her to represent her the Philippines this time around since we already got a taste of her loyalty and nationalism… 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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