4 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2021: Runway Challenge Part 3

  1. I am hoping to see Miss Universe Philippines Nueva Ecija on finals. I believe na super dark horse itong bata na ito also Miss Quirino and Miss Tarlac.

  2. Jasmin Umali- is stunning… didnt even notice her walk… beautiful face and body… That neck and decolatage is stunningly gorgeous! She is built to be a queen …I love her natural poise… she is lookin like royalty.. its in her blood… She could possibly be in the top 3 w/ Steffi and Katrina…

    Leren Bautista- She really prepaired for this.. beautiful as always… We all know she can also give a powerful pasarela… Nothin to worry about… her top5 placement is in the bag.

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