6 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2021: Runway Challenge Part 2

  1. Steffi’s was the best. The whole thing just screamed: THE QUEEN HAS ARRIVED.

  2. Vvvv topped this she proved that she can switch fr fierce to angelic . Ang habaaaaaaaaa Ng legs 5’9 -5’10 sya but she looked 6footer w the body proportion. Rachel peters Lang Yun naalala ko na’9 pero mukhang 6ft dahil sa legsss

  3. Victoria Vincent- looks so expensive… I love her walk.. she seems well trained… There are a few seconds where she loses that power but she instantly recovers…. A little more trainning and she could improve further to secure her spot in the Top 5… She’s giving me a nodelesque combo version of Marian Rivera and Daisha Jimenez.. I love it.

    Janela Cuaton- waist up she is gorgeous… beautiful.. flawless… waist down… she is giving me a tad bit pedestrian….

    Maureen Wroblewitz- is lookin beautiful… Walk is a bit mediochre but I love her face when she shows personality… and that body hugging dress is showcasing her tiny waist that perfectly tapers to her ample hips…. If she grows that bubble butt some more, heads would surely turn!

    Steffi Aberasturi-She is killing it… she is slaying… definitely a well seasoned queen… reminds me of Samantha Bernardo… I definitely see her in the Top 3..

  4. Steffi Aberasturi went above and beyond what is expected in this challenge…

    Talk about PRODUCTION VALUE…

    But all the drone shots and music would be nothing if the pasarela wasn’t FIRE…

    I remember a quote of hers, from an article, in which she said she would never join a contest that she knew she didn’t have a chance of winning. It looks like girl prepared (in the time between Bb. Cebu and MUP), and now she’s come out guns blazing!

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