23 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2021: My Favorite Swimwear Photos

  1. I concur with the list except for Umali. Rabe looks classy… expensive… and just a tad bitchy, love it!

    • @ md11974 Quick fix for Jazmine would have been to have all her hair on one side (her right, our left) to introduce some diagonal-ity. Too vertical, her axis, so she looks stiff-cold like a marble statue, her porcelain skin aggravating the effect. 😦

      Look at Janjep’s equivalent. PLENTY of diagonal lines, Chinese fingers, while keeping the pale skin theme. 🙂

      Rabe looks classy… She has successfully elevated Jamaica Ambal x Maria Gigante.

  2. Sa tingin ko kung ihahanay mo ang larawan dito ni Leren sa mga latinas, tiyak na aangat si Leren.
    Pero mas powerful ang kabuuang larawan ni Steffi Rose dito. Miss Universe material.
    Si Dimaranan? No. She looks too old for this pageant. Sorry!!!

  3. Janine is best of friends with Katrina ; Shamcey and Janine are best friends ; I would not be surprised to know that it was Janine’s idea and talked to Katrina to convince her to join MUP,both are in the US…

  4. Hmmm… there’s something about Katrina that does not fit the MU mold. She would be a step down from recent winners like Demi, Cat, Zozi, and even Andrea. Yes, she is perky and lively, no doubt. But her interviews seem to lack substance. And she doesn’t exude the class and bearing of recent winners. I’m sorry if I have to disagree with many. I think she fits MGI more.

  5. If I had to pick among ate Norman’s favorites, it would be Leren Mae Bautista.
    Her photo is the only Miss Universe worthy here. Next is Dimaranan.
    All the rest feel uncomfortable with their poses.
    Enough with those shots like thrown hair up in the air, hawak sa mukha etc

  6. Patay ka sa mga fans ni Kisses! They will never forgive you for not making her top 1

  7. I think I made it clear from the start that I’m not a fan of Beatrice but of course,

    Give the credit where the credit is due!

    Maganda naman talaga yung features niya! And I believe that a woman’s best asset is her long legs! Yan ang common characteristics ng mga Victoria’s Secret model!

    Ang mangyayari nanaman dito, magta-Top si Kisses Delavin because of her supporters whereas andameng mas deserving na mga girls!

    Katrina has all the characteristics of an ideal MU, i.e., great spokesperson, tall, beautiful, dusky!

    Ang major issue ko sa kanya, if she wins, we cannot claim all the victory as pageant fans like Catriona who from the start has been wearing Philippine sash! Seguro kung hindi siya nag-first runner up sa Miss Supranational as Miss USA I will go for her! For now, mas gusto ko ma-corona-han fresh face! Pause muna ko for recycled beauties!

  8. nakaklokang tanong?

    wala sa list mo? hindi nandyan. naka hide lang.
    hindi mo gusto? hindi naman, gustong gusto ko sya.

  9. Madam, di mo bet si VVV Viveka Vavajee, kabog kaya ang body nya Victorious! Daming ganap at pa andar sa MUP.

    • @ Jay-r Body’s banging, but the PHOTO does not do her justice, po. 😦

      This is Uncle’s ‘photo picks’, not (yet) swim~body~figure picks. He says in the text he even boned up on fashion photography 101-ish… 🙂

      • Paano kung let say poorita salvacion lang ang mga friends at kamag anak ng isang candidate ni walang mobile or may mobile man di kaya ma install ang app. Di ligwak siya sa Top 30, ano yan si Kisses na ang Valedictorian pala, juice ko pang debut ang runway nya sa challenge. Tsaka aminin mo Sir, may ibang lugar sa Pinas na wapakels sa pageant mas gusto pa ang salpakan sabong online kaya ayun ang daming luz valdez di nasama sa Top 75. kagigil much,char char lang know when to peep!

  10. My current Top 15 in random Order

    Katrina Dimaranan
    Steffi Aberasturi
    Jasmine Umali
    Maureen Wroblewitz
    Leren Bautista

    Beatrice Gomez
    Victoria Vincent
    Mirjan Hipolito
    Kirsten Delavin
    Ingrid Santamaria

    Christelle Abello
    Kesha Ramachandran
    Corazon Abalos
    Megan Roa Digal
    Janela Cuaton

    • nagtataka lang ako….. bakit labinglima lang ang top 15 mo? hihihihihi!

  11. Wow to Abello Rabe Leren and Beatrice !!
    Still my vote goes to Dimaranan . Ang Ganda nya sa tv!

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