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  1. Dindi is definitely top three or even top two maybe ,… but a definite finalist ; Peru and Belgium look good ; the gown of Netherlands is quite stunning

  2. There’s too many experts here.
    Why don’t we just hold hands and sing Kum Ba Ya.

    • @ Hagibis No, let’s ‘Bulaklak’. ‘Boom-ti-ya-ya (2x), Boom-yeah-yeah’… 😦

      Oh, I’m so sorry. You like ‘Katawan’. Teach us how to do it, po. 🙂

  3. I love Dindi. Pero on this portion sumobra ang awra. Alam ko nasa right ang slit nya at gusto nya ipakita yun. Pero nagmukhang off kasi talagang nakatalikod sya the whole photo ops sa reigning queen. At nung tapos na, biglang alis na lang at awra sa train ng gown. hindi man lang tumingin at bumati.

    • @ Bonus To be fair to Dindi, binati naman niya si Queen Ann at the start/on the approach.

      But ja. Too much ‘train-ing’. I don’t know kung gigil, ba, or over-excitement. Overworking it! Just like the thirty-minute practically non-stop smile at her SupraChat session. Her co-candidates might find her weird or creepy…

      Dapat level-headed lang, like Queen Ann. It’s now clear Boss Gerhard doesn’t have a Datul 2.0 in mind.

      In any case, Boss ALV will definitely pick up lessons from this, his maiden effort for Poland. 🙂

      • (Cont.)

        MUP candidates should have been following the SupraChat serie.

        The last (8th) installment is notable. Boss ALV MUST SEE IT, too.

        1) All seven (7) featured were from Latin America. Only two (2) were proficient in English, Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica. The latter seems to be expat in the USA…

        2) Immediately, it becomes crystal-clear that the organization will favor good English speakers, it being the global tongue of the time, to crown, as the winner will go on to host this chat. 🙂

        3) It’s one thing that the two are inspirational. The chemistry between themselves and host Queen Ann is utterly delightful! The five others end up as audience… Watch for yourself, all 30+ minutes!

  4. OMG I didn’t realize Jihane is this big. Why are some pageant girls so misguided about muscles and working out? Overdoing the bulking up part of working out without a strict diet results in bulky weightlifter physiques. Is this the result of the over use of filters and body-editing apps on Instagram that girls are now obsessing on body parts instead of the overall look? All butts and abs and cuts and ugh

    Were they trying to look like Miss Grand Brazil Lala Guedes? Do they realize Lala is actually muscular BUT slim and feminine?

    Another observation – it’s starting to look like Dindy is top 5 at best. She looks plain next to the reigning queen. Actually, all contestants seem to look plain next to the reigning queen. Some are pretty but were styled poorly. My bet is on Peru.

    • @ paui Yup. Porxild is CLASS. Kahit siguro sa MU, mapapansin ‘yan’g bata’ng ‘yan. 🙂

      Yup. Jihane looks ‘too much’. I’m sad, kasi this could be Indonesia’s best chance… 😦

      Yup. I also like Solange Hermosa. I hope she can at least match Janick’s finish. For now, my Cinco Ultimo is South Africa, Indonesia, India, Peru, and Venezuela. Netherlands can be, also.

    • And Lala is 6 footer.. the best regimen for pageant girls is the starvation regimen. Charot the best talaga Venezuela. Remember miss Argentina’s vavavoom body? Its the same trainer who trained Dayana Mendoza Stefania Fernandez and Gabriela Isler. Moreover, remember Migbelis Castellanos body in MV 2013? That was actually a starvation route. Sobrang payat nya. Yung body nya in MU 2014 is her natural built. Voluptuous talaga siya.

    • Yes. Kaya nga diba she failed in BbP. And if not helped na so so lang communication skills nya. She doesn’t have a beautiful face.

  5. Dindi is one of the standouts. I believe she will do well in the competetion

      • @ Norman Boss Norman, here’s the situation on the ground…

        Dili po ba ay the king is crowned the day after the queen? Now, kung MATANGKAD ANG REYNA (see my comment below), MSO WILL HAVE TO CROWN AN EVEN TALLER KING!

        I think towering over the Class of 2021 is Spain, at 6’4″ daw as per a vlogger you probably know…

        He seems to be the European early favorite. He’s OK, a safe choice and maybe in some respects better than their 2017 rep that finished 1st RU, their best placement so far in the Mister contest.

        My point : ‘Jose’ has a chance ONLY if none of the tall ladies win. 😦

        For me, a tall lady who can win is Netherlands or one of the ‘P’ countries I mentioned. Venezuela can, too, as their best was 1st RU to Srinidi Shetty in 2016 (Eden was in focus during coronation).

        And as you’ve seen ever since the Suprachat segment started (2018?), the queen must be one who is adept at moderating a forum/conference. Boss ALV must be clear on this, that all Miss SupraFilipinas hereon must possess this leadership-like attribute, emphatic, and tactful. 🙂

      • (Cont.)

        Tamang-tama lang ang thread! Thanks to @ Jay-r. 🙂

        Boss Norms, since mag-Su-SupraChat pa naman si Adajar mamaya (which means his flight is later tonight at the earliest unless like Okky he’s already in Poland at ayaw lang i-disclose…), tell his handlers to watch the following, concerning the Europe-style runway walk which I do not know would reverberate with what he learned at KF. I saw it done by Jan Dratwicki on the Supra stage back in 2017 – straight ahead, straight back, NOT sauntering/rocking, with a casual-yet-controlled arm sway with a BIG radius .

        1) Alessandro Mahmood’s ‘quick stroll’ through a parking building in his music video for ‘Uramaki’. He is wearing blue denim, both jacket and trousers.
        2) The menswear segment of the more-or-less five/six-minute (abridged) video by Dolce and Gabbana of their three-day Firenze event last year in September. There is one model in black denim embroidered in gold, also both jacket and trousers, walking off towards the left…

        Both the recording artist and that model are not incredibly tall (probably not more than 5’10”). But with their ‘pasarela’ looked as if they were cool enough to devour life itself like some proud lion.

      • CHUBBYLITA YATA SI JOHN ADAJAR, pero keribels na wa naman swimwear, board shorts lang yata. Gusto ko ang reverberate hihihi lakas maka vibrate lol

  6. I love it!

    Based on the other photos of Dindi, she seems to be enjoying every event!

    Ganyang mga gown ang bagay sa kanya, clean lines! Kaya either mag-Mark Bumgarner or mag-Patty Ang ensemble siya during the preliminaries! Hindi babagay sa kanya ang mga heavily sequenced gown like Leguiab or Almodal or Estiva! Don’t bash me because I love those designers!

    Tama rin yan ginawa niyang Pocahontas look to tone down her chin! Alternative look for her is the voluminous curls! Definite No-No ang high hairbun! I’m excited for her!

  7. Dindi kinda gives off a mannish vibe. Jinky Oda-ish. Not a fan at this point. ‘Hope it will improve in the coming days.

    World Peace.

  8. Oh, my gosh. Wala’ng Vietnam. Of all countries to skip/miss. What happened? 😦

    Jihane** does not look her best here. But ja, it’s just the Sash Ceremony. And just me.

    I don’t know if there was a Brief, but we see the ‘basic’ colors typical of Supranational, like nude~neutrals, silver-greys, and now reds and blues. None of the eye-searing pinks, yellows, and purples at Grand and Universe. I noticed only one or two greens, and dark (emerald) at that. I will expect to see the whites in the Finale.

    Only Dindi did THAT (in the photo) – put distance between herself and Queen Ann for the Shot.

    Host delegate Natalia Balicka (Dindi’s room mate) is like a blonde Riah de Ocampo (Silay City).

    US’s (why do they omit the ‘A’, like they did with Dimaranan?) Shivali Patel looks like Simone Bornilla, MUP-Marinduque*.

    Jamaica’s dress is, design-wise, the yellow version of Katrina’s Finale in 2018.

    @ Closer2Fame Germany is another ‘midget’ Pinay. Also ‘midget’ are Nepal, Kenya, and Malta.

    T-A-L-L (than Queen Ann) are Guadeloupe, Korea, Netherlands, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela.

    Based on this alone and not knowing anything about the ladies beforehand, I would pick for an initial selection Belgium, Canada, China***, Chile, Ghana, Netherlands, Peru, India, Indonesia, Poland, Romania, Rwanda, and… Thailand. My 13-Pick… I hope Dindi has ammunition! 🙂

    Guys, watch again the Sash Ceremony earlier this year at Grand. SamBer was in see-through white… Which is better, over-all? This? Or, that one?

    * – Simone, kaya pala ‘Marinduque’ ang sash ay dahil taga-roon ang biological father niya.

    ** – The muscularity makes her look ‘lelaki’. Maybe, Europeans prefer this… I recall noon, sa (The) Miss Globe, both Leren and Nichole (Manalo) bulking up… Nelda was a big girl to begin with, no?

    *** – Alice Li has this palpable magnetism. She will be my dark horse, my ‘one-headlight’ Cinderella.

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