14 comments on “Naelah Alshorbaji wins Miss Philippines Earth 2021

  1. Congratulations Naelah, our ME2021 rep and the rest of the elemental and ecotourism queens, well deserved winners.

  2. Naturalized Filipino pala siya, originally from Syria! Even the first runner up, of Middle Eastern descent din!

    Huwag naman sana siya ma-Mariam Habach sa ME!

    Kagandahan dito sa Miss Earth, talagang pinaninindigan nila target date nila even with the local pageant! Kahit na pa virtual lang yung pageant!

    Lindsay has at least one trip to Belgium for a coronation! Sana masundan pa! Hopefully makapag-stage na ng live ang Miss Earth before the end of the year!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson ‘Naturalized’, meaning she has surrendered her Syrian passport? She has sworn allegiance to us? I am unsure how Israel-Syria relations are now, but given we assume allegiance to the former,… OK, I was trying to politicize this. To no avail. Lolz.

      • You’re not only politicizing Israel-Syria situation, such is not even an issue in Miss Earth.

      • Flor, based on her first and last name, Naela’s family may be amonhst those minority orthodox christians who have suffered persecutions in Syria.

    • Lindsey has planned trips in Asia (I believe Miss Earth Thailand) and somewhere in the Middle East, a rumored venue for the live shows in December (I believe the most viable is Egypt)

      • @ JustPassingBy Thanks for sharing! Good Monday.

        ‘Live shows in December’ means MEO is exploring the possibility of a live Finale in the Red Sea area? YA-AASS. 🙂

        Teritoryo ‘yan ng Eco-International. Lolz. Sige, push lang. Pero, also consider ‘Safe in Istanbul’ as Turkiyah seems bent on keeping up the flag of tourism. Aura-Filipinas Alex Faith Garcia, Sept?

        October, si Cinderella naman, Sharm El-Sheik. Will hers be near Pick Albatross, where Tamondong won? Or closer to where Kelley stayed at?

        And speaking of ‘Alshorbaji’ probably being minority Christian in Syria, reminds me of a recent national titlist in Malaysia na full-blooded Pakistani ‘ata pero may isa siya’ng post na may biblical quote, so I assumed either siya or parents niya ang nag-migrate dahil majority Islamic ang Pakistan.

        There’s a really pretty photo of Naelah I saw a while ago. Ngayon ko na-appreciate beauty niya.

      • Hi Flor,
        Perhaps Adam Genato could verify for us the veracity of the rumors that Miss Earth will be held in the Middle East this year. I can not think of any viable place other than Egypt which has been hosting beauty pageants and modelling contest during this pandemic. This makes sense since Lindsey confirmed that she has a planned official trip to the saif region in her Q&A on Instagram. Well, it could be Turkiya too or Israel and in the wildest imagination along the Red Sea coast of Jeddah, Arabie Saudita where tourism is flourishing.

        Alshorbaji’s mom is pinay. She is a beautiful product of the usual love story of an OFW who met another expat in the GCC, fell in love and got married. Naelah actually grew up in a family farm in Syria (think of lovely olive trees, pretty cherry tomatoes etc) until the family decided to settle in the Philippines perhaps because of the persecution the minority christians were experiencing at that time. Gone were the days that 90% of Syrians were christians.

        It also makes sense that Miss Earth has chosen a representative of Arab descent since the live shows will be held in that most understood region of the world. Hope it will materialize.

        Flor let me ask you this; are you and Closer2Fame one and the same person? I find the patterns of your comments very similar.

  3. Congratulations to the winners. Alshorbaji deserves the title. She is pretty and smart.

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