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    • They can get away with their bodily flaws on swimsuit pictorials, but not on actual runways. So if they manage to make it into top 30, I hope they find the guts to sashay in bikinis on stage. A slim 5’5 with the right proportions won’t look so bad. But the shorter ones pa nga are the ones with the odd proportions – stocky legs, thick ribs, flabby waists, round shoulders, etc.

      Miss Australia looked hot in photos but on the actual MU swimsuit round, she looked like a fifth grader with abs, walking next to glamazons.

      But I strongly feel that MUPh will pick at least one short candidate for a token position in the top 5. For inclusivity kuno, but really for virality and endorsements and Ambassador for Whatever purposes. At least one short candidate. Could be 3 or 4 for kicks.

  1. My early favorites made it to top 75. Judging the candidates in their swimsuits. My top 5 best in swimwear photo are: dimaranan, Gomez, Bautista, abalos, and umali.

  2. OK. I think, mostly pasok ‘yun’g Premature 30 ko… Good, good!

    Immediately I recognize Gomez, Dimaranan, Bornilla, Bautista, Wroblewitz, and… Korinihona. 🙂

    Why can I not spot VVV, Umali, Hipolito, Abalos, and Aberasturi? Uh-oh. Not good. 😦

    My favorites are Cuaton (top matrix, first row, two-piece, with ‘bird-of-paradise’ as backdrop) and Vendiola (bottom matrix, also first row, also in two-piece, grey background, plenty of diagonal action). Both are ‘garage calendar’ material. February and November, respectively.

    • (Cont.)

      Now, I know why ‘di ko nakita si VVV. Her shot is TOO FAR AWAY. Same with Abalos. 😦

      Umali, had her photographer used white (instead of that dead smoky grey) background,… Hayst!

      Aberasturi just drowned in all that drab beige-y neutral.

      Falconer, I was expecting in curls, her latest apparition. So, stock photos pa ‘to’ng mga ‘to from their application… WHICH MEANS, MAY MAAASAHAN PA TAYO’NG SWIM GLAM. 🙂

      Sanglay of La Union looks like Asha Gutierrez, here…

      Uncle Norms, who’s your ‘flavor of the (birthday) month’, po? Malapit na. Days na lang… Or, day?

    • (Cont.1)

      Telle… Suddenly got Tarrayo vibe. Am basing on the more recent (follow-up) post… Mas y mas, si’l vous plait! The Camp, anuvey??!! Pa’no niyo makukuha ang MU franchise kung ganyan? 😦


      Why is Rabe giving Jamaica Ambal x Maria Gigante feels? Is that good or bad?

      Uncle, your commentary on Dimaranan resonates with Dani Walker’s. You said everything about the photo is on-point. The American vlogger said it may help for her to be ‘less professional and more personal’. I see the ‘problem’…

      I also saw a possible remedy, and it’s happily quite simple, a tiny modification that could have made all le difference. But, the shot is in and we must respect what has been accomplished. 🙂

      • Tita Flor. could it be that they need to have a swimsuit “pasarela” / movement section to complement the swimsuit pose / stills in completing the swimsuit presentation challenge? Then if possible, the next challenge will be the evening gown presentation (pose and “pasarela”) so that there will be a solid perspective of the remaining 75 candidates advancing to top 50. Just saying.

  3. some are really standouts and more of a handful that needs to be at their best. 👍 congratulations and goodluck to these (confidently) beautiful ladies.
    whatever the process and the mode of trimming down of these delegates is a tough one but there’s still more ahead; so lets reserve our choices until the final delegates are selected.

  4. Simula na ng pagkalagas ng mga pangit, pandak, pampurok at pambarangay… because after all we are still talking about REAL BEAUTY CONTEST. HINDI ITO ADVOCACY, DIVERSITY & INCLUSIVITY CONTEST. Unsa imong ikasulti ani Flor? He, he, he…

    Maayong buntag sa tanan.

    • the opposite of love is not hate, its indifference.
      remember that Beauty will get you on the line, Character will get you in that door but.. Purpose and Drive will get you a seat.

      so sorry if advocacy, diversity & inclusivity is relative nowdays.
      peace y’all.

  5. I tried to come up with my Top50 based on headshots, video intros, and swimsuits…I ended up with 52 ladies. Then I tapered the 52 to 30 and it was even more tougher. Forthwith, I will present my shoo-ins which are 25 aspirants in random order:
    1. Maureen Wroblewitz
    2. Grace Vendiola
    3. Chella Falconer
    4. Maria Corazon Abalos
    5. Kirsten Delavin
    6. Steffi Aberasturi
    7. Jasmine Umali
    8. Leren Bautista
    9. Keshapornam Ramachandran
    10. Beatrice Gomez
    11. Jedidah Korinihona
    12. Pamela Framil
    13. Sherlyn Doloriel
    14. Jane Genobisa
    15. Victoria Vincent
    16. Katrina Chavez
    17. Mirjan Hipolito
    18. Janela Cuaton
    19. Sheikha Calapatia
    20. Christelle Abello
    21. Joanna Rabe
    22. Katrina Dimaranan
    23. Jane Miñano
    24. Princess Singh
    25. Maria Ingrid Santamaria

    Coming up with 5 more was arduous.

  6. Based on: Poise, Photography, Physique.
    1. Laguna
    2. Cebu Province
    3. Makati
    4. Pampanga
    5. Negros Oriental

    1. Lemery, Batangas
    2. Baguio City
    3. Palawan
    4. Oriental Mindoro
    5. Davao De Oro
    6. Negros, Occidental
    7. Tacloban
    8. Cadiz City

    • @ Lalamode Dear, i-claro lang natin, ha? 🙂

      When you say ‘Pampanga’, province (Eisma) or Angeles City (Hipolito)?

      Neither did I notice… Sige, I’ll see if and when I can spot them. 😦

  7. Will reserve my comments once the top 30 have been selected. The obligatory congratulations are of course extended to those who made it and for those who didn’t, keep reaching for the stars if this is really your dream.

    At the end of the day, the most deserving anointed ones will prevail. Good luck everyone and buckle up for the ride of your life.

    • At the end of the day IKAW pa rin ang MAGWAWAGI Cool Brew of Panglao, Bohol. UG DILI ang imong frend dinhi nga LAHI ug concept sa beauty kay LAHI man na siya ug KEMANG! Ha, ha, ha…

    • @ Cool Brew Good morning. 🙂

      Now with a beautiful shirt on, you look kingly.

      You can do no wrong, dear. You are so effortlessly gorgeous you are ‘style-independent’.

  8. I don’t know but looking at some of these ladies makes me sad because these days, anyone who thinks and believes that she is beautiful can join MUPh even if the whole world tells otherwise.
    There is no way that these ladies will even pass the Binibining Pilipinas pre-screening.
    The essence of beauty pageants has been lost and gone awry because of the so-called inclusivity.

    I dont agree with one commenter here who keeps on copy/pasting his previous narrative about the GenZ who are the driving force of this phenomenon in pageantry. Beauty pageants are BEAUTY pageants regarless of the new paradigm IMHO

    • CONFIDENTLY BEAUTIFUL. Nakalimutan yata ng mga merlat na ang confidently here is just an adverb modifying beautiful, the adjective. No to the likes of Mariel de Leon at Kisses Delavin na dinaan sa hype at koneksyon ng pamilya ang laban.

    • Hayaan mo lang siya justpassingby because he/she is ALWAYS OVERREADING (overinterpret; overanalyze) the TEXT and/or MISREADING (wrong interpretation/analysis) the TEXT (pageant situation, beauty concepts, candidates, etc.).

      Ganyan kasi ang tao pag PRETENTIOUS and HYPOCRITE.

  9. Congrats top 75! I’m excited to meet the 40 or 30 legit finalists for this batch. The prolonged voting or popularity contest was so boring to be honest. Just look at the quality of the other women above. I am not putting anyone down, but real talk: muka nang nanay yung iba. They cant even afford to have a decent photographer/studio/editor. So please, pakibilisan na lang po ang pagtrim sa candidates and let the REAL battle between the deserving ladies begin!

    Anyway, my favorite swimsuit shots are:
    VVV (best figure)
    Abalos (what a surprise!)
    Calapatia (dark horse)

    • Ahahaha
      Sana from 100 they made it straight to 30 since some girls dont have the machinery unlike Kisses with 3M plus subscribers.

      • just by looking at the swimsuits, there are 25 who should not even be considered ; yes would have been better to cut to top 50 …. and then to final top 25 ( salang sala )

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