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  1. Per Group, dalawa ang pipiliin, no?

    I will… Thailand and Sweden.

    So, apparently sa Thailand atm, namimili sila ng bakuna at in short supply ‘yun’g preferred nila.

    Sweden, a good example of perhaps over-preparation in terms of actually finding out what is currently going on in the host country. Ma’y mga rally daw sa Poland, asking for women’s rights?

    I am frankly underwhelmed with our representative. Here’s why.

    1) Hindi ba nakangangawit na pirmi’ng nakangiti for thirty minutes? Fake/insincere tuloy ang arrive.
    2) I totally disagree that you should not share family moments on socmed. In fact, it’s a good way to show/prove that you are not alone (in life) and that you have both meaningful relationships and a support system. What should NEVER be shared are ID’s & financial details. Scammers abound!

    Again, I like it when the candidate says she is eager to meet everybody. Sweden said so. 🙂

    Romania’s and Namibia’s aurae are just cancelling each other out. Pinagtabi pa! 😦

    Namibia and England did not answer their first questions properly. Romania got lost in her second.

    I think I want to get to know Ghana better…

  2. sir @normant. off topic po. about MEP. have you seen the comments in the Ecosytem page na may top 5 na daw that the mep did recorded the final competition nung isang araw pa. ang top 5 daw ay sina
    Miss earth PH- paranaque
    ecotourism-tanay …
    do you think possible na totoo ngang naganap na ang finals days a ago pa? if yes! ano ang possible reason why hinde pinalabas ang final show same day? parang walang sense kung totoo nga eh virtual naman sila unless mala mup ang style mage gets pa. pero ito kung totoo man nakakapagtaka why hinde pinalabas same day. pwede naman nila gawin yan bukas at annoucement same day din. virtual naman sila.

    • Last year, the Finals was pre-recorded to allow production to edit the event for the 2-hour airing time on TV. Airing was a Sunday and taping was made on the Friday prior. As far as the comments on the Ecosystem app, though, I cannot comment about its veracity.

      • Yes. last year recorded ang mga performances except hashtag and Final Q&A which is live talaga same day of airing diba po? how about this edition ano kaya system? same day sa airing ang HT and Q&A and annoucement of winners or taped na lahat nung isang araw pa which means may winner na.. But i doubt whats in the comment section says that all was done already at may winner na at airing nalang daw.

      • @ Norman Good Sun, Uncle.

        Dito ko na lang ‘to ibagsak. Anyway, related to Supranational. This is for ‘Jose’, naman.

        Hopefully, he watched the SupraChat. Moral of the story : you must be sensible and emphatic!

        Usually, a swimming resort hosts the Swim, but the Sports/Physical/Fitness challenge/fast track is done out in the countryside. Now, that’s easily done in the Fall-Winter, as all that brisk movement helps keep you warm. But given the record high temperatures in some of Europe atm, to be running around outdoors might not be wise… Less strenuous contests may be in order. 🙂

        He can watch the first edition (2016) for hints/clues.

        Also, ‘kamo magbaon siya ng white ensemble (with maybe a few beige pieces, and moccasins) for evening informal get-together. Reserve black for the Finale. Or, a post-pageant ‘white party’.

        PLEASE, NO FLOOD PANTS. Best left to TALL guys, like Pratamesh Maulingkar or JP Ocat. 😦

      • @ Norman Tama po ba’ng ay dahil Sunday AM check-out na sila sa BCC? So, nu’ng nanonood tayo, pabalik sa sila ng Manila? But, the ‘editing’ was deliberate, a twist? Kasi nga, ang concern at the time dili na-observe ‘yun’g ‘bubble’ at ‘updates’ were being leaked, prompting MUPO to ‘act’…:

        Anyway, Boss Blog, also provide naman the other placements at MPE 2021 – Top 20,10, then 5?

        Again, Mindanao fails to break into the Court.

        Again, Boss Paul has no cross over queen. My gosh! He fielded three (3) here – Theunis, Gomez, and Aznar. Earlier at BBP, Tampon tanked…Uncle, you need to talk with Lim and Calapatia at MUP pronto! Something’s clearly missing.


    • Naela has been my favorite since day 1.
      Beautiful, tall, eloquent and very comfortable on cam.

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