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    • @ Closer2Fame Notice how Boss ALV seems to relegate them to lower rank, recent examples being Isabelle Daza de Leon (Multinational) and Kristi Banks (2nd Princess?).

      That being said, the 2017 inaugural trilogy of Marquez, Senoron, and Thomalla did not disappoint.


      Maybe he is hoping that ‘first-time lucky charm’ will work for Pajares. We shall see how she does.

  1. I really hope that after the online poll shenanigan, they will entirely scrap this and it will be MUPO staff and officers’ scrutiny for the top 30 selection, then pure judges score to crown the real winner.

  2. Call it popularity contest or what-have-you. But what we are witnessing in the results is the “invasion” of GenZers and millenials in the beauty industry—including beauty pageants. Just as these age groups (13- 38), the most populous, diverse and purchasing power-packed in the world today, are driving global business to reinvent themselves, they are driving global pageantry to a paradigm shift. This is a generation that is less fazed than previous generations by differences in race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion. As consumers who seek more inclusivity, authenticity and transparency from beauty brands and promoters. they are drawn more to the social value– the advocacy– of the brands they patronize. Yes, even beauty pageant brands! Since they see beauty as about freedom of individuality, authenticity, and diversity, their personal definition of beauty is “being yourself”.

    • Like it or not, Baby Boomers have to brace for the invasion of “barangay” beauties, the 5’4″s, the differently-abled (remember the armless- one-legged Miss Ecuador contestsnt?), and transgenders (remember the recent Miss Universe Spain?) in pageantry!

      Still wondering why pageantry is evolving from pure physical beauty competition into a platform for cerebral beauty cooperation and core values integration? It’s Marketing 101, folks!

    • @ scorg Good morning there. 🙂

      Sweetie, we were once young, too. The difference was back in the day, there were none of these ‘contraptions’ and ‘technologies’ to give young folks ‘teeth’. We were passive witnesses, adoring fans with nothing other than that adoration to propel our hopes and wishes.

      Whether we realize it or not, we longed for this day and age. ‘Yun nga lang, it is an entirely different generation (Z) to be granted priority access to it. We ended up the farts learning how to use video conferencing applications just to be able to stay in touch with old friends.

      ‘Ay, sorry. Bagets ka pa nga pala… No offense. Things just hit you differently when you’re older.

      • @Flor, the blooming Baby Boomer: yeah, with technology at their fingertips, digital pioneers (millennials) and digital natives (Gen Z) are able to connect to faraway cultures, issues and news earlier and more often. As a result, Gen Z’ers tend to be more open-minded, liberal-leaning and actively engaged in advocating for the fair and equal treatment of others. There are many scholarly researches now on how these age groups are changing the face of beauty, even in the choice of beauty products, services and events. We in the “bagets” generation of yore just have to accept the reality that this new generation is driving the concept of beauty towards the holistic sense. Simply physical dimension has become antiquated. Beauty is now spelled as “BeYOUtiful”!

  3. Miss Universe Philippines Popularity Contest 2021. Kya inalis na lahat ng pamantayan ng kagandahan…makes sense naman nga

  4. As expected, celebrities topped the poll. However, basing on the merit, I like Umali and Hipolito to in top 15

  5. EXTENDED Finals??!! Ano ‘yun? Bakit namin dapat ikatuwa ‘yun?

    Kaya nga ‘finale’, ‘eh…

    Naku, ‘pag ‘di nag-perform si Kvn Montillano, jombags ka Admin. 😦

    See? ‘Di ako nagkamali kay Campos (#9 here). Head shot pa lang, nagustuhan ko na. 🙂

    ‘Be the first to get the KTX Season Pass’, daw… Bakit? Ano’ng premio? Paki-claro kay Volter, pls.

  6. Same pa rin ang comment ko: ang lalakas at ang gaganda talaga ng #3 to #7 😁😍

    • @ Dogbert #3 won’t ally with #’s 4~7. She will discuss with #’s 1 & 2 who among them to push to the end… Kahit A&Q pa siya! After all, if she wins the camp does, too.

      This will be a numbers game no different from the (upcoming) 2022 National Elections!

      The ‘opposition’ is fragmented. Split between Aberasturi and Dimaranan. Whom will Laguna/Leren support? And consider Quinola’s ‘solid North’. She moved up the rankings; in the Head Shot, she was outside the Top 10…

      Kahit mag-deliberate pa mga Bosing for the 30-Cut, pasok pa rin at least one of the three. They’re not going to go away.

      If I’m not going to get my #Last2Standing4Cebu (Gomez vs. Aberasturi), I will take Steffi over Katrina. Consider Dani Walker’s comment in the video shared by @ Will (below). Besides, Steffi hasn’t had the chance to compete internationally. ‘Ika nga, ‘give others a chance’.

    • @ luiskie Kindly inform the 3M, po, to help bring up someone from the bottom who is willing to cooperate with them… Once the 75 is known (and we’ll get an idea how once it comes out), the real hustling will kick in towards the 50-Cut. 🙂

    • @ Will Thanks for this, po!

      Dani likes Yamat (shared love for French bulldogs) and Gomez (shared interest in MMA).

      (Gomez and Supraman Adajar must be introduced to the vlogger. They’ll click.)

      @ Hagibis Less professional, more personal daw… 🙂

      @ Admin L-O-L-Z. 🙂

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