15 comments on “Touchdown Poland for Dindi Pajares

  1. Oh diba may distinction yung hechura ni Dindi among the other candidates much more dun sa
    mga tao sa Poland na karamihan eh blond hair blue eyes!

    Biglang shift din image ni Ateng! Ilang oras kaya layover niya sa Nueva York at nagawa niya agad na gawing straight hair niya at makapag-palit ng make up right away!

    You waited for this Ateng! Break a leg! And as Pia Wurtzbach says on the eve of MU, “It’s been a long journey reaching here, I’m not gonna waste my victory!”

  2. I just remember Sierra Berchel’s vlog about her experience competing in Poland in Supra. Ang chaka daw ng venue. 😂 It’s like a hockey gymnasium daw. I wouldn’t refute her kasi through the years na I watch supra parang hindi naman bongga ang hotels at treatment ng mga contestants sa kanila. MGI is better ( perhaps because it’s Asian). Yun lang. 😂

  3. Ay wow! She is standing out!! 🥰🥰🥰 bigla nag-iba aura pag apak ng Poland!

  4. Wow! What is Dindi’s secret to not look haggard after 3 days of flying?

    She’s glowing and beaming with happiness!

      • Mr. Tinio, I just realized that the Mister edition will be the first live international pageant resumption since Manhunt in February 2020… Boys will be back in business, as well. 🙂

        At wala ‘ata’ng NatCos Showcase ang Mister S ever, no? At least ‘Jose’ won’t have to fuss about that anymore…

        Speaking of NatCos and that MPE will have its Finale tomorrow, maybe you can suggest to MEO to do a continental poll this year so that there would be a ‘best NatCos per continent’… Last year, the African delegate (forgot the country) won our collective approval with her ‘leaf fairy’, simple yet on-point.

      • tagtag sa trabaho ang FAs, especially on short and long flights. They are also taught from day-1 to always look good and well groomed when on duty and in office premises. So you seldom see a senior/ experienced FA run a sweat or break into s tantrum – at least those who have been trained very well and are aware of PAL tradition. Exemplary FA din si Dindi, as she belongs to the select Presidential crew serving the executive office on state visits and the like. 👋🏼👋🏻👋🏽

  5. Mabuti at nagbihis si Manang Dindi. Better than her departure outfit.

    Maayong buntag sa tanan.

    • Her handlers must’ve been listening to the overwhelming netizens comments on her departure overall presentation. So they scrapped it and changed to something more relatable.

      • Usually nag cha changed naman talaga ng outpit ang girls natin lalo na kung more than 1 days ang byahe. kasama sa plan ang pagpalit ng damit. its not because they listened to the fans.

  6. Tito Norman.. Please avoid embedding so many videos in your post..Nagkaka crash yung website madalas sa main page pa lang.. Sa sobrang tagalng loading

    • ‼️☝️It’s worst when loading Tito Norman’s blog on a mobile phone.

    • @ Rofoil & @ Lala ‘Aahhh…Kaya pala bigla’ng bumilis ditey sa ‘kin. Admin did something. 🙂

      Last year kasi, 40+ lang ‘yun’g candidates sa MUP. Ta’s, wala pa’ng poll. This year, naghahabol kasi nga may deadline per vote round. So, ‘yun. Uncle had to do everything in one fell swoop. 😦

      Tito Boss, inasmuch as you would want to give a chance for all 99 to be seen, why don’t you just give your favorites per round, para ma-oblige ang fans to purchase the pay-for-view (600p). You’re essentially giving it away for free… Or, are all these videos also on EmpirePh’s YouTube canale?

      (Why do I get the impression wala’ng bumibili? Kaya tuloy, sa YouTube para ma-monetize man lang?)

      Back to the post…

      Ganyan’g-ganyan ‘yun’g Zurich flughafen! Do Europe airports have a standardized design? Or, this is the same contractor we are seeing?

      I think Solange, facially, is superior to Janick.

      Crap! Gusto ko’ng sumalang sa Suprachat. Masasagot ko lahat ng tanong nila. WILL KILL ALL.

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