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  1. Alshorbaji (part Syrian), Ventic (part Croatian?), Almamari (part Iranian?), Salisbury (part English?), and Theunis (part Belgian)

      • @ mik We greatly appreciate your efforts! 🙂

        ‘Luh. ‘Dami na’ng Belgian. Theunis, Baeyens, and Amelinckx.

        Mat-tre-trace mo ba origins nila? Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, or Bruges? Or, somewhere else? Baka tulad ‘to sa Milano (Italy), na puro Pinoy from Malvar, Batangas…

        (I had a half-Belgian classmate in elementary school, incidentally. Tall guy. Ended up in the track-and-field team in high school. Did those ‘heavy’ events, I think – javelin, shot put, etc… Bulked up!)

  2. Ang gulo ng Ms. Earth ha. Every year, ibang TV station, walang consistency.

    • Gaga, walang franchise ABS nung MPE 2020. Di pa organized Kapamilya Channel, etc. No choice but GMA. Kaloka ka.

  3. Naelah is gorgeous! I think she has a bright future in pageantry after Miss Earth Phils.

    • Agree ako sa’yo, 4M!

      Ganda ng mukha. She’s 5’8 and she also seems to be very comfortable speaking in front of a camera … Naelah can definitely be a future Binibini or even, a MUPh candidate.

  4. The last names of the frontrunners suggest they must be halfies. Nothing wrong with that attribute. But I hope they are homegrown, deeply-rooted in Philippine soil.

  5. Top 5 picks are aight. All of them can be interchangeable. But if were serving face for ME 2021, it’s Naelah for me.

  6. AMEERA ALMAMARI Age: 19. Height: 5 feet 6 inches. Measurements: 33 inches – 24 inches – 34 inches. Occupation/Education: Senior High School Student
    ( from Miss Phil Earth )

  7. Uncle, it’s practically unchanged from your Initial Picks… The Top 20, I mean.


    Aznar, tell Boss Paul to turn her over to BBP. She is serving MEIJI CRUZ vibe; kailangan lang mahasa! SAYANG ANG HEIGHT. Magsabay sila, kamo, nina Kim Babao at Dan Dhilla (both of whom, I’m sad to say, may emerge empty-handed at MWP dahil we all know may mga nakatakda na.)


    Bisan (wunderschon sans cosmetics!) and Rama are the faces of the Class of 2021. Galve ain’t too bad, either. All three must try for MUP 2023~4 para naman ‘di masabi ng mga negatron na pabulusok na agad ang MUP. Physique-wise though, there is room for improvement.

    De Ocampo could cross over to MWP, in turn. The Adrianna Lima-look-alike is Supra mold, imo.

    Will take Theunis over Ventic. Replace latter with Gomez (the ‘waistline’) and we’ll be cool, you & I.

    • (Cont.)

      I also would like for you to serve as ‘intermediary’ to make possible the participation of A&Q AGAIN in MPE. Herrell is thus far the only, no? Anyway, wala na si Boss Jonas sa kampo at siya naman ‘ata ang ayaw.

      My thinking is that if A&Q and KF can join each other’s ‘territories’ (MUP & MPE, respectively), then doing so will result in ‘mutual benefit’. 🙂

      I think I’ve mentioned before, in separate comments in separate posts. ANNE DE MESA AND PATRICIA BABISTA WOULD MAKE AN U-N-D-E-N-I-A-B-L-E ‘LAST2STANDING’. But ja, ibig sabihin dapat same year sila sumali… Avisuhan mo na all parties concerned! Is 2022~23 doable?

      (Ja, I believe your Batangas rose will be a semifinalist at best in MWP. Because if you look at the Top Model 10, she isn’t included… Asha Gutierrez, Andrea Sulangi, Michelle Arceo, Kathleen Paton, Trisha Martinez, Ganiel Krishnan, Dindi Pajares, Emmanuelle Vera and Janelle Lewis.)

      • FYI. JAMIE HERELL WAS CROWNED MISS WARTH PHILIPPINES AND MISS EARTH AS A MEMBER OF KF. TECHNICALLY AND HISTORICALLY, WALANG NAGING CANDIDATE ANG Aces sa MEP dahil according to Jonas in an interview before hindi naman daw sila pinapansin sa MPE. 😂

      • Naku teh, sa totoo lang, kahit nahihilo ako sa mga segue mo…

        Aliw na aliw ako sayo! Andami mong kuda, andami mong alam… at andami mo ring demands!


      • (Cont.)

        Sabi ko na nga ba, ‘eh. May nakalimutan ako. My apologies to Tracy Maureen Perez. 😦

        @ Gul Panag Thanks for the correction. I wonder now, kasi dito ko rin lang sa blog nabasa na A&Q daw siya… And for Boss J to say na “‘dili sila pinapansin” may indicate unaddressed demands~concerns… 🙂

        But do not fret, @ Kiri te Kinawa. All I can do is demand/kuda “to the leaves, “telling stories that no one believes”. (An excerpt from Antonio Carlos Jobim’s, ‘Dindi’)

        (Yawa! As my Fb friend in Negros would say…)

    • (Cont.1)

      Alshorbaji facially reminds me of Lala Guedes, but softer.

      Pa’no pa ba mapapa-level-up ang virtual pageant? I think we’ve discussed this to death, but it would primarily depend on the quality of the Internet…

      I wonder if MEO can begin considering the possibility of a hybrid (virtual x live) event later this year. Continental/regional qualifiers slug it out as Preliminary, with only the top survivors of each division coming to Manila for the bubble live Finale… We discussed something similar for MU 2020, para ‘di lahat kailangan’g pumunta sa Hollywood, Florida and so keep things a lot simpler from a pandemic control standpoint. The NatCos can be done in the virtual Prelims, para ‘di na iva-viaje.

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