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  1. what is this now???
    so what is the purpose…advocacy? what is the intention of this pageant?

  2. Cool Brew AYAW ug KABALAKA kay sa DILI MADUGAY MABUNGKAG ra jud ng mga BUKOT-BUKOT nga pageant. Daghan kaayo ug dili maayo nga signs & symptoms. He, he, he… Mga title pa lang daan, maglabad na imong ulo, quality of candidates, sila-sila ra pod ang modaug, etc.

    Sagdi lang na silang imong frends diri kay LAHI jud na sila ug mga KEMANG! Ang pageantry mura na ug punch bowl, gipang-etsa na lang tanan klase sa ingredients, so wa na magkadima-o ang lasa. He, he, he…

    Maayong gabii brewing cool!

  3. @scorg, not really.. What I’m driving at is theyre a dine a dozen and I have lost count of all pageants that have sprouted everywhere to the point that I have become jaded and cynical coz I can’t keep track already..

    Too many crowns have diluted the impact to mere pageant fans like me.

    Do agree that beauty can come in diverse forms and platforms. Peace

    • The reality is such no one can really prevent anyone from staging yet another pseudo-international pageant. It is probably in our culture : Festive, beauty-loving, proud, competitive, fun-loving, money-scheme venturing mind set.

      From Little Ms. Barangay Tibagan where the winner is determined by the number of raffle tickets sold, to Mrs. Tourism Galactic-Orbit, where a winner is determined by the one “Most viewed”. (Creepy!). Lol.

      The question now is if a tree falls and no one hears it, does it make a sound? If these pageants exist and Norman does not post it here, will Cool Brew still raise a sound?

      My sentiment and question is this (and i mean this in the most sincere way) : Why is this blog, who has already a certain image and stature continue to feature these types of pageant? The blogger himself admitted in his past blogs that most of his readers belong to the upper 10% ek ek. He knows his market. It is like, I don’t know, Vanity Fair featuring Pokwang.

      Is the blog earning from every post? Are the sponsors or owners of the pageant or winner paying the blogger to be featured? Or does the number of views translate to income?

      I know there are questions that need not be asked. And it is the privilege of the blogger to feature what he wants to feature, and the option of the reader to leave the room or discontinue following the blogger if he/she/it so desires.

      If it is due to earning something from these features, then that is a perfectly normal and right answer. If it is out of love all things pageantry, then it is also okay. My guess it is somewhere in the middle.

      Sorry, but I also like to puke when people say “everyone is beautiful and everyone deserves a platform” and that anyone can join these beauty contests. PLEASE. Dear, let us not call it then a beauty contest (Miss Galactica, Ms. Inter-Supra-Extra International) with the winner bestowed with a crown and scepter and sash and wearing a long red gown with high slit. Let us be honest and call it “The one who raised enough money”, “The one whose cousin is the owner of the pageant”, “The one remaining contestant after all the other five backed out”, “The one whose competitors are also Filipinas but married a Japanese so she is now mrs. Japan”, etc.

      World Peace.

      • judging/discriminating a person/s doesnt define who they are.. it defines who you are.
        just a thought. peace.

      • Yup. I am judgmental. Lol.
        In fact, I am silently judging you now that by your name alone, various drugs like: Ambrolex Infant oral drops 7.5 mg/mL. Amoxil/Amoxil Forte. Amoxil cap 250 mg.. Anoro Ellipta. Anoro Ellipta 62.5 mcg/25 mcg DPI. M Augmentin/Augmentin ES. Augmentin 1 g tab. MAvamys. Avamys nasal spray 27.5 mcg/actuation.n Avodart. Avodart soft-gelatin cap 500 mcg.m Bactroban Ointment. Bactroban Ointment oint 2% and Betnovate have been running through your brain and blood as you made your reply. =)

        (And yes, there are no Mang Thomas sauce running through mine). Lol.

        World Peace.

    • @Cool Brew and @Thomas: your cool insights reflect the obvious depth of ideas brewing inside. I agree that if a tree falls and no medium enables the vibration to reach one’s ear, no sound is created.
      The phenomena remains a vibration. But we cannot prevent any media to transmit any vibration especially if the wave frequency is considerably strong. It is up for the receiver of the transmitted sound to accept it or go away. Both the transmission and the receipt of the “sound” are motivated by multifarious factors. In this free society, it is our choice to live according to our self motivations.

  4. Why not? Just because the NBA has glamour and a global fan base it doesn’t mean regional leagues are less important. Same thing with pageants.. join the positivity na lang regardless the scale of the title.

  5. There is no “sound” if it is not heard. So let’s thank the medium like this blog that faciltates the “travel” of this “sound” straight to the ears of its millions of readers. So the “sound” has now been heard, and as expected, interpreted in multifarious ways.

    • NOTE: This should be part of my reply to @Thomas, and should have been placed under his comment. Thanks

  6. Cool Brew INTINDIHIN na lang natin si Norman kung bakit siya nagpo-post ng ganitong klaseng mga pageant. NAGHAHANAP BUHAY DIN SIYA. Kailangan niya ring kumita. So comment lang nang comment para dagdag din sa kikitain niya. Maayong buntag sa tanan.

  7. Cool Brew COOL KA LANG. Always remember: lahi na sila ug kemang! Ayaw kaguol kay kana nga klase sa mga pageant, usually, dili na sila magdugay. Mura na sila anang mga networking/multi level marketing. Pagkataud-taod mangabulabog ra pod. Paghuwat lang jud. He, he, he… Good morning to you.

    • There are TWO SCHOOLS of THOUGHT BREWING in this blog site.

      First, those who want to preserve (& protect) the original concept (& essence) of beauty pageants. Physical beauty is the CORE of the competition. Major spices include among others effective packaging, right styling, strong stage presentation & wonderful pasarela, high level of intelligence and excellent communication skills. Examples: Catriona Gray, Lara Dutta and Natalie Glebova.

      Second, those who advocate inclusivity and diversity in pageantry. They are also the ones who favor advocacy (& other social concerns), intelligence and communication skills over physical beauty and representation. Beauty queens who fall in this category won their respective titles NOT for their looks but for political reasons, social relevance and/or they aced the Q&A rounds.

      Examples: Jennifer Hosten of Grenada (MW 1970), Lisa Hanna of Jamaica (MW 1993), Toni Singh of Jamaica (MW 2019), and Zozibini Tunzi.

      Maayong buntag gikan sa Mindanao and MOST especially to Cool Brew of Panglao, Bohol. Stay COOL my dear. PASAGDI na silang lahi ug mga kemang! He, he, he…

      • @ paul Good morning,.. I recall greeting you earlier. Was that today or yesterday? Tanders me. 😦

        Na-stress ako du’n sa ‘Most Viewed Mother’ sub-title. Lolz. Parang liquor calendar or lingerie catalogue lang.

        I advocate for pageants that give very handsome… (men?)… rewards. In other words, if the prize package is highly prestigious and/or valuable, then I’ll give it a go. A financially stable organization will more often do this, and in fact some upstart-minor brands are quite well-oiled ‘beauty engines’.

      • @Paul..stay safe mo diha sa Mindanao. Panglao and the rest of Bohol undergo another lockdown. No inbound travel until Aug 20.

      • (Cont.)

        May idagdag lang ako sa kahalagahan ng ‘financially sound pageant organization’. Baka folks get the impression na materialism is the norm in beauty contests.

        On the one hand, nothing happens without money. Ta’s, ang hirap pa makahanap ng sponsors! So, kung nagsisimula ka pa lang, talaga’ng abonado ka kaya dapat talaga loaded ka to begin with. 😦

        Your being ‘loaded’ or at least (well-)connected will facilitate in attracting investors. After all, you can’t make a good first impression if you look like a beggar.

        And as we’ve seen, beauty contests are themselves used as marketing/promotional tools, such as with prestigious-if-‘minor’ Nationals like CTS and ADFQ (Century Foods, Inc. and Manila Broadcasting Corp., respectively). Isama na rin natin ang MBP at MFP (Empire Mktg. Corp., ProMedia).

        My point : kung wala ka rin’g pera, huwag na. I don’t think you can secure a bank loan for pageant.


    If a “dime-a-dozen, minor, trivial, money-making pageant” is held and no one is around to feature it (by blogging about it), will it make a sound? =)

    World Peace.

    • @Thomas: Sound is defined as something that can be heard. It is a wave that is a series of vibrations traveling through a medium, especially those within the range of frequencies that can be perceived by the human ear and interpreted by the human brain. To answer your question, since there is no human ear to receive and process the physical event, it simply is a series of vibration that no one can“hear”. In other words, the process of hearing takes place in the human brain if and only if a medium facilitated the travel of vibrations straight to the human ear. In the case of this phenomenon called beauty pageant, it is the human brain that interprets the vibrations carried by a medium like this blog. In a free market of ideas, interpretations can be “dime-a-dozen”, “trivial, “relevant”, “timely”, etcetera.

      Word Piece.

  9. ‘Ay, may bago tayo’ng recruit… Who claims the referral incentive?

    Welcome to Norman’s Blog and Good 1st Friday of the ECQ, @ GlaxoSmithKlein! 🙂

    Sa Cainta ka, po? ‘Andu’n pa rin ‘yun’g gym sa tabi ng basketball court at pool? If in the days to come, @ GSK appears, can we assume ikaw din siya?

    ‘Ay, nemen! ‘Pag dating sa celebration of beauty in not just among the young (in reference to @ scorg’s comment), no need to go further than our @ Cool Brew. I mean, just look at that profile…

    “We hope you’ll be happy here. We are”. ~ extraction of a scene in the film, ‘Out of Africa’.

    • goodmorning maam. i happen to discover this blog while searching about Rox Baeyens, she’s beautiful isnt she? i dont consider myself a pageant mad fan like most of the people here but i believe the every goodness of the person; no bias on his/her age, race, culture and belief. we have no right to discriminate people or a contest (or their winners) because we think we are most knowledgeable to what is true beauty is.. given its called A Beauty Contest. We are already on the Age that term Beauty is NOT just skin deep. just to borrow a statement from a family friend.. what we must show others are eyes that see the good in other people, lips that seeks to speak words of kindness, ears that listens to the needs of other people and hands that nurture other people’s dreams; the kind of beauty that shines from within.. and nothing can dim the light that shines from within.
      maayong hapon.

  10. No offense to the winner but all these titles have trivialized pageants and made pageant crowns lose their sheen and glitter.

    If only the world would just focus on the Big Four

    • @Cool Brew: With due respects, I think titles like this is not “trivialising” pageantry but even shifting its focus on the more substantive facet of beauty– intellect and core values. How many of us have seen the light of day and grew up with the thought that the most beautiful creature in the world is his/ her mom? Who could be more beautiful than the one who smiles brightly on you as you open your eyes in the morning, who taught you the first words you uttered, the first nursery rhyme you sang, the first prayer you recited?

      It is trivialising pageantry if the focus is physical beauty and pasarela. But if the focus is advocacy that empowers mothers to care for all the children of the world, it is elevating pageantry one notch higher.

      I noticed this is the first time we have divergent views. Lol.

    • any entity/group can create their own pageant and rally their advocacy that goes with it; and have enough finances and sponsors to stage such event. may 20 candidates nga diba?
      the world of pageantry wont be as fun and exciting IF ONLY THE WORLD WOULD JUST FOCUS ON THE BIG FOUR. isn’t it nice the Philippines is winning on minor peagents? a win is still a win no matter what pageant it is.. labyu!

      • @GlaxoSmithKlein: You’re absolutely correct! The celebration of beauty is not just for the younger age group. If that be the case, we are consigning the concept of beauty to the narrow confines of the physical– which fades with time. The older generation have more reason to celebrate beauty because theirs is the beauty dimension whose luster grows and glows with time. So long as these contests do not include SS segment and pasarela, and focus more on the advocacy, and so long as the overall spirit is cooperation and not competition, I’m all for it.

      • The organization is of Filipino owners, the candidates are of Filipino origins, and if you noticed, all these mushrooming of beauty pageants were initiated/ propagated by who else, Filipinos.

      • And oh, btw, she is the wife of the owner of University of Perpetual Help, ALTA.

    • @ Cool Brew You know who SHOULD have launched that FOURTH BIG? Naunahan lang ng ‘minor’ country… (Depending on which pageant forum you support, that minor could be Earth, Grand, or Supra).

      USA has MU. UK has MW. Japan has MI.

      CHINA! It can be a great way to engage the rest of the world, as surely they will be very keen to prove they can do pageantry better than anybody and better than ever.

      @ GlaxoSmithKlein I meant no disrespect to your professional organization. In fact, only now did I realize you deliberately misspelled, so as to appear the heir to fashion creative, Calvin. 🙂

  11. Grabe naman halos lahat ay inako na nila. Mrs. Tourism Earth, Mrs. Tourism International, Mrs. Tourism Universe, Mrs. Tourism World, and Mrs. Tourism Globe pero nasaan ang Miss Toursim Supranational at Miss Tourism Intercontinental. Congratulations Mrs. Tourism Universe 2021 and to her team Kagandahan Flores

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