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  1. My current TOP 15 in random order:




  2. Bernos really leads the pack when it comes to interviews. I think her fans are well aware she will not win the crown, but they are still rooting for her to be on that stage.

    Among the actual crown contenders, the best introduction video goes to Dimaranan. Still not a fan of her face and that she represented the US before, but I can’t deny her being the most pageant-ready girl in the batch.

    Next is Beatrice Gomez followed by Corrine Abalos.

    Not a fan of Steffi’s interview. Gave me “popular girl trying to appear bubbly just to please everyone” vibes.

  3. I think there is an unofficial consensus among pageant observers that it will be between Katrina and Steffi. It’s fast shaping up to be that way, anyhoo…

    If nothing impedes the targeted date of the finals (September 25), I don’t see the Top 2 changing. Last year, the long break caused by the pandemic allowed Rabiya to come out of nowhere (with “enhancements” and all). Without that break, I still believe it would’ve been between Alaiza, Bella and Michelle.

    • @ Madame X Didn’t alleged enhancement come AFTER she won? May iba pa ba? Do share!

      The live screening of the 50, the timing of that, is crucial as it would have to come just as NCR+ downgrades to GCQ (hopefully, no ‘+’) if not mGCQ (but this is probably wishful thinking). It’s possible that it would be where MUP begins the series of online-if-not-live workshop-seminars that were part of the MUP App video installments leading up to the Prelims at the BCC bubble last year. From thereon, it will be a careful orchestration of activities leading up to the next Mercury Retrograde (or to be more exact, just as it begins).

      NEEDLESS to say, DAPAT NGAYON PA LANG nagpaalam na sila sa IATF. 😦

      Since a good number of bosses at MUPO are UP alum, perhaps they should consult their schoolmates at OCTA Research, in order to accurately divine WHEN. 🙂

      • Hi Flor. Maybe “enhancements” was the wrong word because it makes one think of the breasts… I was referring to the facial “enhancements” (nose threading/nose job, to be exact) that made a remarkable difference in her visage… She had the work done during the long break, I believe, because Rab looks different in the Beyond the Coastlines video, Ringlight series, etc. versus what she looked like in Baguio. I really think this is what set in motion the momentum the she would ultimately ride to victory in October last year.

      • @ Madame X Parang gusto ko, tuloy, early December na nga lang mag-Finale ang MWP. 3, 4, or 5 looks promising…

        FOUR (4) WHOLE months – Aug~Nov – to ‘do whatever needs to be done’ to be THAT DIFFERENCE to effect a similar type of upset. Enough time to ‘conceal whatever*’? 🙂

        Anyway, latter December pa naman ‘ata ang MW.

        * – Am not alluding to anybody in particular. Ang akin lang, if you feel it’s necessary, it’s your call.

      • Rabiya had her nose done pre pageant. Her nose bridge changed. ( Non surgical ginawa sa kanya by Toledo Med I think).

  4. Regarding Roa-Digal, I got confused initially, kasi nga ‘Bukidnon’ ta’s may surfboard. But these are NOT ‘Beyond The Coastlines’ tourism videos, strictly speaking. I do not think MUPO was able to implement their would-have-been-ideally-national tourism pitch due to pandemic restrictions. So, these are, instead, PROPER PERSONAL INTRODUCTION. That being said, the organization made a decent start with promoting Bohol (MG, from Bristol to Bohol), using Amelinckx to the hilt for that purpose. This may be a more realistic approach – one province to highlight for the year!

    Parang alam ko kung sinu-sino ‘yun’g tinutukoy ni T2 regarding model ‘awra’ and ‘descending stairs’. Arrooo-ooooo…. 😦

    Sino nga ba ‘yun’g sa MU nito’ng huli, na she gives dressage lessons? Ecuador, Costa Rica, or Guatemala? Na bata pa lang siya, mahilig na siya sa horses?

    I feel I can now manage some sort of Premature (lolz) 30. I REALLY NEED TO SEE A SWIM GLAM SHOOT CHALLENGE, PLEASE MUPO/Ka Volter, PARA MA-REFINE KO.

    STILL going for #Last2ForCebu – Gomez vs. Aberasturi, gold and silver showdown. The latter is beautiful, but the former is BODY.
    Dimaranan – bronze
    The ‘come-from-behind*’ Cinderella candidate… Will be 3rd RU.
    Abello MUST BE 4TH RU; The Camp NEEDS THIS TO PROVE ITS WORTH as ‘future MUPO’!


    The two Pampanga reps, Eisma and Hipolito
    Uy-Diokno of Tayabas City (so ‘Nay Meg will be happy)
    Bornilla (so Boss Manix will be happy)


    Manasis (I just like her)

    The Fil-Ghanaian engineer working for a wind farm company

    * – The one I totally missed out on. Whoever you are, the Universe will find you.

    PS. We forgot about our VV – Vincy Vacalares, the ‘unfinished business’. I’ll see if she can displace anyone in this roster. 🙂

    Ngayon ko naalala sina Sigrid, Ivanna, at…Jo-ann! I HOPE Jo-ann ‘semifinalizes’ at least at MWP.

    • (Cont.)

      Abalos in her Intro Vid gave Samantha Panlillio vibe. 🙂

      Over-all, a notch down from the inaugural batch. Front-runners are ones we know from past pageants, if not celebrities in their own way/right. Wala ‘yun’g first time lang natin nakita at laglag mga panga natin sa alindog. 😦

    • (Cont.1)

      I think I will like ‘Siargao Island’. Quite Asya Branch, this La Sallian. 🙂

      I’ll squeeze her in 21~30 for now, which in turn might mean my Cinderella will come from there.

      I’d like to see some shuffling in 11~20…

  5. Seeing the girls in motion (preferably candid) and hearing them speak really spells a big difference. Like the blogger, I am also turned-off by pageant na pageant poses and script. You know the type : sultry eyes, semi opened lips, un natural poses, heavy make up and cliche upon cliche coming from their lips. It actually only takes ten seconds to judge a video.

    Some of the girls who are not in my original top 13 (based of headshot alone) are starting to look more and more charming and loveable. However, if I will just limit my choices based on COMBINED headshots and introduction videos, these are my top 3 (so far):

    1) Katrina Dimaranan
    2) Steffi Aberasturi
    3) Kirsten Delavin

    World Peace.

  6. Oh didnt notice Megan Julia Roa Digal… a relative of President Du30 … I wish she made a video of Bukidnon instead of Phuket but I do understand that her mobility is limmited due to the pandemic. Anyway, I’m impressed… She’s definitely in the Top 25…and possibly in the Top 15…

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