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  1. @Flor, Dindi’s odd flight plan (Manila=Honolulu-LAX-JKK- transatlantic etc, etc) must be because very few airlines and very few planes fly nowadays, let alone the social distancing of passengers inside the plane. Booking a flight is extremely difficult, especially if the lead time is very short. Her itinerary must really be exhausting. But as a flight stewardess, she must be able to still enjoy the trip and arrive Poland still looking fresh.

    • @ scorg And must be really more expensive… 😦

      She will effectively be abroad as Manila endures a SARS-CoV2 delta-variant-induced lock down. Hopefully by the time the pageant is fini, restrictions are relaxed enough in all relevant areas so that she can come home immediately. But of course if she wins, she’ll probably be ‘locked up’ by Boss Gerhard in Poland for publicity/Press engagements; it will be a fun-if-happy prison-of-sorts 🙂

      • @Flor, it is more expensive. I booked a flight to Manila for next month and all available flights have gone very expensive. And mostly the available seats are in the First Class and Business Class. I can almost imagine the grueling flight schedule of Dindi, rushing to catch connecting flights on the far end of an airport, or waiting idly by for a connecting flight long hours away. All the while making sure her face mask is protecting her all the time….

  2. 50+ candidates lang sila maglalaban laban

    Kayang kaya mo yan Dindi

    Good Luck and Stay Safe


    • @ Closer2Fame Kung mananalo si Dindi, manalo na rin si ‘Jose’.

      Kasi, plano ‘ata to run for a public office position, presumably in his San Pablo City home.


      • @Flor

        That may explain the support from San Pablo local government… I see that one of the city councilors is his sister..🙄 Well, the people of San Pablo are suckers for goodlookin people which may explain how the dumb sexy starlet Angelica Jones became a councilor for more than 1 term at San Pablo.

    • @ Gul Panag What CAN happen is India puling off what Peru did last 2019.

      Placing BOTH their Miss and Mister in the Cinco Ultimo. But both win? We’ll see.

      Now, if Boss Gerhard can see merit in Nepal’s Miss, he can decide to do a ‘come-from-behind’ as antidote to that country being practically shunned by the BIG3 in recent times. He would then emerge as their pageant hero and plant the seeds of his post-pageant charity activities there. He can align with the various socio-civic efforts of the Mister (a medical doctor), especially if the latter makes the semifinals.

      Buti na lang pala nagpa-tan si Sarg.(Pajares)! Kung nagkatabi sila ni MSChina, iisipin mo’ng magkapatid sila. 🙂

      Are you getting the deal with Chanique Rabe (Namibia)? I’m not; you guys must see something I don’t. Baka mas matino pa ‘yun’g ‘Rabe’ sa MUP ngayon.

      Mixed reviews on Solange Hermosa (Peru). She rates either way. Ironic, considering her surname. 😦

  3. I think she’ll do quite well … might even pick up a Polish boyfriend !

    • @ jaretwrightlover YA-AASSS! Blonde, blue-eyed beauty with athletic-outdoorsy spirit like Rafal Jonckisz, Jan Dratwicki, or a young Karol Wojtyla. 🙂

      The Finale is 21 or 22? It coincides with the end of the Lion month (Leo). There may even be some Midsummer festival in Malopolska. So exciting!

      Pero pahirapan ang connections niya… Manila~Honolulu?~LAX~JFK/Newark?~cross Atlantic… Wala sila’ng nakuha’ng via HK/Suvarnabhumi~…? Parang nag-‘around-the-world’ siya. 😦

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