7 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2021: Video Introduction Challenge Part 3

  1. Katrina Dimaranan- A sure top 3/5 Finish… Could she win? Only thing I got against her is that she’s born and raised in the US… and I don’t know who she’s descended from except they are originaly from the Tagalog region…

    Leren Magnaye Bautista- Another Don Bartolome Maghayon descendant just like Catriona Gray… I love her video… She’s really bringing her A-game despite the fact that she is not the most well-spoken.. Could she reach the TOP 5? Definitely.. Could she win? I don’t know but fortune favors the bold..

    Zandra Mae Diokno… A bit too simple & provincial despite being descended from Governor General Berenguer w/ her mistress Dimetria Sumulong, allegedly a Namayan royal descendant… who’s daughter/grand-daughter married a Diokno… wala lang nabangit ko lang… Does she desserve to be a Top25 finalist? Let’s see..

  2. First of all, there is this MPE fraiche-ness that I’m really relishing – Manasis of Taytay (Rizal) and Uy-Diokno of Tayabas City (Quezon)!

    Singh of Pasig City, why ‘wai’? You like Thai? 🙂

    Minano of Romblon is straight-to-the-point. I AM A MODEL. PERIOD.

    What wind farm company does Yeboah (Valenzuela City) work for? Must be really windy outside…

    ‘Ay! ‘Yan’g grasshopper from coconut leaf, kaya’ng gawin ng tatay ko. But he didn’t teach it to me. Maybe Leren can do a demo on her next video? Huhuhuhuhh… 😦

    I said earlier, maganda ‘voce’ ni Hipolito (Angeles City, no?). Mas maganda pa ang kay Eisma (Province, no?)! Mr. Uncle, ganyan ba talaga ang ‘voce’ ng mga babae ng Pampanga?

    • Flor, we should come up with a show. You can be like the Sandi Toksvig from QI – a British talk show that mixes fun and facts.

      • @ Norman (….)


        Uuuhhm… Ramona Yamat of Silay City is an excellent example of how a really nice graduation mug can make folks notice you, or in my case a second browse-through. Same manager as Riah de Ocampo?

        Makapangyarihan ang tatlo niya’ng babies! Imagine. Once they are ‘switched on’, everything in the world becomes alright. Ayaw mo nu’n? Magkakajowa ka na. Ako naman, puputi na finally.

        You should introduce her to last year’s Ericka Evangelista; both are fashion-conscious.

        Nepheline Dacuno of Tacloban City is SO SWEET. Serving Kim Crizaldo vibe. With hint of Galeria.

        I used to take the CCP-to-Orion fast ferry, so I looked at Kevyn Mateo’s video. Graveh! Five (5)?!!

    • (Cont.)

      This is panning out to be like the MPE Prelims, except instead of judges the fans vote…

      May nauna na’ng quinse (15) from the Head Shot. If Olympics-style leader board is done, we might see that same fifteen dominate here again. Maybe per challenge, equal footing/level playing field by making ineligible for subsequent rounds those who placed previously, so fans will be constrained to select from the remaining candidates… But, for compliance all the ladies still put in a submission. 🙂

      So, another fifteen via Introduction Video challenge (here). That’s thirty (30) thus far.

      Another fifteen possibly and hopefully via a Swim challenge. Makes forty-five (45).

      Now, how to select the last five to make fifty (50)? Wild card? 😦

      • @Flor, with the fan vote, the GenZ- supported candidates are expected to dominate, as they did in the Headshot Challenge and most likely will do in this Video Intro Challenge. But no worry. On the final judging, the Baby Boomer judges can have their comeuppance.

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