10 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2021: Video Introduction Challenge Part 2

  1. Kirsten Delavin – Sure Top 10… pang TVC..
    Does she desserve a top 5 finish? We’ll see…

    Izabella Jasmine Umali- another Rajah Matanda descendant… sure TOP 3… its in her blood to win at least a national title… I just hope she becomes learned enough to see the bigger picture and utilize this platform for the greater good.

    Beatrice Luigi Gomez- I hope she makes the Top5…. She’s also a total package… I love the background… She will achieve great things in and out of pageantry…

  2. Umali, I can so imagine in kimono… I’d love to have her as a Runner-up! 🙂

    Gomez, for me, for this cluster.

    (Now that I’ve gotten a good look at Ybonne Ortega, I see a semblance to Darren Genobisa… Same idea of a ‘provincial gene’ that results in the local lasses complying with a beauty archetype? For another example, Albay has Jashmin and Catriona. Bataan has Dindi and Patch.)

  3. The results of the Headshot Challenge indicate the growing influence of Gen Z, the most populous and diverse generational cohort in the world today, in driving global pageantry to a paradigm shift, just as this age group drives global businesses to reinvent themselves. Unapologetically themselves, beauty for GenZ’ers is about freedom of individuality, authenticity, and diversity. “Being yourself” is the phrase that best fits their personal definition of beauty. With technology at their fingertips, GenZ’ers have been able to connect to faraway cultures, issues and news earlier and more often than any generation before them. As a result, GenZ’ers tend to be more open-minded, liberal-leaning and actively engaged in advocating for the fair and equal treatment of others.

    • We need not wonder therefore why global pageantry is evolving from pure physical beauty competition into a platform for cerebral beauty cooperation and core values integration. Pageantry is now facing a generation that is less fazed than previous generations by differences in race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion. Their concept of beauty as being purely physical is archaic. As consumers, they are drawn more to the social value– the advocacy– of the brands they patronize. Yes, even beauty pageant brands!

      • Baby Boomers, brace now for the invasion of “barangay” beauties, the 5’4″s, the differently-abled, and transexuals in pageantry!

      • The reality remains that you have to be aesthetically beautiful to be beauty queen hindi lang dahil tingin mo sarili mo maganda ka. Let’s be real here. Aishwarya Rai is more famous than Sushmita Sen because the latter is prettier.

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