11 comments on “Miss World Philippines 2021: Indefinitely postponed

  1. They postponed this hoping the public forgets the recent debacle. May media whitewashing na nangyayari now. Also, MWP can’t move forward for whatever ways – virtual or off-NCR venue – because they’re now under investigation for suspected drug use among candidates. They’re just “lucky” na nagka-providential ECQ. Iyun yun eh.

  2. this must be very hard for the candidates

    for the owners, this is just part of running a business … sh*t happens, you win some you lose some

  3. delta variant is highly contagious

    hindi matatapos ang anumang ecq gcq agad agad

    therefore mag virtual na lang or mag finals sa batanes

  4. Hehe. Tama prediction ko. Hindi sa kung sino mananalo, kundi mapo-postponed na naman ito! 😅🤣😂

  5. Covid, covid go away! do not come again someday! I suggest that MWP Org announce the semifinalists who will compete live on stage for the titles so that those who fail to advance can go home to their respective homes.

    • I know this is easily said than done but in consideration to the girls who are obviously not in the running for the crowns.

  6. Well, natapos na different challenges nung competition and I am more than sure may idea na sila kung sino candidate ang puede coronahan? In other words, yung pinaka-core concept nung competition natupad na, formality na lang coronation night or for the sake of the other titles!

    Ako may bet na! I’m sure Norman has a bet to win also pero as blogger he has to keep it to be fair with the other candidates!

    Ang mahalaga set na yung expectations nung representative once she set foot in Puerto Rico kasi nagawa na nila yung different challenges! Ang tatrabahuhin na lang nung org is kung sino-sino mga designers ang i-a-assemble nila to sponsor the wardrobe of the candidate habang naghihintay i-lift yung quarantine!

    Plan A, proceed with coronation night after 30 August
    Plan B, crown the candidate based on the merit of their performance in the different challenges pre-quarantine!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Plan B is partly implemented. She is Dindi Pajares. 🙂

      I’ve listened to projections by the technical guys. Essentially, we need a month or so to hopefully just flatten the delta curve, which means effectively all of August (and probably into the first half of September) is now out of the question as far as having any live pageant is concerned. Foundations for a stress-free Yuletide start now! So, PLAN A would probably be feasible by… MUP 2021, LAST week of September.

      That being said, these cases involving both BPCI and MWP may hold lessons for MUP. Learn!

  7. The problem with the Miss World Organization was they moved their original date! KATANGAHAN.

    Don’t just think about yourself, think about the girls’ time – time that can be used to study, work, etc.

    If you don’t want to do a bubble like MUP, then do a virtual pageant like MEP.

  8. So, Uncle Norman, BPCI had it right all along?


    So, it could also stretch out just as much… 😦

    Sige, best case by December NCR+ (venue for the Finale and national pandemic epicenter) achieves herd immunity and transmission numbers are going down, within how many days of commencement of pre-pageant activities in Puerto Rico will Boss ALV crown his rep? ‘Pag PR ba (which is USA territory), kailangan pa rin ng VISA? Sino-sino na among the ladies ang mayroon?

    Please forward questions to him… So, puwede na mag-uwian muna ang mga kandidata? Has anybody withdrawn, kasi ‘yun’g iba sa kanila may mga trabaho, pasok, tungkulin, iba’ng plano, etc.

    • US Visa is required when entering Puerto Rico. Without that, anyone who holds a “strong passport” can do so. I haven’t really checked on everyone among the remaining 44 yet in this regard.

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