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  1. @Flor, Miss USA and Miss Universe prefer girls with riveting back stories.. Bullying, mental health issues, empowerment are what gives these girls a free pass to the next round

    • Mga fans ng top 3, good vibes lang sila.
      Di nila pinakialaman ang ibang kandidata.
      Pageant fans na tulad mo ang annoying actually 😅
      Malamang boomer ka or gen x. Millennials di ganyan ugali eh.

  2. From marketing point of view, the result is expected: consumers between age 13 to 34— spanning the Gen Z and millennial generations are seeking more inclusivity, authenticity and transparency from beauty brands and promoters. They have good reason to be demanding—as the largest and most diverse generation in history, Gen Z packs some serious purchasing power, a whopping $143 billion globally. So for young adults today who sees beauty as about freedom of individuality, authenticity, and diversity, and who consider “being yourself” as the phrase that best fits their personal definition of beauty, the result is not surprising at all. This generation is now driving change in the beauty industry—and pageantry!. And technology is at the center of this major shift as they are digital natives who have never experienced a world without the internet and who grew up on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Snapchat.

    Baby boomers, take note!

  3. My top 3 (no particular order)

    top 5
    Delavin or Abalos

  4. Congratulations. Delavin, being a celebrity, is expected to top the poll. As expected also, some of the frontrunners are inside the top 15.

  5. In the roster of first seven will come the winner, and she is someone who is unassuming but is seriously working hard for the crown. She has something that every pageant enthusiast shall watch out for.

    I have been religiously following her journey to the crown, and so far she is doing great. Her glam team are not remiss in applying the best in her.

    That’s all!

  6. What’s admirable about the top 3 is that their fans support them without having to bash the other candidates.
    Sa mga pageant sites, their fans only leave comments of support and encouragement and nothing more. The negatrons are actually the fans of other candidates who like to attack these 3 women.
    Insecurity + envy = toxic 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Agree.

      Maganda din naman si Kisses. Pero yung gandang girl-next-door type. Your HS or College crush. But definitely not a beauty queen face.

      # 2 looks like Eugene Domingo (no offense to Eugene. Lol).

      Dalawa lang sa #8-#15 ang pwede na. All the rest, “what sorcery is this?” Lol.

      The real winners are #3 – # 7 facially – specifically #4, #5, #6 who are not as popular as #3 and #7, and yet being already included in the top 7.

      • @ THOMAS @ Paul says #5 is over-hyped ASEAN Plain Jane and not incredibly tall… 😦

        If Uncle Blogger does nothing to convince us that she is better prospect than Mirjan Hipolito, then I will not hesitate to replace ‘Mandaluyong City’ with ‘Pampanga’ in that (hypothetical) early Top 5.

  7. The blogger made it clear that this is based on votes garnered. So, paramihan talaga ng boto ang labanan dito, I am not sure if MUP is making money out of these votes. (Not that it necessarily wrong).


    > Sad that the top 2 ( while beautiful in their own right), are ordinary girl-next-door- looking faces.

    If there is any fairness in the world (ie. If Pulchritude and not Popularity and Peso were used):

    > Kirsten Delavin should not be Top 1. Top 7 probably.

    > Rousane Bernos, shouldn’t be in the Top 7 list at all.

    > While Maureen Wrob and Loren Mae Bautista are deserving to be in the Top 7, one can not also help but wonder if their popularity (name recall) played a good part in garnering those votes.

    > Therefore, the true winners of this Top 7 list should be Aberasturi, Dimaranan, Abalos. Why? Because they were relatively unknown just a few weeks ago and they still made it on Top 7. PLUS, they are really facially beautiful.

    > I would not even analyze the next mediocre 8-15 names.

    >. I would have added more deserving girls not in the list.

    World Peace.

  8. It’s important for Katrina and Leren to be in the Top 7, and for Steffi to be in the Top 5 of voting; in order to show the organization that they aren’t lightweights when it comes to popularity.

    • @ Madame X Fans of Kirsten and Maureen will surely ally leading to the Final. So one will win.

      Fans of Dimaranan, Bautista, and Aberasturi NEED TO COME TO A TRUCE when that happens!

  9. Kisses will always be #1 in Public Voting

    Di kasi mahilig mag vote ang mga Pageant Experts, yan tuloy ligwak sa Top 5 ang mga Konteseras

    Nakaalis na po ba si Dindi for Supra?


  10. I just saw Pageant Empress’ picks… I like how he justifies/argues his selection… That being said, imho Corinne Abalos has too much hair in her (this) photo, in that it looks like a solid mat. 😦

    (I have nothing against Mandaluyong City. Heavens know, I had some of my happiest times there.)

    Aaahhh!… Ilocos Sur fighting (#10)! Mr. Tinio, is this the ‘Solid North’ voting bloc at play again, po?

    Huuhuhuhh…. Wala sina Umali, Falconer, Framil, at Genobisa. Uncle, please ask Volter* to at least share how the numbers panned out regionally, kasi it’s possible Mindanao is divided…They need to unite when crunch time comes! Otherwise, I’ll take this result to mean that Korinihona is this year’s Malinao.

    … And Boss Mario can make yet another lovely schematic. Puso.

    * – May member ng community ni Tita Lavinia na nagsabi niyan. ‘Volter’ Tayag, daw. 🙂

    #15 is what could happen if Karen Gallman ever became Miss Silka – puputi. I’m so cool with that!

    May we request some info on Campos and Asuncion?

  11. The 10th place and the 12th place … really ???

    where is Keesha , and/or Vincent ?

  12. Pageantry dynamics have truly shifted. Yesterday, it was pulchritude, poise & personality.

    Pageantry today is all about popularity and platform.

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